Best Lanterns For Camping 2022 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

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Camping is an activity that is loved by many people and those who go frequently on camps know how loads of equipment are needed to go a camp. Right from the most efficient backpack to the right shoes and beds, each and every item is very important for camping. One such item that can solve several problems and can come across as very important and useful equipment is a camping lantern. A camping lantern is an artificial source of light that runs either on fuel or on rechargeable batteries. These lanterns are often used at homes when there is a power cut or during emergencies on the road or in workshops. However, powerful & Best camping lanterns can be taken on camps for artificial lighting in the dark.

There can be several dangers in the dark. Torches are not enough to provide sufficient light in the tent or in a camp. To keep a watch on insects and reptiles around the area you can use a camping lantern to light up the camping area in the evening. Even while returning to the camp in the evening or taking a tour of the area you may use the handy camping lanterns to see your way through the dark. There are several kinds of camping lanterns available in the market with various advanced features to make things even more convenient and comfortable for you at camping trips. Now you do not have to light fires or fight darkness even in remote areas. Just take along your fully charged camping light and see how better life at a camp becomes. Here is a list of the best lanterns in the market which can provide you with the best kind of assistance at nights.


Black Diamond Titan Lantern• Runtime: 24 hours
• Lumens: 250 lumens
• Extended Height: 250 mm
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Black Diamond Orbit• Runtime: 70 hours
• Weight: 2.4 Ounces
• Extended Height: 140 mm
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Coleman North Star• Runtime: 5.5 – 11 hours
• Extended Height: –
• Weight: 7 Pounds
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Weatherrite 610• Runtime: 15 – 30 hours
• Weight: 3.5 Pounds
• Water Resistant
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Dorcy 41-1017• Runtime: 70 hours
• Type of Bulb: LED
• Weight: 3.2 ounces
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Eureka Warrior 230• Lumens: 230 lumens
• Type of Bulb: LED
• Weight: 1.4 Pounds
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Gama Sonic DL-713LS• Runtime: 7 hours
• Type of Bulb: LED
• Weight: 1 Pounds
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Things to Consider before buying Camping Lantern

Camping lanterns are of several types. There are several models of camping lanterns available in the market and each is different from the other on the basis of several factors. A person needs to take care of these several factors to make an intelligent choice while buying the best camping lantern. Read on to know about the qualities of an ideal camping lantern. Invest once and reap the benefits for years.

4 Things to Consider

  • Lumens

a camping lantern is bought for illumination and it should provide the best kind of lighting in all situations. An ideal camping lantern should emit at least 200 lumens to light up a considerable amount of area. The greater the amount of lumens emitted by the lantern, the greater is the area that is illuminated by it. The number of lumens also determines the price of the lantern at times. So when you are purchasing a lantern for your camping needs, invest in one with high lumens for the best performance.

  • Battery life

You surely wouldn’t want your camping lantern to go off suddenly in the middle of the night just a few hours after you have started using it. This is a frequent problem faced by many. Lanterns with poor battery life consume power very soon and run for a very short time even though they have been fully charged. Solar power lanterns run for a very short time. Lanterns with rechargeable batteries have long running life. Always choose a camping lantern with long running battery life for the greatest convenience.

  • Light setting

Adjustable light setting is another bonus feature of camping lanterns. The lanterns consume less power on low setting and more power on high setting. Lanterns which allow you to change modes as and when needed should be on your preference list. Set up the lantern on high mode when you need brighter light and dim it when you do not need much illumination.

  • Size and weight

The size and weight of the camping lantern are major factors to consider. It would be quite inconvenient and cumbersome to carry a heavy lantern in your luggage or in your hand while travelling. Fitting a huge lantern in the bag is also very problematic. This is one of the biggest problems faced by people as most lanterns are quite heavy because of the original weight and the added weight of batteries. An ideal lantern should always be lightweight and take up very little space in your luggage.

