Best Camping Coolers For 2019 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Camping trip is perhaps the best idea to get the maximum enjoyment during a long vacation. However, you know that foods and drinks constitute a major part in any event. This list of some of the Best Coolers for Camping in 2019 will surely help you find your perfect match as per your needs since the guide has detailed reviews of the top coolers you could go with.

In the same way, for your camping expedition also, you need these basic items. Whether your camping ground is present in some nearby area or at a remote site, you have to carry your sparkling drinks or fresh foods with you.

best camping coolers

Perhaps, no camper likes to have hot drinks, while the scorching rays of sun are causing perspiration. To get more energy and vigor, only the fresh drinks are best options. Besides, when the temperature is too hot, you foods can get rotten within few hours. So, you may avoid all these troubles by packing your essential drinks and foods in your highly efficient cooler.

Make your trip hassle-free, taking the utmost advantage from flawless camping coolers. However, it has been seen that all the coolers are not same in terms of features, qualities and price rates. Some coolers may be pricey but their functionalities are better, in compared to the others. So, it is only your needs and your own preferences that are taken into account while choosing any cooler.


Things to consider before buying your camping cooler

Before buying the camping cooler, you have to make some considerations so that you can get the best product to meet all your requirements.

10 Most Important Things to Consider

  • Camping expedition

Long or short Camping type is one of the major factors to choose a cooler. Some campers spend few weeks with their RV, while others like to enjoy it just on weekends. An electric cooler is a sophisticated and well designed product; however, if your camping is only for one to two days, it is not preferable for you. Again, this camping cooler is the best option, while your camping continues for a quite long period.

  • Foods to be kept in cooler

You may buy your camping cooler depending on whether you like to store meat or soda cans or some other things. Many campers have a plan to bring vegetables and meat to the camping grounds for cooking their favorite dishes. For dairy products or meat, you need cooler, which can be sealed tightly. It allows you to refrigerate the foods for many days.

  • Distance of your campsite

While your camping trip is very long and you want to carry some perishable things, it is better to go for coolers, which are lightweight and compact.

  • Size of your cooler

You may decide on the size depending on the amount of food to be kept cold. It has been seen that with more space, available in your cooler, the ice can get melted faster.

  • Portability

Many coolers are made portable with the wheels, attached at the base. You may easily move your heavy cooler with less physical effort.

  • Good grip

It is another factor, which helps you in holding the cooler in the best way. The handles of any cooler are highly important to use the system comfortable. However, some models have straps for hanging the cooler over your shoulder.

  • Dividers

Some users want to keep every food separately so that no mess can be created. So, there are dividers in cooler bags of the best and recognized brands.

  • Get cooler of the best material

The materials, used in the camping coolers, are of varied types. For example, some are made of flexible substances, while others are quite hard-sided.

  • Plastic camping coolers

They are highly resilient and durable, and accommodate considerable amount of foodstuffs. To make the model more user-friendly, some manufacturers equip their coolers with handles and wheels. You may find a separate section for packing ice. For draining ice-melted water, a valve is also attached with the cooler.

  • Fabric bags

They look like small bags, and are highly convenient to most of the campers. They are manufactured with artificial fabric, and you may carry these bags easily at any place. But, they are not much efficient in terms of the cooling capacity.

  • Metal cooler

If durability is the main priority to you while buying camping coolers, metal product is the best option. However, the only problem with this material is that this substance takes much long time for cooling down your foods.

Reviews of some of the Top Choices you could go with

1. Coleman 9-Can Soft Cooler


This is a classy cooler that lets you enjoy cold treats at your campsite.

It is best for any medium or light duty usage.

The main features of this cooler are stated here.


