The Best Backpacking Tripod for your travel Needs

Are you a traveller? Do you love to travel to new and exciting places? If that is the scene then I am sure you would also be somewhat into photography, if not to a high extent. A traveller travels to places and shares his stories through beautiful pictures. 

If you take photos on a regular basis while you are travelling then you would be looking for a tripod as there are times when you can't hold the camera for yourself especially in some cases when you are travelling alone. Cameras or devices with camera support have many features to look for. But in case of tripods, we used to think that there's nothing much. 

But we were wrong on this part! There are things more than what meets our eye! Anyways, keeping these features in mind we set out on a research to find out the 5 best backpacking tripods that you would need on your travelling. 

best backpacking tripod

Top 5 Best Tripods for Backpacking-
Quick Comparison Table:




*Height Collapsed:

25 inches

* Height Extended:

60 inches

2.77 lbs

*Height Collapsed:

21 inches

* Height Extended:

56 inches

2.64 lbs

*Height Collapsed:

16.5 inches

* Height Extended:

50 inches

1.2 lbs

*Height Collapsed:

17.7 inches

* Height Extended:

63 inches

4.6 lbs

*Height Collapsed:

14 inches

* Height Extended:

60 inches

4 lbs

How to choose the best backpacking tripod?

Before you head to the below reviews section, let us learn some factors which you should keep in mind before deciding for a backpacking tripod. Let's check out the list now :

The Weight Holding Capacity :

It's the time of perfection and modernisation and keeping these things in mind, the DSLR cameras have started becoming more bulky and heavy. In this case, you must know the Weight of your camera as most of the lightweight tripods can't handle bulky cameras and lenses. 

You should make sure that the tripod you going to select can accompany the extra weight of your camera. It should have a good Base so your camera doesn't trip off. 

The Height of the Tripod:

This is an essential factor that can't be ignored. The tripod should easily get fit into your backpack. We don't have space to accompany a full sized tripod that reaches till your chin height.  You have to be a little choosy and get the tripod which is half the height or more good if less than that. 

The Tripod Legs:

The backpacking tripods available in the market are made from various kinds of materials. Some are made using stainless steel where others are made using Aluminium. It depends on many factors. Anyways, if you want you can spend some extra bucks for tripod legs made using lightweight elements like carbon fiber. This thing comes handy when you are more of a traveller. 

Tripod Feet:

This is another factor that you must consider especially if you travel to different kinds of new places. If you travel to mountains and similar places then standard tripod feels will not do your work. You have to look for a tripod that provides good versatility. Get the tripod that can swap between rubber feet and spikes. Spikes are good for dirty and mud surfaces whereas rubber mount feet are good for hard grounds. 

Why do you need a backpacking tripod?

We won't make this area very much complex and will just explain in a simpler way. If you are a traveller then you would surely be going to awesome kinds of places and there are times when you want to capture a certain shot and it's not possible  to capture it by just the help of your hands and this is where tripods come to the rescue. 

 5 Best Backpacking Tripod Reviews

# 1 AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lighweight Tripod

First in our list is the AmazonBasics 60-Inch. which is one of the most lightweight tripod available in the market. It's an adjustable tripod which features rubber legs and adjustable height. Those rubber legs can get extended from 20 to 48 inches. It worked best on 6.6 pounds camera 

Whatever your height is, the legs made of rubber will easily glide and the locks will easily lock them. It features 3 way head using which you can take the pictures as per your requirements, portrait or landscape. Don't forget that the mounting plate helps you to take fast transitions between shots. 

The best part is whatever camera you are using, a professional one, GoPro, video camera or anything similar, it will pull it off well on almost everything.

It just weighs 2.77 pounds and can easily zip up into the included case of 24.2 inches. The tripod is just awesome to take on your outdoor trips. The tripod’s company main aim is that you don't worry about the load and instead focus on taking the best shots you can.


  • 1
    It's very much adjustable and lightweight
  • 2
    It features easy to use locks
  • 3
    has 3 way head swivel for all kinds of shots
  • 4
    It is very much compact
  • 5
    The built in bubble feature lets you watch the height
  • 6
    It has universal mount


  • It has a very good height of 60 inches

  • It can rotate 270+ degree vertically and 360 degrees horizontally
  • It features locks for 2 levelled legs
  • The camera can easily get titled upto 90 degree towards the right
  • It's a universal tripod


  • It's lightweight so it may not suit on every surface

# 2  Neewer Carbon Fiber Tripod Review

If you had been searching for a unique tripod then this is a must for you. The Neewer Carbon Fiber Tripod is actually a 2 in 1 tripod that can be converted to a monopod very easily. The leg locking system also doesn't disappoint you. It's very simple and easy to use. 

The tripod features  a great shock absorption system that is surely going to excite you. It has been manufactured using high density carbon fiber. This tripod features resistance to tear, and heat. 