Reviews of some of the Top Choices you could go with

1. Black Diamond Titan Lantern

Quick Summary

  • Runtime: 24 hours
  • Lumens: 250 lumens
  • Extended Height: 250 mm
  • Weight: 
Black Diamond Equipment Titan Lantern (Dark Chocolate)

If you are looking for the Best LED Camping Lantern which functions really well and solves all your needs on a camping trip, the Black Diamond Titan Lantern is just the one you need. This is an effective lantern as per customer reviews and lasts for a long time through camps and emergency needs without needing replacement of batteries. Bonus features like adjustable light settings, handles and compressible height make this a wonderful choice.

The best part of the lantern is that you can carry it on any trip in any weather as it is waterproof too. On a whole, this is worth the money you pay for it and is very well designed. Performance wise too it scores high and impresses one and all.


  • The lantern runs on a QuadPower LED that emits 250 lumens of light.
  • The dual reflector maximizes the illumination.
  • Adjustable light setting allows you to switch between high mode and low mode as per need.
  • The lantern can be compressed to 200mm and extended to 250mm.
  • There are foldable hooks on the top of the lantern to hang it from a high point or carry it in hand.
  • It has a wonderful running time of 168 hours.
  • The lantern is waterproof in nature and thus it can be used in all weather conditions.
  • It weighs just 4 pounds which makes it quite convenient to carry it around.

What We Liked
  • The lantern is quite lightweight and can be carried around by hand without any trouble. It can also fit into the luggage without increasing the weight of the luggage.
  • The battery life of the lantern is fantastic. It lasts for a long time without any need to recharge it at all.
  • The lantern is waterproof which means it can work very well in damp weather conditions and be undamaged even in case of splashes of rain.
  • The hooks are convenient to hang the lantern in the tent for efficient lighting all around.
  • It is easy to turn on the lantern and adjust the lighting to the desired level.
What We Didn't Like
  • The only downside of this lantern is that it directs the light outwards in the front while the area under the lantern remains dark.

2. Black Diamond Orbit

Quick Summary

  • Runtime: 70 hours
  • Lumens: 105 lumens
  • Extended Height: 140 mm
  • Weight: 2.4 Ounces
Black Diamond Orbit Lantern, Matte Black

When you need a bright and packable camping lantern for the next camp you are off to, Black Diamond Orbit Lantern can be a great choice to make. It is a pocket sized lantern that consumes very little space in your bag and provides powerful lighting in the dark. This is a lightweight option that is extremely travel friendly and provides commendable performance too.

Take it along on any camping trip for walking on dark routes, cooking, reading and any other activity. Equipped with several bonus features this one is the perfect lantern, scoring well in all departments.


  • There are two modes of lighting. Inside the frosted globe there is one DoublePower LED that emits 105 lumens in the maximum setting. The bottom of the lantern has a flashlight feature emitting up to 50 lumens.
  • This lantern comes with dual reflector system to maximize the light output.
  • The lantern is a pocket sized one and consumes very less space in the luggage.
  • It is a lightweight option too and is quite travel-friendly.
  • The double hook loop can be used to hang the lantern easily.
  • Unlike the Black Diamond Titan Lantern, the Black Diamond Orbit emits light both in the front and downwards too, leaving no dark area.

What We Liked
  • The lantern comes with an added flashlight mode in the bottom along with the LED provided in the glass case. The illumination is bright enough to light up a considerable amount of area for convenience.
  • Since it is a tiny lantern it can fit into the luggage easily. You can put it in the backpack without compromising on other items because of space crunch. It is also very light and does not cause inconvenience. You can carry it in your hand too without feeling exhausted.
  • The double hook feature allows you to hang the lantern easily in the tent or from a nail for better lighting.
  • It has a long running time of 70 hours which is huge.
  • It provides lighting both vertically and horizontally which is another added plus point.
What We Didn't Like
  • There isn’t anything that really bothers customers. If the lighting could have been greater, that is of greater lumens, it would be even better.


