How to Choose Base camp Tents with Stove? & Best Choice

The cold weather base camp tents with stove give you the best protection from the cold climatic conditions that exist around your base camp in the mountainous regions. The design and construction of the tent retains heat, provides comfort and balances your body temperature within the normal range.

base camp tents with stove

The main features of the tent include the thermal insulation, dimension and inner space, pole configuration, doors and vestibules, the stove, and the ventilation factors.

Our #1 Pick for the Base Camp Tent with Stove:

DANCHEL Cotton Bell Tent with Two Stove Jacket

Which Stove is good to use with this tent?

Solo Stove Titan (the best choice)

What to look out for when choosing the base camp tents with stove?

Cold Weather Tents with Stoves - Thermal Insulation

Canvas, nylon, polyurethane, and other synthetic fiber materials provide tensile strength, flexibility, light weight, softness, and stress withstanding capacity. When installed, it can withstand the wind speed on the mountain terrains to a considerable extent.

Lightweight tents are ideal for single occupancy, while group and family tents naturally weigh more due to the vast range of materials used.

  • Polyurethane-Canvas: - The combination of the two materials gives extra heat retention property to the cold weather tents with stoves. Quality tent makers design the structure to be resistant to fire, water, snow and wind. Polyurethane has the property of reducing the external noise levels by more than 98%. So, you can spend your nights comfortably without any disturbance. The manufacturers use this combination for the dome, walls, and the floor. 
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    Vinyl: The material is highly useful for the tent windows. The mesh gives a good view of the outdoors and prevents cold         wind from seeping through its layers.

Strength and Stability

  • Aluminum Alloy: The aluminum alloy of the aircraft grade provides the maximum tensile strength and stability to the cold weather tents with stoves. It can withstand high wind speed without bending or breaking. The fine inlay of extendable tubes makes it easy to customize the dimension of the tent according to your specific requirements. 
  • Fiberglass: The ultra-lightweight models of the cold weather tents with stoves make use of fiberglass tubes. They are strong and sturdy in nature. The rigidity of the frame keeps it from bulking under wind pressure.
  • Spring Steel: The frames of cold weather tents with stoves made from spring steel can withstand the maximum stress levels under extreme weather conditions. It supports the densest canvas material in combination with polyurethane and other synthetic fabrics. 
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    Tent Accessories: A single occupancy tent needs the minimum of frame dimension and accessories, which include sleeves, hubs, outer tarp, and the panels. Their numbers and size increase when the number of occupants is more. For example, the cold weather tents with stoves for a family of four require tent pole connectors, hubs and clips.
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    Synthetic Ropes: They provide stability to your cold weather tents with stoves. Nylon and poly-synthetic material combination makes them sturdy and tear resistant. They can hold the tent structure from sliding away due to extreme wind speed. 
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    Pegging Accessories: Reinforced steel pegs can get a strong grip onto every type of landscape without bending under pressure. You can use them on hard grounds and snow filled surfaces. The other common materials used for the pegs are titanium, plastic, and steel and cast-iron alloys. Most of the manufacturers provide the accessories as a part of the package with the cold weather tents with stoves.

Cold Protection

The inbuilt stove works on gas or battery, depending on the brand and model. It generates warmth and heat based on the temperature settings you make. Gas stoves come with steel construction, burner, fuel- tank and control knobs. The ignition stone lights the stove and the burner provides heat. 

Stove Dimension


The stove dimension varies, depending on the tent size and the number of occupants.

Stove Types

The cold weather tents with stoves come equipped with mountable or floor stoves. The size and weight of the floor model will be naturally higher than the hanging model. 



The stoves come with self extinguishing mode when they accidentally fall or break down. The dousing of the fire ensures protection from physical damages to the tent and risks for the occupants.


The tent doors are made of high density canvas with metallic zippers on the three sides. The fourth side is sealed. Some models of the cold weather tents with stoves may use straps to make it easy for opening and closing.

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