Top 5 Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support

When it comes to basketball, players are very much prone to injuries specially ankle injuries are very common these days. So the ultimate solution to this problem is regular practice by wearing correct best ankle support basketball shoes. On the Internet, there is a rumor which claims that high top basketball shoes are good at proving good ankle support. But, this is not fully correct! At the time of playing the sport, lateral stress is increased on the ankles. For this, we need shoe that have good amount of quality material around the ankle.

Top Choice: Nike Air Jordan 1

best ankle support basketball shoes

Don't go for high tops, because they still have movement going on inside the shoe. To prevent any kind of injuries, it's better to get a pair of shoes that has got good support underfoot and at the same time prevents excessive lateral movement. To make sure that you don't catch up with injuries easily, do some strengthening exercises regularly. Make it a routine!

Top 4 Best Ankle Support Basketball Shoes Comparison Table:

Basketball is a game where you need to work hard and practice consistently for good amount of improvement. Tournaments like NBA and all are quite popular among People around the whole globe. But, playing regularly is not only important, you should also learn to play in smarter and safer way. When it come to sports, you should never compromise on the safety equipments as you never know what can happen with you. No matter whether you are a newbie or professional!

One such safety equipment is Basketball shows that provide ankle support. Basketball involves lot of jumping stuff and in this if you land even once in a wrong move then you may land up with some ankle injury. Keeping these things in mind we went up to research for the solution of this and curated a list of top 5 basketball shoes that provide good ankle support. Let's check the list now :

# 1 Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier IX Basketball Shoe

When it comes to Basketball, one of the most popular brand is Lebron James. By just wearing these shoes you are going to feel a lot of pride and confidence.

The mesh construction of this shoe is just amazing. The latter is very good when it comes to breathability. It improves the air circulation to a very good extent. Another great feature due to which you can choose this basketball show is that the feet sole has been made out of rubber. This feature should help you at the time of running and also absorb shock so you can be more comfortable.

The best unique thing about these shoes were the flywire cables present at midfoot strap. The later does the part of reducing weight and at the same time improving the lateral support which helps to prevent any kind of ankle injury.


  • It's an attractive design that will attract people to turn their heads again and again
  • It comes down with an adjustable fit
  • It has got great comfort cushioning


  • If you have wide feet then the shoes maybe a little narrow for you
  • The side can get a little rough

# 2  Nike Men’s The Air Overplay IX Basketball Shoe

least is another great product directly from the house of Nike, Nike Men’s The Air Overplay IX Basketball Shoe.  These shoes give good support to the heel, which ultimately adds good amount of support for the ankle. For more comfortness, the shoe features collar and padded tongue.

One more notable feature can be the Phylon midsole. The latter is responsible for providing good cushioning in the footbed.


  • It provides overall good grip on surfaces
  • It doesn't feel much tight on the ankle
  • It has got great arch support


  • It can be a little tight for wide feet
  • It's not much stylish like others

# 3 Adidas Performance Men’s D Rose 6 Boost Basketball Shoe

There are many features in this product but frankly speaking, the boost technology is something which is going to catch your eye. It will make sure that it provides you good return on the energy you investing in the game.

When it comes to Basketball players, Derrick Rose is known is known to be one of the best point guards in basketball. This shoe is mainly designed for him, so you can be a little assured and confident on it.

The shoe provides excellent cushioned heel and arch support which ultimately helps to stay safe on the ground by preventing any kind of ankle injuries. For more safety of your ankle, the company has also added synthetic and non marking sole.


  • Great level of cushioning for good comfort
  • It provides good grip on different kinds of surfaces
  • It has got snug fit at the ankles


  • It's not that stylish compared to other competitive products in thy market
  • It's not possible to tie it tight from the top area
  • It may turn out to Small or narrow

# 4 Adidas Performance Men’s Amplify

The most notable feature of this shoe can be the Adiprene footbed. Combined with the latter, it gives very good support preventing you from any kind of ankle injury.

These shoes provide great comfort level at the time of playing your favorite game basketball. In the shoes you can find not only a mess but also a awesome upper which makes sure of superior airflow.

Another good feature about the shoe is that it comes down with a non marking rubber i.e. situated outside. The latter is responsible for improved traction. No matter where you play basketball, indoor or outdoors, you are going to have a good and hard grip on the surface.

When talking about the look, the shoe comes with a sporty look with the original Adidas sign. You have to give it a shot once!


  • It's also good for normal usage
  • It features a nice foam on the hee
  • It has got a nice foam on the hee


  • If you have wide feet then the shoes maybe a little narrow for you
  • It can turn out to be a little small if you want a bigger size

# 5 Nike Men’s Hyperdunk Basketball Shoe

Nike follows one of the most exclusive technology, Hyperfuse construction which is one of the best feature of this shoe. For good breathability and lightweight, the shoe has got latter.

To avoid any kind of ankle problem, the shoe comes with flywire cables which makes it a good fit for you.

The shoe features articulated padding lines. The latter not only provides comfort but also makes sure that moisture is maintained by improving the ability of it.


  • It features a cutting edge design
  • It can easily get into feet like a glove
  • It supports your ankle and heels
  • It's very comfortable to wear


  • If you have wide feet then the shoes maybe a little narrow for you
  • It can turn out to be a little small if you want a bigger size

What should I look out for ankle support in basketball shoes?

If you play basketball on regular basis and you have got weaker ankles then you need to get good pair of basketball shoes that can help you avoid any ankle injuries at the time of playing the game. Here are some features you should look for at the time of buying basketball shoes :

Torsional Stability

When you get any basketball shoe in and near, check that the forefoot area doesn't bend easily on the rearfoot area. Hold the heel of the shoe tightly and rotate it clockwise and anti clockwise. There should be very little movement. Keep this feature in mind as very important.

High Top

We know we just disagree on this part in the above section but we recommend you to continue reading to understand what we want to convey. In general, high tops offer good amount of support than low top. If we compare both of them with torsional stability, the high top performs out of be better.

Watch an Ankle Sprain Happening Real Time!

Before you start playing this sport, make sure you consult with an doctor before if you have any ankle weakness or similar stuff.

At the end, choosing a supportive shoe is not only important but you should make sure that the shoe fits right into your feet. Try different sizes, brands and you will find the correct size for yourself!


These were some of the best and top 5 basketball shoes that are going to provide you with great ankle support for 2019. We recommend you to not only go on style but also lookout for both comfortness and supportiveness that is provided to your feet.

Buying these shoes will make sure that you don't get into any kind of ankle injury in the future. If you liked the article, share it with your friends who play basketball and don't forget if you have any queries.

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