Fanny Packs for Travel – Best of 2019

If you are allergic to bringing a backpack or a suitcase during your travel, you might want to invest in a quality fanny pack. There comes a time when a best fanny pack is all you need.

Fanny packs are perfect for carrying your essentials like your phone, wallet, and IDs. They strap around your waist and can be hidden under your shirt or blouse for extra security during travel.

You can use them in many activities such as travel, biking, running, music festivals, and gaming on the go.

If you are not sure what to look for in a fanny pack, keep reading our article as we review the best ones in the market.

Best Fanny Packs for travel

We only review products from reputable manufacturers. We limit ourselves to reviewing one product per brand.

Check out our buying guide and reviews below.

Top Best Fanny Packs for Travel - Quick Comparison Table:

Things to Evaluate Before You Buy the Best Fanny Packs For Travel In 2019

Storage Capacity

The amount of storage that is the best depends on what you are planning to bring with you on your trip.

You should plan what you are going to bring and then seek out a proper fanny pack for your items.

You don't want to wear a large fanny pack if you are only bringing a small number of items. Go for a small and lightweight one instead.


Most of the fanny packs in the market have two or more front pockets and one hidden rear pocket for your valuable items such as your phone, money, keys, and IDs.

Some even have dedicated phone pockets. Some have a water bottle holder.

Again, consider what you are going to bring on your trip and decide using that knowledge.


Fanny packs are made of all sorts of material. Some are more lightweight than others.

Since you are looking for a fanny pack for travel, we recommend you choose one that is made of lightweight material.

It doesn't have to be water resistant or cut proof. It also doesn't have to have RFID blocking technology.


Another factor to consider when buying a fanny pack is its concealability. Will it be visible under your clothes or will it be hard to see?

If you want to keep your items safe and sound in your fanny pack, make sure to choose one that is easy to conceal.

Extra Features

You should take into account the extra features that come with the fanny pack.

Some of them have RFID blocking material and technology that protects your credit card and personal data from being stolen.

It should have an adjustable waistband for flexibility. The ability to adjust the belt is a must so it won't ride up or fall down when you are in motion.


If you plan to wear a fanny pack for style, then pick a color that matches your outfits. There are a lot of fanny packs what offer a variety of different colors.

Pick one that can match most of your outfits so you won't have to buy multiples. If you can spend the money, buy more than one color so you can mix and match.


Tinyat Travel Fanny Bag

The Tinyat Travel Fanny Bag measures 4.7 x 4.7 x 12 inches and weighs 4 ounces.

It is made from a durable nylon fabric that can last a long time. The fabric is waterproof.

It has a zippered front accessory pocket that is perfect for storing your keys, phone, identification cards and other essential small items. You can even store your sunglasses in there.

It can store a phone with a screen size of under 5.8 inches.

There is a discreet back pocket for you valuable to hide in.

It is very lightweight, and it has a great design.

You can find a durable waist belt that you can adjust. The adjustable range is from sizes 16 to 40 inches.

The Tinyat is available in a multitude of colors such as grey, black, red, pink, purple, orange, and blue.

It is perfect for travel, jogging, running, walking, cycling, or just strolling in the mall.

notable features

Adjustable Waist Band

Hidden Compartment

Water Resistant


  • It is a small but stylish fanny pack.
  • It works better than an armband or a lanyard phone holder for carrying a large phone while walking.
  • It is very lightweight.
  • thumbs-up
    It has a hidden compartment for your valuables.
  • thumbs-up
    The material is durable, and the fanny pack is well-made.


  • It can sometimes be challenging to take out stuff from the hidden back pocket.
  • thumbs-down
    It is a bit smaller than other fanny packs. If you want to bring a lot of small items, consider getting a larger one.


Day Tip Money Belt - Passport Holder Secure Hidden Travel Wallet with RFID Blocking, Undercover Fanny Pack

The Day Tip Fanny Pack measures 11.2 x 5.5 x 0.1 inches and weighs 3.04 ounces.

It is made of 100% RFID-blocking material. It is waterproof in addition to being rip-proof. It is made of durable nylon fabric.

You can use it for traveling and store your small essential items such as your phone, passport, money, wallet and identification cards.

The RFID-blocking material and technology will prevent data thieves from scraping information from your credit or debit card.

A gift luggage tag comes with your purchase.

The fanny pack is lightweight and features a stylish design. It opens up to about 2 inches.

It has dedicated phone pockets together with a pocket with a key buckle.

There are also two pockets that come with zippers.

A mesh panel is installed at the back of the pack to absorb moisture from your back and keep you feeling fresh.

Day Tip offers a 100% money back guarantee if for some reason you are not satisfied with the product. They will fully refund it without any questions or hassle.

notable features

Rfid Blocking


Rear Mesh Panel


Luggage Tag

Phone Pocket


  • It is very easy to hide under your shirt or blouse.
  • It is very spacious and has a lot of zippered pockets.
  • It comes with an elastic band that is adjustable.
  • thumbs-up
    It is very comfortable to wear especially on long flights.
  • thumbs-up
    The fanny pack provides excellent security with its RFID blocking technology.
  • thumbs-up
    It has a little clip on the inside for your key/s.
  • thumbs-up
    The fanny pack is clearly well-made and durable.


  • It doesn't open very wide.
  • thumbs-down
    The velcro holding the flap closed can be a bit noisy.


BuyAgain Quick Release Buckle Travel Sports Waist Fanny Pack Bag

The BuyAgain Travel Fanny Pack Bag measures 12 x 3 x 5 inches and weighs 2.4 ounces.

It is made of 600 Denier Poly material. It can be spot cleaned and air dried. The fabric is not water resistant.

