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Best Golf Iron Brands – Review & Guide [2020]

This informative guide will let you know about the best irons that are currently on the market. Each model has been carefully considered after many hours of extensive research to ensure that you make the best possible decision.

We have not only considered their design; we have taken into consideration their features and ability to help you with your game. Additionally, regardless of what handicap you are, you will find the right iron for your needs.

best 8 golf iron brands

It’s evident that as a golfer, you’re interested in purchasing the highest quality irons. Thus, without a doubt, we have chosen the best golf iron brands. Each club will deliver the quality that you expect so you can purchase the best irons in golf.

If you’re wondering what are the best irons in golf, take a look at the review below to figure out for yourself. The guide will prevent you from spending time meaninglessly on your search to find the right iron for your needs.

But first, let’s take a look at the features that you must consider when looking for such a product.

Quick Comparison Table

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Long irons













Thermoplastic Polyurethane




Synergy, 60G





Middle (SR)



Features to Consider

1] Types of irons

There’s no hiding the fact that iron golfs has had significant changes in their design in the last decades. The technology advancements have helped them to be innovative and desirable. As a result of constant changes, there are several types of irons that you need to choose from.

2] Long Irons

When referring to long irons, we have taken into consideration the ones that are the first 3 in the eight available iron sets. You may know that that there are 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. A long iron would need to have a 2, 3, or 4-set. Many people choose this iron length not because they’re tall or bulky but because of its design. A long iron will help to launch the golf ball higher. Thus, it’s helpful when you want the ball to travel the distance.

3] Mid Irons

Since it says in the name, the mid irons are the numbers in the middle of the sets. Such as 5,6, and 7. Similarly, with long irons, these are suitable for the balls that must travel fur. If you need to take a long shot, a mid-iron will also help you. What sets them apart is the ability to be an aid on greens with hills or steeps. They’re also considered essential for par-4 and par-5 shots.

4] Short Irons

If you need to take a short shot, you will require a short iron. Such iron has either set 8 or set 9. For a distance up to 150 yards, this is an excellent choice. If you’ve ever heard of “bump and run” expression, you know that you need a short iron to make it accurate.

5] Design

If you need to take a short shot, you will require a short iron. Such iron has either set 8 or set 9. For a distance up to 150 yards, this is an excellent choice. If you’ve ever heard of “bump and run” expression, you know that you need a short iron to make it accurate.

6] Blade

When the iron has a blade-style design, it means that it has a thin head and a sweet spot right in the middle of it. Therefore, it has allowed the brand to position more weight behind the specific place. This action will provide superior ball speed and distance when the ball is hit.

Additionally, it’s also known that such a design will provide you with the most feedback. If you’re a low handicap player, you will mostly benefit from this design.

7] Cavity

When a golf iron has a cavity design, it means that it has a cavity in the back of it. Therefore, the weight is around the perimeter of the head. Therefore, if you’re either an average or a high handicap player, this iron-type will be right for your specific needs. The reason for this is because it will help you to keep the face on target when taking a swing.

The equal distribution of weight will provide increased forgiveness when facing with off-center ball hits. Nonetheless, it’s essential to mention that you need to have some experience to work with this design, as some argue that it’s more challenging to control. Without a proper swing, the golf iron will not be as effective.

8] Hybrid

Such a club has been designed from two different materials, such as iron and wood. The “hybrid” term is due to the mixture of both. If you’re a golfer that is struggling to get the golf balls high enough to travel a long distance, you should consider an iron considered to be a hybrid.

A hybrid iron club is often described as an excellent choice for game improvement due to the flight a ball can travel. Additionally, you may also believe that you’re holding a tool rather than equipment.

Now that you know the essential features let’s take a look at the best golf iron brands.

Top 8 Golf Iron Brands

The simple yet effective design of the golf irons makes this iron the people’s favorite. Due to the design, the brand has focused on the iron to deliver a higher launch, straight shots, and increased forgiveness.

As this model is considered a hybrid, the set gradually progresses from short to long irons. Therefore, it has been crafted to accommodate slow to high swing speeds. Thus, it’s the most suitable choice for those that want to improve their shots. Additionally, the hollow construction will provide you with better stability and control of the club.

Cleveland Golf 2018 Men's Launcher HB Iron Set (Set of 7 total clubs: Graphite, Regular, Left Hand, 4-PW)

The stable head will encourage the golf ball to maintain a constant speed during flight. To ensure a better game, the consistent distance between the toe and heel will deliver accuracy. 

Another feature that makes this iron to stand firm against its competitors is the HiBore crown technology. Therefore, the CG is much deeper and lower than many others in its price range. This design will be your helping hand for better launch and forgiveness.