  • Hold nine cans – For your long camping trip, you perhaps need to carry multiple cans of drinks, and so, Coleman has designed its cooler in such a way that you may put nine cans in the bag. The interior space of the cooler is really enough, and you will easily be able to put your essentials inside it.
  • PEVA lining– It is obviously unhealthy for you to use an item, which has been affected with microbes and mold. So, this Soft Cooler is made in an innovative way to fight against microbes and prevent odor. It is PEVA lining, which gives the cooler an odor resistant capacity.
  • Additional storage options– Coleman’s Soft Cooler provides you with an extra storage system. At the front pocket, you may store any food securely because there is a strong zipper for your convenience. The top mesh compartments at the interior space and 2 side pockets allow you to store all the small items for your camping plan.
  • Flexible strap– A strap is always essential to carry the cooler bag from one side to another. However, if you think that the strap size is not comfortable for you, it is possible to adjust the length. Instead of placing the strap on your shoulder, you may also use it as a handle, by shortening the size.
  • Equipped with plastic liner– A hard sanitary plastic liner enables you in enjoying fresh food all the time. It prevents your foodstuffs from getting crushed. The best fact about this liner is that as the liner is removable, it helps you in cleaning easily. So, keep the liner dirt-free to have healthy food anytime. In addition to it, there is no chance of leakage in the liner because heat-welded layers are used for making this liner.


  1. Good holding capacity
  2. No difficulty in cleaning
  3. Provides enough room
  4. Straps to carry the bag easily


  1. Problem in holding different sized cans
  2. Some issues while unzipping the system

  • So, Coleman’s Soft Cooler is a stylish bag that you may use not only during your camping but also at any picnics. The overall design and features of the cooler will surely give value for your investment.

2. RTIC Cooler


Whether you have a plan for fishing, hunting or camping, you may take RTIC cooler with you.

This easy to carry a cooler, with all the functional systems, offer you the highest advantage. Now, let’s have a look at the efficient features of this cooler.


  • Strong latches– The T-latches for the lid are designed with silicon, which is not only durable but also flexible.  No matter how harsh the environment is, your cooler may remain well secured. Moreover, as these latches resist corrosion and UV rays, they can retain their original condition for many years.
  • Best insulation– The walls and lids of the cooler are designed with special polyurethane foam, which allows proper insulation. You may keep your ice pieces inside the cooler for almost ten days. Besides, due to the tenacity of this foam, you may also find the wall to be much sturdy.
  • Slip-resistant feet– Due to the presence rubber feet, your cooler may not slide around easily. Besides, the feet riser design, used in the product, boosts up the cooling capacity. It prevents the base of cooler from touching the hot ground and allows easy flow of air.
  • Number of cans accommodated by the cooler– This RTIC cooler allows you to carry twenty four cans and some ice packs.
  • Bear proof systems– This high-quality cooler has been made with the help of flawless roto-molding process, which is often applied in making kayaks. The bear proof design, which means a strong composition, allows you to use the cooler during camping and hunting. Besides, the built-in locking technology and long hinges are also elements, which make this cooler almost indestructible.
  • Strong handles– The handles are attached in such a way that you may lift the product easily from the ground.


  1. Best product to be used for a short trip at campsite or at any place
  2. Heavy-duty structure
  3. Portable
  4. High-end closure


  1. A bit pricey cooler
  2. Problem in keeping the lid open

  • So, overall, it may be said that this RTIC cooler is highly competent at locking in the cool temperature inside the system. Its portable design enables you to carry the freezer at any site. The sealing system is also good to keep your foods safe. RTIC cooler is highly recommendable for any personal use.

3. Coolest Cooler in Blue Moon

Coolest Cooler is really an exceptional product.

In fact, it is something more than a mere cooler because it not only retains the cool temperature but also offers a number of extra features.