The hook has been placed in the middle, making it easy for the stand to maintain its stability. This feature comes in handy when you need to keep moving around from here and there. The level design and level indicator provide great assistance to the tripod.

So go ahead in your journey by packing up your tripod in the carry bag safely!


  1. It is easy to use and quite convenient 
  2. It can easily be turned into a monopod.
  3. It features a level indicator
  4. It has a mind blowing shock absorption system feature
  5. It has resistance for heat
  6. It has been developed using high density carbon fibre
  7. The hook has been featured in the center for good stability. 


  • The carbon coating is fully waterproof and durable

  • The twist locks come in handy at the time of transportation
  • There's also a level indicator included


  • The spikes of the tripod is a little small to mount on ice

# 3 AmazonBasics 50-Inch (Ultralight Tripod)

Another Amazonbasics product is AmazonBasics 500 inch.  The main motto of the camera is to take photos in professional style. But if you are already professional at the art of clicking photos then this will create wonders for you. 

You can adjust the height accordingly to get the desired stability so you can get the right angle for your clicks. The lever-lock legs help in height adjustment of the tripod. If you have an professional camera, normal camera or whatever, this will work with all as it's a universal tripod. 

The tripod’s head is quite versatile and it can help you get great positions. It helps you tilt between angles in a good motion. If you love panoramic views, then you can give a shot to 360 degrees swivel function.

It features a quick release mounting plate that lets you exert your camera easily from your tripod so you can shoot between locations quite easily.

If you are planning to head on a trip, then collapse the tripod, and put it up in your zippered bag for good storage and then set on your journey!


  1. It has adjustable height 
  2. It is an universal mount tripod
  3. It has 360 degrees swivel function for panoramic views.
  4. It has a quick release mounting plate
  5. It has a compact size which is good for packing
  6. It has got reliable stability 


  • It's a very stable tripod

  • The quick release plate help to easily exert your camera out of the tripod
  • It's a universal mount tripod


  • It can't go lower than 24 inches.

# 4 Dolica Aluminum Alloy Tripod (Top Class Hiking Tripod)

The Dolica Aluminum Alloy Tripod has been made using single block of Aluminium making it very lightweight and easy to carry anywhere, indoor or outdoor. It will suit you on your camping, festivals or backpacking. 

To give you a good and comfortable grip, it has been designed using foam cell comfort grips. The tripod has been created using a CNC machine, making it quite durable and strong. It is resistant proof against Chipping, rubbing, etc. If you want want, you can create a monopod easily using the detachable legs. 

To get panoramic views, the head and stand plate gives you good assistance for proper shots. In the head section, you get the Arcs Swiss Plate.

It's very easy to pack this tripod! You can also take it in your suitcase. The feet of the tripod legs also have 2 options :rubber or spiked. Choose the one according to the ground surface. Both are just awesome!


  1. It is very much stable 
  2. It has good leg grips which can set itself according to the ground surface
  3. It can easily be modified into a monopod
  4. It is very lightweight
  5. Made from single block aluminium element
  6. It is quite durable and strong 


  • It's very easy to set up

  • It is reasonably stable
  • It's quite lightweight


  • check

    If the packing is not done properly the the legs may get damage.

  • check

    Bubble level is a little difficult to read

# 5 sony vct-r100 tripod review

The Sony VCT-R100 Lightweight Compact Tripod is one of the most popular tripod under the category of lightweight tripods. It comes from one of the biggest brand in the market. If you a. good at photography, all good. If not, then also you are going to have a blast time using this tripod from Sony. 

Using this tripod, you can get some great macro shots easily. The tripod has been made from ABS. Pom and Aluminium which makes it quite lightweight. Surely lightweight tripods have an extra advantage over other heavy tripods as in those cases you are always worried about the weight you are carrying. Want to shoot in 30, 60 or maybe 90 degree? Shoot as you want!

If you you like to shoot on the go ahead then you would love this camera as it features quick release pan. If you use your camcorder or camera, the tripod is best and great for shooting. It also features two leg stage which makes it easy to adjust the balance and height as per your needs.

This simple to use backpacking tripod can be taken in the carry case that is included on the package of the tripod. 

Best Features Of Sony VCT-R100 Lightweight Compact Tripod:

  1. It has been made up of Aluminium, ABS.POM
  2. It comes with a travelling bag
  3. It features a simple tilt facility
  4. It is very much easy and convenient to use
  5. It is very much lightweight 


  • It is very much stable

  • It can easily fold small
  • It also unfolds very quickly


  • As it's a lightweight tripod, you would have to compromise on some features.

Now you have the tripod, Watch these Landscape Photography tripod hacks for more fun!

That's the best backpacking tripods you can get this year for your outdoor trips. These tripods are easy to carry and will give you value for money. You can choose the one you like the most as per your needs. Also don't forget to share the article and comment down your views.

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