Best 5 Golf Ball for 90 95 Mph Swing Speed – Expert’s Picks [2020]

You may believe that the balls that are for tournaments are the best choice when it comes to golf balls. In reality, it’s the opposite. The reason for this is because the average swing speed for a professional is around 115 mph. That is far from the reality of the majority of people that perceive golf as a relaxing sport.

Best Golf Ball for 90 95 Mph Swing Speed

If you’re an amateur that likes to play this sport on the weekend as a way to relax, your average speed is between 90 to 95mph. Thus, it’s essential to use a ball that is right for your needs.

 To find out which model is the best golf ball for 90 95 mph swing speed, you should take a look at the guide below. And you could also increase your swing speed with the help of these tips.

Quick Comparison Table

Product Name







White, Neon Lime, and Red




Green, Red, Orange, White, and Yellow

Medium Soft



White and Yellow




Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, White, and Yellow





Medium Soft

Best Brands For Golf Balls

Vice Golf


Bridgestone Golf

It’s important to mention that the other brands will also provide you with reliable golf balls. However, these brands are the dominant players in the industry. Now that you know some information about the brands let’s take a look at the best golf balls for 90 95 mph swing speed.

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Certified  Coach

 ----Jaacob wasn't happy swinging at a respectable 118 mph, so he put together a personalized training program to increase his swing speed.

Within 37 days, Jaacob went from 118 mph to 144 mph and eventually reached 155 mph!

He has won the Pinnacle Distance Challenge with a televised 381-yard drive. He has also won multiple qualifiers for the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championships, including a 421-yard grid record drive.

Jaacob has a website that helps golfers learn how to swing faster. And his members regularly pick up 12-16 mph of driver swing speed in the first 30 days of basic speed training. That's well over 30 yards in added distance. You can find out more about how to do that by going here.

Best Golf Ball for 90 95 MPH Swing Speed

The extra soft design, combined with a urethane cast, makes this not only reliable but also resistant. The thin coating has been applied with an innovative adhesive to offer you a smooth feel of the ball. Furthermore, the S2TG technology will provide you with the control that you desire for a consistent play.

Vice Pro Golf Balls, White (One Dozen)

The 318-dimple design will drastically increase the air resistance, which makes this ball to slice through the air. Thus, you will be ensured a more stable trajectory while the ball will gather speed. 

The “keep in line” putting line is highly visible so that the ball can be for teaching purposes or tournament plays.

  • It has a 3-piece design
  • The large core will provide increased speed
  • It delivers an impressive trajectory
  • Suitable for practicing purposes
  • Available in three different colors
  • The soft feel can be improved
  • Very likely to chip or to mark
  • Some say that the balls are easy to cut

Even though you don’t have an impressive swing speed, this ball will travel a long distance. The aerodynamics of the ball will ensure a low drag for a stable flight. Therefore, the ball doesn’t require a thorough speed on your behalf. Additionally, the controlled spin and control are due to the 3-piece design.

Callaway Superhot '18 Golf Ball (15 Ball Pack, Bold Red)

Made with a urethane cover, you can rely on the balls to provide you with the consistency that you desire. Also, the superhot and bold colors will ensure superior visibility of the balls in the green. Thus, you don’t have to worry about losing them. If you’re someone that likes to watch the balls as they travel, this is an excellent choice for your needs.

In addition to this, the balls have been praised for their ability to fly straight. The controlled flight makes this model the right choice for beginners.

  • It provides a controlled spin
  • Impressive ability to cover a long distance
  • The design promotes a low drag
  • Suitable for those that want to hit the ball far at a low speed
  • It comes in a pack of 15 balls
  • Some customers have reported a raised seam on the balls
  • The balls are not quality checked
  • Not the best choice for tournaments

Switch your out-dated ball to this brand, and you will instantly see changes in the accuracy and distance. Designed with a multi-layer core, you will enjoy high-performance games. The pack of 12 is suitable for those that want to improve in short games. Furthermore, the impressive velocity of the balls will make them travel far with a low spin. Thus, going straight at a controlled rate.

BRIDGESTONE GOLF e6 SPEED Golf Balls, White, High-Performance (Dozen Golf Balls)

The Delta dimple design will make sure that the balls smoothly travel through the air. The resistance of the golf balls will allow you to work on your swing speed. Perhaps, the reason why this is one of the best sellers is that it will enable people of all abilities to have control over the projection of the balls.

  • Designed to provide a straight distance
  • Soft enough to provide control
  • Suitable to be used by beginners and novice
  • Made with a 3-piece construction
  • The cover is likely to chip
  • It doesn’t have a shot alignment
  • The quality of the coating could be improved

The Duo soft has the lowest compression when compared to many other competitors. This design means that it’s not only soft, but it will also fly in a straight line. The 2-piece golf ball is guaranteed to outperform any other golf ball in your golf bag. Furthermore, it’s also known that this has one of the lowest spins. So, you can use the golf balls for competitive purposes.

Wilson Staff Duo Soft Golf Balls, White

In comparison, with the others, it has been crafted with a hard ionomer blend. Thus, you will be ensured a long flight distance at a low swing speed. Additionally, the 302-dimple design has an aerodynamic flight.

  • The dimple design is shallow for better velocity
  • It has a large core to offer a better trajectory
  • It has a soft feel
  • It has a 2-layer construction
  • The cover can mark and stain easily
  • Difficult to spot in the air during flight
  • Best suited for those in the 90mph speed swing

The reason why this is another one of the best golf balls for 90 95 mph swing speed is because of its aerodynamic design. The dimples will help with the pace. The balls will smoothly cut through the air so it can travel through the wind without losing its direction. Additionally, the gradient growth core will ensure that it picks up speed as it goes.

Srixon 2015 Q-Star Golf Ball (1 Dozen), Pure White

The balls will provide you with an increased frictional force of up to 18% than its previous models. Thus, you will see instant results in the responsiveness and spin of the balls. The lowered drag means that you can use this ball even though your speed isn’t as good.

  • It provides the right combination between speed and distance
  • It ensures controlled spins in the air
  • Suitable for consistent plays
  • It has a soft feel
  • Some say that it offers more spins than others
  • Not the best backspin performance
  • The visibility could be improved

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the meaning of a backspin?

This term refers to when the golf ball rotates backward. In other words, when you see the ball turning back, it means that it has a backspin. Depending on the situation, the golf balls should offer little backspin or more than usual.

Q: Do the balls have to be colored for better visibility?

Not at all. Many people prefer white balls as they are easier to notice in the green. However, if you’re someone that likes to follow the golf balls with their eyes, you will need colored golf balls. Additionally, whether you choose a matte or glossy design depends on your preferences and needs.

Q: Is a 90 95mph swing speed good?

Yes. The average speed for those that have a passion for the game yet doesn’t want to play it competitively. Usually, beginners and seniors have a speed of up to 70 mph. If you want to improve your skills, you should choose the balls that can be for tournaments.

Want to improve your Swing speed?