5 Best Football Cleats for Wide Receiver

Do you love to play Football? In today's time, Football has grown to a very large extent that it has people from all around the world. Some people just love to watch Football matches whereas others are players and like to play the beautiful game. If you are a lover of Football or play football frequently then this article is a must for you. 

When it comes to football, the most important accessory is cleat. Football cleats for wide receivers will help you improve your game durability and performance. At the same time, it will make sure that you are enjoying your game time. But, most of the football cleats are made for narrow feets so it kind of becomes hard to find cleat for wide receivers. Still, you don't have to worry as we have done research to provide different kinds of cleats that can suit your demands. 

best football cleats for wide receivers

Top 5 Best Football Cleats for Wide Receivers- Quick Comparison Table:




Suitable for Wide Receivers

Synthetic sole

Suitable for Wide Receivers

Synthetic sole

Suitable for Linemen

Synthetic sole,

Removable insole

Suitable for Linemen


Suitable for Wide Receivers


What things to consider before buying football cleats?

Football cleats come in longer sizes to provide better traction. The shoe style is also available in different heights : high, mid and low. The low and medium cut cleats are the best for speed. Sometimes, the cut also depends upon the ankle support you looking for. 

Style & Skill :

We recommend you to make a list of features that you would want in your cleat and then proceed accordingly. But, if you are a little unsure also then go for a budget friendly option. 

If you planning to get one for your younger one then get a neutral color, if by chance there is a younger brother or sister. Kids have tendency of growing up fast which with time is going to affect the fitness only. 

Budget :

When it comes to compromising on money in case of sports, then we would never recommend that, even in case of Football. 

Calculate your total budget so you can accordingly spend. Again we repeat Football is not a easy game so never compromise on quality. 

 Wide Receiver Football Cleats Reviews

# 1 Nike CJ Elite 2 TD Mid Football Cleats

When it comes to sports accessories, how can we forget the most popular brand - Nike? These are one of the best and most awesome American football cleats. These have been developed by a retired wide receiver, Calvin Johnson. 

This cleat was also one of the factor of high growth of Calvin Johnson over the last decade. It features lockdown strap using which you can be ensured about safety and comfort.

It is actually a second made product but the way it has been developed using good material shows like that it's a lot better than the first one. 

The product weighs 1 and a half pound where it gives you a lot durability. The cleat promises for no foot slippage. The best part about the product I feel is the outsole using which you can put the opponent player in dust.

Nike follows their Pebax technology, which creates good football cleats that are good for bot defensive and offensive players.

Overall, it's an awesome football cleats that can work in the most extreme conditions also. 


  • It provides great durability

  • The foot slippage is very minimal
  • It can be used by different position players


  • It is not much lightweight when compared to other competition in the market

# 2  Under Armour Men's UA Fierce Havoc Mid

If you are searching for some great football cleat then Under Armour Fierce Havoc D is the best you can get in the market. 

The cleat has less bulk of to a good fabric design. It also gives you mobility due to the athletic cut shape. You will also find locks to keep your foot tight and cozy inside the shoe area.

The company uses good quality of synthetic material to provide strength, durability, and support for each football cleat. The product features MicroG Foam

using which you can easily get any feet inside. For easier washing after any dirty or snowy game, the product comes with a mudguard.

The cleat weighs 14.7 ounces and it focuses more on good support for future games rather on speed only.


  • It is very strong and durable

  • It features terrific traction
  • It has a good and great technology


  • It's not good for speed

# 3 Nike Vapor Talon Elite

Another great product directly from the house of Nike is the Nike Vapor Talon Elite which is the cleat that can be used for running backs. 

The neoprene cleats are very durable and lightweight. They feature Hyperfuse technology, making it one of of finest cleats in the market.

The cleats also feature adjustable pegs so you can get high or low traction depending upon the weather. 

It also has got a good ankle support with a good look design. Due to the snug feet, this cleat is good for wide feet also. Another important thing is that these cleats stretch with time so you are going to have an added advantage.

Nike is a brand and therefore they give you satisfactory product based on your exact length measurement. The cleats are good till some extent but after you grow high, it starts becoming little hard to support.

Still, these provide great support for long term. We recommend you to give it a shot!


  • They provide great durability

  • These are quite lightweight cleats


  • There's sizing problem and i.e. It is bigger than normal .

# 4 Adidas Adizero 5 Star 3.0

Another great brand in the world of Sports is Adidas. These have been manufactured using SHOCKWEB which is a strong and lightweight material, ultimately leading to lowering the weight of the cleat. 

The foam present inside provides good and cozy comfort. They also provide good traction for faster acceleration.

These cleats weigh 9 ounces and no other brand can compete so easily with them in terms of design. A positioned player will able to move up and down the field fast whenever there's any kind of emergency in the game. 

These are dynamic product where you have to invest only once and you will be able to enjoy the experience season after seasons.

Overall, they are a good cleat for speed and effectiveness. 

These are dynamic product where you have to invest only once and you will be able to enjoy the experience season after seasons.

Overall, they are a good cleat for speed and effectiveness.


  • t's very much good for track use and football

  • It has been made for speed
  • It has good advanced and improved technology


  • Adidas is not that popular in the football market

# 5 Nike Lunar Superbad Pro

Need a good football cleats at a good price? If that's what you want, get Nike Lunar Superbad Pro right now. The have been made out of TPU sole and neoprene so they provide you a good experience. 

In total, there are 3 layers in the cleat : upper, midsole and outsole. The upper part has been made using synthetic leather which helps the cleat to fit well. 

Talking about the midsole, you can find Lunarlon foam that gives cushion comfort to your moves. Finally, the outsole is good for grab when compared to other products.

The product has got good aggressive design and comes with many positive reviews.

These cleats are used by professionals like NFL Superstars in 2016 and due to some of the similar reasons these cleats come a little pricey.

Overall, the cleat provides good speed, and durability. More specifically, this product has been made for turf and not grass.

The cleat comes variety of colors and you can choose the one you like the most.


  • It works well with wide feet

  • It's used more for artificial turf


  • It's a little heavier

Now you have the cleats, Watch these Instant expert tips for wide receivers!

Conclusion :

We did a lot of research to present you the list of best football cleats for wide receivers. Football is a game which keeps you energized and fit. But, if this game is not played with proper safety measurements then you never know when you may get injured. That's why it's recommended to play with cleats so you are at least safe on your side. Cleats also help to show some style. 

If you liked reading the article, share it with your crazy football fans and don't forget to comment down if you have any kind of doubts.

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