  • Ultra-thin faceplate for a better flex
  • Japanese-made shafts are lightweight
  • It has a progressive shaping for better-launched shots
  • It promotes excellent control
  • It comes as a set at an affordable price


  • The quality of the grips could be improved
  • Some people don’t like the sound when hit
  • Some say that the 6, 7, and 8 iron sets are easy to draw

Another set that we must recommend is M4 irons. The reason for this is because every iron has RIBCOR technology. This action has excellent face flexibility due to the transferred energy to the ball. So, you can expect a better trajectory and accuracy with every shot.

TaylorMade M4 Irons Set (Set of 7 total clubs: 4-PW, Graphite Shaft, Right Hand, Regular Flex)

Due to the RIBCOR feature, you will also enjoy the reduced vibrations. Additionally, the speed pockets and the face slots will ensure that the golf balls will gather speed during flight.

The incredibly thin face of only 1.5 millimeters, the deep cavity, and the bulky muscle pad will improve your game. The weight is even throughout the iron to ensure proper control. 


  • Every iron in the set will produce excellent ball spin
  • It has a lightweight design for proper control
  • The long irons can be used by beginners too
  • It promotes excellent control
  • It comes as a set at an affordable price


  • The quality of the grips could be improved  
  • It makes a harsh sound when used
  • The loft is described to be lower than usual

If you haven’t yet decided what the right length for you is, you should consider this one-length model. Nonetheless, even if it hasn’t got a specific size, it will deliver faster speed, better flight, and a straighter shot. Additionally, the Ultralight technology will make the iron more comfortable to maneuver and control. Thus, it enables you to achieve the best chance.

Cobra Men's 2018 F-Max One Length Iron Set, Black/Gold Regular Graphite Left Hand

The grips are described to mid to large size to provide comfort. Also, with the help of the iron, you will enjoy better consistency with every swing. It also has a lighter shaft to generate more speed and maximum distance. Additionally, the deeper undercut head will move the center of gravity lower and further back. Hence, improving the launch height.

Similarly, with the other models mentioned, the irons have progressive construction with an ultimate soft feel. The combination of thin to thick stainless steel will deliver an impressive game improvement.


  • Designed with chrome finished  
  • Considerable weight is at the back of the club head
  • The offset design will provide higher launches
  • An excellent choice for the average speed swings   
  • It will help some players to gain distance 


  • Not the right choice for beginners  
  • The feedback isn’t as great as the others
  • The irons are not quality checked

This set is one of the best new golf irons due to the game improvement capabilities. Crafted with numerous features, you can enjoy the irons, whether you’re left or right-handed. The irons have a cup face design, which means that the head will flex better at impact. As the energy is better transferred, the golf ball is encouraged to travel further.

Cleveland Golf 2018 Men's Launcher CBX Iron Set (Set of 7 total clubs: 4-PW, Left Hand, Regular, Graphite)

In comparison with the others, it has Tour Zip Grooves. Thus, the laser millings will ensure better friction between the face of the iron to the golf ball. As you know, this technology is in the design of the wedges. Regardless, the grooves will provide a better opportunity to make the debris fall off the ball for a consistent spin.

As the micro-cavity is at the center of gravity, like the middle of the iron, you will have better control of the irons. The “sweet spot” is in an ideal position so you can get excellent forgiveness with every shot.


  • Dual V-sole gives plenty of versatility
  • Laser milling and tour zip grooves ensure the right spin and distance
  • Technologies included will provide a higher launch
  • Available in graphite and steel construction
  • Lightweight design for better control


  • Inconsistent distance if not used properly
  • Some customers say that it could be more forgiving
  • Some people don’t like the bulky design

Some people say that having these irons in the bag is like having tools or drivers. The included sub-2mm thickness means that every iron is pushed to the limit. So, it will encourage better speed and distance. Additionally, it has a low center of gravity to optimize spin rates. The clubface will also flex accordingly with every shot.

TaylorMade Golf MCGB Men's Iron Set (Set of 8 total clubs: Graphite Regular Flex 4-PW AW Iron Set, Left Hand)

Unlike the other models, it has superior forgiveness through the fluted hosel. The weight is removed through the less critical areas, and it’s repositioned to the right spot. Thus, providing you with ultimate game improvement. The multi-material head construction will also improve resistance and accuracy.

Furthermore, the Geocoutic technology will make the head geometry-perfect for excellent acoustics on impact. This technology is also combined with Hybrar damper to reduce not only sounds but also vibrations. It will also have a softer feel.


  • The thickness of the face will better the swing speed
  • The tungsten weights will ensure excellent forgiveness
  • It doesn’t have a harsh sound when hit
  • The material will dampen the vibrations
  • It will provide a consistent game


  • Not the right choice for seniors or amateurs
  • The graphite material could be improved
  • Best suited for men

This set is the best irons in golf due to the 5-step forging process. Their precise design has given the irons better shaping and refined grain structure. Thus, you can expect them to deliver better performance and feel. The consistent length irons are for every 7-set irons included in the set. The re-designed geometrics will ensure better consistency at all times.