  • Integrated blender– This is one of the exclusive units, which you may find only in few models. Blend your tasty smoothies or crush the ice pieces instantly. Your camping trips become more amazing as you can sip your cool drinks anytime. The blender works with a Lithium-ion battery, and you may recharge it, whenever you need.
  • USB Charger – You have perhaps taken your mobile or other electronic gadget with you at the campsite. As USB charger is available with Coolest Cooler, you may recharge those devices easily. Thus, it is now possible for you to keep connection with your dear ones, while you are at campsite for some weeks. Besides, the USB charger has water-resistant feature, which is another added advantage.
  • An excellent insulation system– Keep up your ice packs intact for maximum five days because of the thick insulated structure in the system.
  • Speaker attached with Bluetooth technology– With this system, you may have your fun to the fullest extent. This detachable speaker helps you in adjusting bass, clarity and volume. You have to connect the speaker system for doubling up the sound.
  • LED Light– The cooler manufacturer seems to be highly considerate about the convenience of the users. During the nighttime, you perhaps feel difficulty in taking the preferred beverage out of your cooler. But, with Coolest Cooler, you can have LED light, which allows you to view at the contents clearly, no matter how dark the site is.
  • Sturdy hinge– Stainless Steel is used to make the hinges of the coolers, and it ensures resilience. If you an avid camper and often engage with camping activities, the hinges may remain undamaged for many years.
  • Extra accessories– Coolest Cooler provides you with everything that you may need in your picnic. Corkscrew, Ceramic Knives and plates- all are integrated to the product. There is also a divider to let you keep your foods or drinks in an organized way.


  1. Good ice retention capacity
  2. Outstanding insulation system
  3. Offers lots of extra accessories


  1. Very high price
  2. Speaker issues in some cases

  • However, Coolest Cooler is an all-comprehensive system, perfect for meeting all your needs.

4. Black Rock Cooler


This strong cooling system is highly preferable, no matter whether your campsite is at a beach or forest.

Your adventurous trip may be more enjoyable and easily successful with this 150L Expedition Cooler.

Keep up the freshness of your beverages and vegetables with this cooling system. The notable traits of this cooler are described below.


  • Roto-molded system– Like any other best standard cooler, Black Rock Cooler is made with the advanced roto-molding technologies.
  • Best design for longer cooling capacity– The cooler structure has been created with foam of very high density. You may enjoy your cool tasty drinks for several hours due to the insulated lid, base and walls. Besides, this design helps to keep out the warm air, allowing only the chill air inside.
  • Certified product with bear-proof system– It means that every part of the cooler is very tough. Thus, it does not matter how roughly you are using your cooler at the camping ground.
  • Stain-resistant surface– The manufacturer knows that you may spill out your drinks over the cooler surface unintentionally. If a stain appears on the white colored cooler, then it loses its beauty. However, Black Rock Cooler has made its product stain-resistant, and you do not need to clean the surface very often.
  • Well-designed latches– The durable latches are made of rubber, and they are present at 3 lock points. With such exclusive structure, you may be able to keep all foods protected.
  • Hinge structure of the cooler– The hinge is integrated with 8 millimeter pin to maintain the safety of cooler contents.
  • An extra basket– Black Rock Cooler offers you different options of size and shapes. However, no matter what option you have chosen, you may get a durable wire basket, which helps you to keep your things in an ordered way. Besides, as the basket is removable, you can take it out and clean the piece for proper sanitation. This wire rack also enables you in keeping the drinks separated from all the dry items. Your foods will not become soggy because they cannot come in contact with the drinks.
  • Drain plug– Often, you find water in your cooler because of melted ice. That is why Black Rock Cooler’s product has an integrated and accessible drain plug.


  1. Endure any harsh weather condition
  2. Sturdy construction
  3. Stain-resistant texture


  1. Need more accessories
  2. Seems to be heavy to some users

  • Thus, Black Rock Cooler is one of the well-made cooling systems, chosen by many campers.

5. PackIt Lunch Bag

Many of us want to carry some healthy fresh foods during our long trip. PackIt lunch bag, equipped with

PackIt lunch bag, equipped with cooling system, helps all the campers to take their meals and drinks anywhere. Though it is called lunch bag, it is not conventional in any way. It acts as a kind of

It acts as a kind of cooler, and offers best solution with smart features.