It has three separate compartments each with their own zippers. You can find one main zippered compartment, one front zippered compartment and one hidden compartment at the back. The front pocket is about 5 inches wide.

The hidden are is great for storing your valuables like your phone, money, credit cards and identification cards.

It features an adjustable waist strap that fits up to 43 inches. It also has a quick release buckle.

The BuyAgain travel fanny pack is perfect for travel without having to carry a backpack or a suitcase. It can be used for concerts, walking, running, jogging, shopping, cycling, and festivals.

It is available in a variety of colors such as red, yellow, black, blue and navy blue.

notable features

Three Separate Compartments

Hidden Pocket


  • It can hold a lot of small items and has a lot of pockets.
  • It has a hidden compartment for extra security.
  • The material is excellent and is easy to clean.
  • thumbs-up
    The zippers are quite smooth and not prone to getting stuck.
  • thumbs-up
    The fanny pack is very durable.


  • It isn't waterproof or rip-proof.
  • thumbs-down
    Sometimes the clip/clasp on the belt would loosen when sitting down. It is not very rigid or heavy duty.


The Everest Signature Waist Pack

The Everest Signature Waist Pack is designed for everyday use.

It has three separate zippered compartments. There is a front pocket with a key ring holder, a large main compartment, and a hidden secure rear pocket.

The hidden pocket is great for securing your valuable small items such as your phone, keys, money, and IDs.

You can find a snap waist buckle that can be adjusted up to 46 inches. The fanny pack measures 11 inches. In total, the waist length is about 57 inches max.

It is available in various colors such as turquoise, black, hot pink and blue.

It can hold up to 120 cubic inches or 2 liters.

It is made of high quality 600 Denier Polyester material. It has durable weaved seams that make it last longer.

Everest Signature Waist Pack measures 11.8  x 3.1 x 4.7 inches and weighs 5.6 ounces.

notable features

Hidden Compartment

Three Separate Pockets

Key Ring Holder

Adjustable Waist Buckle


  • A sports key ring is installed in the front pocket.
  • It is really great for everyday use.
  • It is small and lightweight.
  • thumbs-up
    It is very stylish and comes in a number of color options.
  • thumbs-up
    The seams are very sturdy.
  • thumbs-up
    The waistband is very lengthy.
  • thumbs-up
    The main and front compartments are easily accessible.


  • The waistband is, so if you have a small waist, you need to cut it for a great fit.


WATERFLY Slim Soft Polyester Water-Resistant Waist Bag Pack

It is made of durable and water-resistant nylon. The fabric is ripstop nylon.

It is perfect for running, climbing, jogging, walking, and outdoor activities.

It has a double zippered main pocket and two extra smaller front pockets.

The fanny pack also has a hidden pocket in the back for storing your valuables.

It can hold a phone that has a screen size of 5.5 inches and less.

You can find an adjustable waist belt made of a poly web. It can be adjusted up to 43 inches.

It comes in some colors such as grey, red, pink, green and yellow.

notable features

Hidden Zipper Pocket

Water Resistant And Ripstop Material

Flexible Waistband


  • It is partly waterproof which is always a plus.
  • It is very stylish with a lot of color options for both men and women.
  • The materials and quality are top notches.
  • thumbs-up
    The fanny pack is spacious and can hold a lot of small items.
  • thumbs-up
    It doesn't ride up, and it stays in place.


  • The belt strap or waistband can be a bit longer if you have a small waist or hips. It could use a storage band for the slack.

FAQ's Section

Q: How To Wear A Fanny Pack?


There are a lot of ways to wear a fanny pack. There are also a lot of activities where fanny packs are the best.


  • The usual way to wear it under your clothes, so it is concealed.
  • If security is your top priority, this is the best way to wear it. People most likely won't notice you are wearing one. Potential thieves most likely won't target you since they can't tell if you have anything worth stealing.
  • Most fanny packs have hidden pockets on the back. Keep this in mind when storing your valuable items.


  • If you want to use the fanny pack as a fashion accessory, then go ahead.
  • Pick a color that matches your outfit. You should also pay attention to the type of material it is made of. You can consider fabrics like velvet, satin or corduroy.
  • You can also wear it crossbody with the pack in the front or the back. You can wear it on top of your clothes, so it is very visible and complement your outfit.

Ways to Use a Fanny Pack

  • You can take a fanny packs out to the lake or ocean. Most of them have waterproof material, so it's safe to take near water.
  • You can also bring them to concerts and music festivals so you won't be carrying a bulky backpack.
  • Bring one with you when you go cycling or biking. You can store your water, keys, phone, and money conveniently.
  • Fanny packs are essential for Pokemon GO players. You can bring your power bank, wifi device, and snacks.
  • Take it with you on your next adventure. There is no limit to where the fanny pack can go.

Q: Who Invented The Fanny Pack?


An Australian woman name Melba Stone invented the fanny pack. She designed it in 1962 when kangaroo pouches inspired her.

It is called a fanny pack (American English) or a bum bag (British English) because the pack is worn above the buttocks. Fanny and bum are slang for buttocks, thus the name.

Our Conclusion - top Fanny Pack For Travel In 2019

We reviewed the best fanny packs for travel in the market. We also broke down the factors and features you might want to consider when buying one.

We picked the BuyAgain Fanny Pack Bag as our favorite among the rest. It is very lightweight which is great for travel.

It can store and a lot of items and has a hidden pocket for security. The fabric is very easy to clean and maintain so it won't be a problem when you are on the go.

The material is also durable and can last you a long time.

However, if don't mind adding a bit of weight, you could also look at the Day Tip Fanny Pack. It stands out with its RFID blocking material and tech.

We hope our buying guide and reviews have helped you choose the best fanny pack for travel.

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