Cobra 2017 King Forged Tour One Length Iron Set (Men's, Right Hand, Steel, Stiff Flex, 4-PW)

Another feature that makes this set superior in comparison with the others is the tungsten heel. The tungsten weights are high-density, and each iron has one at the sole of the clubhead. Similarly, with the other models, it has a lower center of gravity to deliver forgiveness.

On the other hand, it also has thermoplastic polyurethane material, which is behind the hitting zone. Therefore, the vibrations are dampened, and it improves the feel of the irons.


  • Combined CNC milled face and grooves to deliver the right amount of spin
  • It will help with game improvement for the slow speed swing players
  • It has one-length technology for better control
  • Design of the irons will improve accuracy
  • The irons will provide plenty of forgiveness


  • It can take some time to adjust to the one-length design
  • The accuracy of the shots can be improved
  • The shaft is stiff, so it’s not suitable for amateurs

This model is one of the best irons in golf due to its innovative design. Many customers say that the iron will provide the perfect combination between accuracy and distance. Crafted with 360 Face Cup and VFT, it will encourage the ball to fly further at a better speed. Additionally, the face cup also has a shallow yet flexible rim to ensure that you get the right golf ball rate.

Callaway Golf 2018 Men's Rogue Individual Iron, Left Hand, Synergy, 60G Shaft, Regular Flex, 3 Iron

Similarly, with the other models mentioned, it has tungsten weighting. The positioning of the center of gravity has superior precision. Hence, providing optimal launch height and control with every shot. Nonetheless, even though it has a thinner face, it doesn’t mean that it will provide a higher vibration. The urethane material will dampen the sounds and vibration at every shot.

 As you may know, the tungsten weight is more substantial than steel. Therefore, the concentrated weight in a significant small space makes this iron as the best model on the market.


  • It has a multi-material construction
  • The urethane microspheres will provide a better feel
  • It limits the amount of off-center hits
  • The two technologies will enhance the distance and speed
  • The material doesn’t compromise speed


  • Some didn’t like the conditions of the delivery box
  • The trajectory could be improved
  • Not the right choice for beginners or those without a proper swing form

It’s essential to mention that this is another iron that has a lower than usual center of gravity. Therefore, the golf ball will be encouraged to travel straight at a longer distance. Furthermore, it also has a sweet spot to ensure that your shots are accurate. Additionally, the one-piece has a more precise surface for an explosive distance.

MAZEL Golf Individual Iron for Men,#7 (Left, Graphite, Middle(SR))

The golf set 7 size makes this another one-length iron. Thus, it will ensure that you can improve your game while working on your skills. If you want to improve your performance, you should consider this iron. On the other hand, it has rubber grips that prevent unwanted vibrations. So, you will feel stable when hitting the ball.

Also, this is another iron that will provide you with superior forgiveness. Thus, your ball can launch higher.


  • Suitable for those that want to practice their hits
  • It has a low center of gravity and a sweet spot
  • The golf ball can travel at a better distance when used properly
  • It has rubber grips which makes it shock-absorbent
  • The shaft has an anti-slip design


  • Some customers do not like the length of the shaft
  • Not the right choice for professional players
  • The trajectory could be improved

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Will the one-length irons help with the distance?

As you may have noticed, several one-length irons have are in the review. Such irons are growing in popularity due to the brand’s commitment to delivering performance. So, there are no distance penalties with such irons. The reason for this is because the weight is at the club’s head for a consistent swing.

Q: What design type is the best option for an amateur?

Similarly, with every other equipment, you have to purchase the right iron for the stage where you’re at. Therefore, if you’re an amateur, you should not consider a blades-design iron. This design is also the right choice if you’re not looking to improve the swing speeds. Additionally, cavity backs are more comfortable to control and to hit.

Q: If I’m taller than most, will I need a long iron?

No. This argument is a false perception. Just because you have a higher height than most, it doesn’t mean that your iron should represent this. Similarly, short people don’t need short irons. The right length should be according to your swing. If you keep your body in a natural position, the length shouldn’t affect your performance.

Q: Why are some golf irons available in graphite or steel shafts?

In the olden days, it was said that people with high-handicap or rapid swings should use the irons with graphite shafts. Additionally, the low-handicappers will need the ones made from steel shaft. Some people say this is no longer the case, but it’s essential to understand that PGA tour golfers that have a high-handicap do use graphite shafts.

If the question refers to their durability, you should remember that the shafts are essential, but they’re overused. Therefore, naturally, the steel shafts will not resit under high-humidity.

Q: Should I use a regular or stiff shaft?

When choosing the right shaft, you have to decide how much power you have in your swing. If you select a shaft that is too flexible for your swing, you will overpower the iron. Thus, you’re increasing the chances of missing shots. Furthermore, if you have more control over the club, you will find it difficult to control it.

If the shaft is too heavy for you, inevitably, it will negatively impact the swing speed. Therefore, you are also increasing the chances of missing shots. Thus, lowering the quality of the game.

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