  • Colorful look– The exterior look of PackIt lunch bag is attractive as it is designed with colorful patterns. The kids and sportsmen may also like to carry it for their daily purpose. Many stylish designs, including, the geometric shapes and polka dots are available.
  • Get cool foods for long period– PackIt lunch bag is able to retain the cool temperature for ten hours. It is quite high in contrast to the other coolers.
  • Easy to use– After using the bag throughout the day, you have to store it inside your freezer for about twelve hours. You may find that wall of this cooler bag has become frozen. So, now, the product is prepared to make your drinks and foods cooler for several hours. The cooling capability is so effective that it may reduce the temperature of some liquids (that are under normal temperature) by twenty degrees in one hour.
  • No problem in storage – As the bag can be folded you may easily store this compact product.
  • Freezable gel – Since this gel is integrated with your cooler bag, you do not need to buy any extra pack separately. This feature is obviously intended to save your money.
  • Eco-friendly– This cooler bag has been designed without using any toxic material, lead or PVC. The best fact about it is that the material may be reused and can also be cleaned manually
  • Convenient features– At the top of the product, there is a closure, which helps to shut in dry cool air. A clip is also attached to give the utmost convenience.


  1. No hassle in using the bag
  2. Allow to pack up meals with no additional cooling units
  3. Designed in different stylish patterns to make your bag trendy


  1. Cannot keep meals cool as much as it has been claimed
  2. Weighs more than one pound

  • Thus, PackIt lunch bag is a compact sized, user-friendly cooler, which may be used for a variety of purposes. The patterned design has made the bag gorgeous.

6. Igloo Super Tough STX Cooler


It is one of the most durable models, offered by the cooler manufacturer, Igloo.

Due to its excellent performance, the cooler has gained much approval from the users. This easy-to-use cooler bag has been made with the best hardware.

So, have a look at its features to know how they are helpful to every user.


  • Best capacity for insulation– STX cooler has a significant ability of cooling your food. The ice, placed inside the box, may stay intact, for about six days, and after that, you have to get it refilled. The thick covering of the cooler bag is the main factor behind this high cooling capability. Besides, its lid may also be firmly sealed. However, when you are using its fasteners for holding down the lid, you need to make sure that no gap is formed there. Otherwise, all the cool air may run off quickly, and your drinks won’t stay cool for six days.
  • Durability – As the shell of this cooling system is very tough, it is able to withstand extreme abuse. However, though metal is used for making the parts, latches have some possibility to get broken. On other hand, rubber-made grips offer not only resilience but also ergonomic features for your convenience.
  • Weight of the cooler– It is comparatively heavier and you may need to move it with someone’s help.
  • Visually attractive– In terms of design, the product looks quite elegant. The stainless steel parts together with few plastic units offer a wonderful look. Besides, the integrated cup holding system and the knobs ensure that the product is really of high quality.
  • Guard against UV rays– As the UV rays are highly responsible for damaging the quality of any product, there is a special guard, integrated with the product. Thus, the original look of your fashionable cooler may stay unchanged for many years.
  • In-built drain plug– To help in smooth draining of the excessive water, this system is highly helpful.


  1. Properly insulated design for a better cooling system
  2. Hardest outer covering makes the product resilient
  3. Offers an awesome look
  4. Reasonable price to most of the users


  1. No strong tightening of fasteners
  2. Much weighty camping cooler

  • So, STX cooler, offered by Igloo, is best for any heavy-duty use and it is preferred not only by the campers but also by professional hunters and fishermen.

7. YETI Hopper Portable Cooler


Yeti is a very recognized name in the field of manufacturing camping cooler.

Its products are known to retain ice perfectly, no matter how high the external temperature is. Many people think that Yeti manufactures only the hard-sided model.