3. Coleman North Star

Quick Summary

  • Runtime: 5.5 – 11 hours
  • Lumens: 1543 lumens
  • Extended Height:
  • Weight: 7 Pounds
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The Coleman North Star Propane Lantern is the best kind of fuel based camping lantern available these days. It is very convenient to use and provides the brightest kind of illumination too. Apart from these qualities, it has a very durable design and holds up strong against wind and rain too. If you are on the lookout for something really bright and fuel based, this is the one to stop for.

Even though it runs on liquid fuel or gasoline, it consumes very less fuel and is an inexpensive option. A full tank of fuel gives you reliable and commendable performance even in the coldest weather conditions.


  • The InstaStart facility provides instant ignition without the need of matches.
  • It functions on a perfect flow system which ensures proper gas flow and lighting.
  • The lantern comes with an adjustable dimmer with which you can adjust the light output as per need. It can provide maximum illumination of 1540 lumens and you can dim it to the lowest level too using the knob.
  • It consumes about 16 oz of propane to perform for 4 to 5 hours on high mode and 8 hours on low mode.
  • It is quite durable even in rainy weather and the protective globe cover is resistant to both heat and rain.
  • The lantern is easily packable and travel friendly too. The carrying case has two foldable sides for ease of packing.
  • There is a plastic base at the bottom of the lantern to prevent it from tripping over and protects the base which contains the propane tank.

What We Liked
  • Considering other fuel based camping lanterns, this one is really convenient and easy to use.
  • It consumes very less propane to run for long hours at a stretch.
  • The long handle provided makes it easy to carry the handle. It does not get hot even when the lantern is running on the highest level.
  • At the highest light setting it emits a huge amount of light and the illumination lights up a large area. This makes it one of the best camping lanterns when it comes to illumination.
  • Even though it is fuel based there is no need for matches as the just a push can instantly ignite it.
  • This lantern emits some heat along with the light which provides added benefit and comfort while camping in cold weather conditions.
What We Didn't Like
  • Since it is fuel based, it needs supply of propane to run.
  • While the heat emitted can be comfortable in cold weather, the same feature can be problematic in warm weather.
  • The lantern is also quite heavy which makes it difficult to carry it around. It is also difficult to fit it into the luggage because of its weight and large size.
  • The price of the camping lantern too may be a downside for many customers.


4. Weatherrite 610

Quick Summary

  • Runtime: 15 – 30 hours
  • Lumens: 270 – 600 lumens
  • Extended Height:
  • Weight: 3.5 Pounds
  • Water Resistant
Weatherrite 610 Lumen Highpowered LED Lantern 5949

Weatherrite 610 camping lantern is a quite reliable and high performance model that provides the best camping experience to travelers. According to the customers, this is one of the best camping lanterns which can be trusted for reliable performance. It is a sturdy design made of ABS plastic and runs on batteries.

If you do not want to run the trouble of fuel operated lanterns and in case you are looking for a medium sized lantern in a good price that provides great illumination, the Weatherrite 610 is quite helpful. You can use it both indoors and outdoors and reap loads of benefits on your camping trips. This lantern can provide help not only for reading, cooking and performing other activities on camping trips but can also be of help at home during power cuts, or during any emergency on the road at night.

You can take it along for hunting, fishing, boating and car trips too for effective help in the dark.


  • The lantern runs on one high power LED bulb that provides the brightest illumination of 610 lumens and has 110,000 hours of use.
  • The lantern comes with three modes of lighting. The highest mode emits 610 lumens, while the low mode emits 270 lumens. The other mode is the flashlight mode.
  • The lantern provides 360-degree illumination which means that it emits light not only in the front but on the top and downwards too for better and more effective lighting in all directions.
  • It comes along with a convenient foldable handle to carry it and a hook to hang it from a point.
  • The lantern is weather resistant which means it can function in most weather conditions without sustaining damage.
  • The body of the lantern is made of ABS plastic and rubber and this makes it extremely durable in all conditions.
  • With 6 D batteries it can run for about 30 hours which is a great feature.