However, Yeti Hopper is another new model, which is designed to serve all the users including the campers. Now, a brief look at its diverse features can give you a good concept.


  • Good enduring capacity– Yeti Hopper is a hardwearing cooler, which may resist the extreme external conditions. The best fact is that the system can hold not only the cold products but also the hot items. It is really a testedcooler, which works best for all outdoorsmen, including the fishermen, regular hunters and campers.
  • Space for storing drinks– You can keep ice of about 20 lbs, and if you want to put your beer inside it, you may keep almost eighteen cans.
  • Use of rubber foam– To create a padding system, rubber foam has been used at the base as well as the walls. The space, available in Hopper Cooler, is quite enough, and this is capable of holding ice pieces for longer time. Many other low quality coolers may allow you to have cool foods only for one day. But, unlike those items, Yeti has brought superiority to the product.
  • Welded parts– RF welded closure and DryHide Shell can be found in most of the products, and Yeti Hopper is also not an exception. However, for model number 30, it is comparatively bigger. Another thing, which is to be noted, is ColdCell foam at bottom and sides. It makes sure that any amount of space has not been wasted. But, due to the extra size of the product, it is little pricey.
  • No risk of leakage– As the seams have been made completely welded and not stitched, you may not have any problem of leakage. In addition to it, the HydroLok zip also removes your concerns of getting your drinks tossed at any time.


  1. Very light in weight
  2. leak proof system
  3. No possibility of puncture


  1. Zipper system creates some issues
  2. Hard to slide arms

  • Thus, Yeti Hopper is an acceptable camping cooler with portable design. Most of the users love its feature of holding ice for extensive period. During any long trip, you can choose it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) Regarding Camping Cooler

1. How Do I Care for my new camping cooler?

• To take care of your camping cooler, cleaning is the major task. You have to clean your cooler with warm water and good quality soap. If your cooler is not stain-resistant, then you may apply baking soda for cleaning interior part. Besides, as a cooler needs to hold your foods, you should make it free of any odor. A solution of water and chlorine bleach may help you in doing so. While you are not using the camping cooler, let the parts be air dried by opening the lids.

• In addition to cleaning the product, you have to careful, while using the system. For the best performance, you may better close your cooler’s lid very fast, just after unlocking it. Never leave this cooler unwrapped or open for very long time. Besides, to have extremely cool drinks, you have to load bottles and cans, and then wrap it using ice.

2. What are the benefits of using a camping cooler?

• Buying a good quality camping cooler may give you several advantages. While you are away from your house, you cannot get refrigerator. At this point, a cooler is the perfect option to have cool drinks or fresh foods. Sometimes, foods get spoiled during a short trip as well. Besides, on each day of your camping, you can consume good meals, which will surely supply you energy throughout the day. Besides, most of these camping coolers are very easy to operate. Just place your foodstuffs on ice, and then cover it with ice pieces.

• Most of the coolers perform their work at the best level. However, some of their efficiencies may vary according to the model that you have chosen. Soft-sided coolers can be the best options for carrying lunch, while the hard-sided ones are best for outdoor adventurers. Some models are also thermal-efficient, and you may choose them when the temperature is too high during the summer time. Thus, all the coolers are advantageous to you.

3. Where should I use my camping cooler?

• Camping coolers are usually used by people at their campsite. You can also use it while spending days at your RV. Just as different gears and kits are essential during any camping expedition, foods and beverages also constitute a significant part for any long or short distance camping.

• However, besides the campers, many fishermen also want to use these coolers. They look for some insulated bags, which are obviously the coolers. They keep all the caught fishes inside the cooler to maintain their freshness. So, if you are also a professional fisherman, then. You can place it on your fishing boat, and use it, whenever you need. In addition to the fishermen and campers, hunters also take it with them.

• The coolers can be used in many other places. For instance, you may carry your lunch at workplace or in picnic spots. So, make use of camping coolers in your own way.

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