What We Liked
  • The camping lantern functions really well and has the brightest illumination. It can really light up a huge area.
  • Since it emits light in all directions it is very useful on dark nights.
  • It can be carried around easily using the handle or hung from a high point inside the tent using the hook.
  • The design of the lantern is quite durable and will run well for a long time.
  • On a new set of batteries, it has a huge running life and this is a very important and convenient feature of this lantern. It can last throughout your camping trip without causing any inconvenience.
  • The two modes of lighting along with the flashlight feature are bonus benefits. You can use it on low mode whenever needed to consume less power.
What We Didn't Like
  • Although it is weather resistant, it may not be able to withstand heavy rains.
  • The lantern is not rechargeable. It runs on D cell batteries.
  • It may be a bit heavy for some people to carry around on camping trips.


5. Dorcy 41-1017

Quick Summary

  • Runtime: 70 hours
  • Type of Bulb – LED
  • Extended Height:
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces
Dorcy LED Bright Mini Lantern 70 Hour Run Time, Small, Model Number: 41-1017, Assorted Colors

The Dorcy 41-1017 is one of the smallest camping lanterns available. It is a battery powered lantern made keeping in mind the weight of the luggage of the travelers. This one is extremely light and compact and can fit into the backpack easily without increasing the weight much. Those who complain about lanterns becoming too big for the bag can try this one out. You can take it almost anywhere without any trouble.

However, one sector where it comparatively fails is illumination. It does not provide as much illumination as the other competitors and fails to have certain advanced bonus features too. On a whole, if you want a very basic and simple camping lantern that fits into your bag without making it bulky, this one is perfect.


  • The lantern has a single power dial in the front to switch the lantern on and off.
  • Four 5 millimeter LED lights emit 40 lumens of light at 360 degrees. It lights up about 15 meters of distance.
  • It weighs just 3.2 ounces which makes it the lightest camping lantern.
  • It functions using 4 AA cell batteries. These do not add much weight to the lantern even when they are installed.
  • It measures just 5 X 7 inches which also makes it one of the smallest camping lanterns available.
  • On a set of fresh batteries, it can run for up to 70 hours.
What We Liked
  • It is a very light camping lantern. This won’t take a toll on the weight of your luggage at all and you can even carry it in your hand through a long, dark road without feeling any pain or exhaustion.
  • 15 meters of illumination is enough to light up the tent or a part of the camp.
  • The size of the camping lantern is really small and it occupies very less space in the luggage. You can put it in along with other necessary items without any trouble.
  • The battery life of 70 hours is just excellent.
What We Didn't Like
  • Even though the operation is easy, there is no button or light setting to change between high mode and low mode. It lacks those features.
  • 40 lumens of light are too less compared to other models.
  • It is not water resistant.


6. Eureka Warrior 230

Quick Summary

  • Runtime:
  • Lumens: 230 lumens
  • Type of Bulb – LED
  • Weight: 1.4 Pounds
EUREKA Warrior 230 Lumens & 230IR LED Lantern

If you are a regular at camping trips and feel the need for a superb camping lantern that has the best possible use, the Eureka Warrior 230 is just the one you need. Apart from superb lighting, remote control features and SOS flash, it comes with a neat handle like hook to hang it from a branch to light up a certain area or inside the tent to illuminate it.

Use it as a flashlight or a simple lantern for reading or other purposes in the dark while you are away camping. It runs for a long time giving commendable performance and no doubt it is one of the most popular and well-reviewed camping lanterns. It has been specially designed keeping in mind the needs of people who love travelling and camping.


  • The best part of the lantern is that it can be operated both manually and through remote control. The remote can function even from 25 feet away which is very convenient for travelers. The remote also comes with a clip with which it can be attached to a belt or the lantern itself.
  • The lantern runs on 3 D-cell batteries while the remote needs 2 AAA batteries.
  • Using the remote you can dim the light or brighten it or turn on the SOS.
  • The lantern can run up to a fairly long time of 200 hours on low mode and 50 hours on the high mode.
  • The lantern has got adjustable lighting and SOS feature.
  • The design is sturdy enough for trips and water resistant too. This means can it can withstand dampness and light splashes of water without getting damaged.
  • The weight of the lantern is 30 ounces when weighed along with the batteries and 1.9 pounds when weighed without them.
  • The size of the lantern is 7.3 x 3.4 x 3.4 inches and thus it takes up very little space in the backpack.
  • The brightness level of 230 lumens provides ample illumination.
  • There is a non-slip rubberized handle on the top and another in the bottom to even hang it upside down.
What We Liked
  • The lantern is small and compact and easy to carry in a backpack. It does not eat up a lot of space.
  • You can use it both manually and through a remote
  • The sturdy handle can be used to hang the lantern from a hook for better use.
  • The SOS and adjustable lighting is very helpful and you can use it as needed.
  • The battery life is excellent to say the least.
  • The lantern is also quite water resistant.
What We Didn't Like
  • There is hardly anything that inconveniences people.

7. Gama Sonic DL-713LS

Quick Summary

  • Runtime: – 7 hours
  • Lumens: 200 lumens
  • Type of Bulb – LED
  • Weight: 1 Pounds
Gama Sonic Rechargeable Emergency LED Lantern and Work Light #DL-713LS

Sometimes a small lantern can do big jobs for you. The Gama Sonic DL- 713LS is nothing but a small lantern having 40 LEDs. This lantern is beneficial for purposes like camping or for any overnight outdoor trip. It is small and handy enough for every kind of need. You can carry it in your car for any kind of emergency or to any camping trip for assistive lighting in dark environment.

Since it holds a robust handle, it can also be used as a flash. On a whole, this rechargeable camping lantern is quite useful and convenient and can be of immense help on your camping trips. Take it along and see how you bid goodbye to darkness and overcome all problems faced on previous trips.


  • The lantern can emit up to 300 lumens and light up 25 meters of area. 40 LEDs work together in one direction to provide superb illumination.
  • When left plugged in, the camping lantern automatically switches on if the power stops.
  • If left unplugged, it can last up to 90 days without being recharged.
  • It takes 7 hours to charge the battery completely.
  • There is a convenient, foldable handle to carry the lantern easily.
  • Easy to use, manual on-off button to operate the lantern as needed.
What We Liked
  • Operating the lantern is very easy for anybody.
  • It provides superb illumination and clear vision.
  • The portable lantern can be used at home, or any emergency on the road or taken to camping trips for help and convenience.
  • The battery life lasts 7 hours at a stretch which is great.
  • When it is left plugged in, the light switches on automatically if there is a power cut.
  • Even if you leave it plugged in on charge there won’t be a great rise in your electricity bill as the AC adapter stops drawing electricity when the battery is full.
What We Didn't Like
  • Some customers have felt that the light does not last long. The LEDs have started to go off after a few months.
  • The lantern is not waterproof and therefore it cannot be used in damp weather conditions while camping.
  • The weight of the lantern may not seem problematic at home but if you are carrying it around on a camping trip, that may seem bulky and cumbersome at times.


FAQ’s about the Camping Lanterns

How do I care for my camping lantern?

Taking care of a camping lantern is very important if you want to extend its life. Without proper care a lantern may not last for several days.

• Firstly, do not leave the lantern without charge for many days. Charge it in frequent intervals to keep it running.

• Do not exhaust the batteries till the last point as this often takes a toll on the lantern.

• Inspect from time to time for cracks and other damages. Get them repaired as soon as possible.

• Handle the lantern with care while travelling and avoid dropping it on rough surface.

2. How do I clean my camping lantern?

• You should always clean your camping lantern when it is dirty at the end of the camp. Mix some dishwashing soap in a bowl of warm water and gently wipe the lantern with a cloth. Let it dry completely before storing it again. If it is possible to open the lantern, then open it and shake off or lightly brush away the debris collected from the camp. Reassemble again properly and check if it is functioning.

How should I store my camping lantern?

• After proper cleaning it is also very necessary to store the camping lantern properly to keep it ready for the next camping trip. Without proper storage it will soon get dirty again. Always put your camping lantern into a plastic bag and secure it with a tape to prevent dust and insects from entering and settling on the lantern.

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