[2020] Best Irons for Intermediate Golfer – Grip it and Rip it!

For many people, golf is the perfect balance between precision and accuracy. Thus, it takes a lot of practice to master this sport. If you’re one of the people that has trained endlessly to perfect themselves, you need to pay attention to this review. The reason for this is because we are going to reveal the best irons for the intermediate golfer.

best irons for intermediate golfer

The high-quality irons will provide you with the right amount of forgiveness. Best of all, you are not required to make a high investment. As an intermediate golfer, you already know that you have problems with the consistency and the distance. Read below to find out what irons best match your particular needs.

One of the leading problems golfers face is that many brands are trying to sell irons. Hence, it can be overwhelming to choose one. Our team has worked effortlessly to ensure that we have selected the best golf irons for intermediate players.

Quick Comparison Table - Golf Irons for Intermediate Golfer



Face Cup



TaylorMade Men’s M2 Set



4-PW, AW


Cobra Golf King F7



5-PW, AW


Cleveland Golf HB Iron Set





Autopilot Square Strike Irons



3 Iron


Callaway Golf 2018 Men's Rogue X Individual Iron



4 Iron


Features To Consider When Purchasing


The golf clubs are of two different components: the shaft and the head itself. Therefore, it’s essential to pay attention to the material the shaft is from. In general, you will find that the shaft is from stainless steel. The reason for this is because the material doesn’t damage regardless of the conditions.

One will also find that some companies make their shaft from graphite. This material is lighter in weight, consequently providing you with a faster swing.

Whichever you prefer depends on your level. If you’re an intermediate player, it means that you’re not a novice, but you’re not an expert yet. So, before you go ahead, decide whether you need more feedback or faster swing speed.

Face Cup

If you’re a player that is looking to update, congratulations, it means that you’re ready for the next level. Therefore, you have to pay attention to the face cup. In other words, this is the area that will be in contact with the golf ball the most. Thus, your efforts should go into providing this area with the right amount of accuracy and concentration.

If you’re leveling up, the iron should have a more prominent face cup. The reason for this is because such a cup will have a better design for the grooves. Better yet, some companies will add intuitive technologies to that area.

Now that you know the main areas that you should focus on, let’s take a look at the best golf irons for intermediate players.

Top 5 Irons for Intermediate Golfer

Are you looking for an iron that will provide you with the right amount of distance? If so, you have come to the right place. Numerous golfers, all over the world, use this iron set. The reason for this is due to its ability to provide distance without affecting height. Thus, ensuring the perfect skills for those that want to better themselves at golf.

TaylorMade Men's Graphite AW 4 PW M2 Iron(Left, Regular)

Another feature that makes this iron set a must-have is its ability to provide the right amount of forgiveness. In case you are often affected by mis-hits, worry no longer. The M2 set will help you to improve your accuracy in a short time. Its capacity to teach you how to hit longer and higher is outstanding.

The large-sized face cups will allow easy control. Hence, the set encourages you to hit the ball accurately.

  • It ensures consistent speed and flight
  • Chrome finish will provide durability
  • Smooth weight distribution throughout
  • Suitable with low swing speeds due to the graphite construction
  • Speed pocket launches the golf ball higher and faster
  • Some describe the iron as being too long
  • Some players don’t like how high it sets off the golf ball
  • It has a low-noise performance

This model is another one of the best iron set for intermediate golfer due to the technologies integrated into its construction. From the very first look, you will quickly notice that this is a one-length set. The geometrics will allow consistent trajectory and distance. So, the set is suitable to be used for practicing your skills.

Cobra 2017 King F7 One Length Iron Set (Men's, Right Hand, Graphite, Stiff Flex, 5-GW)

Additionally, it also has PwrShell Face. This innovative technology will provide you with the right amount of precision and forgiveness. The slim yet durable structure of the sole will ensure explosive shots. Thus, the large face cup, also named as the “sweet zone” will lift the golf balls higher than ever before.

Another feature that makes this one of the most popular choices is the distribution of the weight. Similarly, with the other irons mentioned, the weight is distributed strategically for better control.

  • Designed with a high responsiveness ability
  • Suitable for the novice that wants to practice
  • It's design help to improve the ball contact
  • Designed with CNC face and grooves to maximize spin control
  • Made from graphite to enhance swing speed
  • It takes some time to get used to the set
  • Some players have a problem with the weight of the irons
  • The package is not quality checked

If you’re a recreational player, you should take a look at this set. The simplicity of the iron will provide a high-quality performance. Many golfers praise this set due to the iron’s capability to launch the golf balls higher. Furthermore, this is also an advantage for those that are looking for consistency.

Cleveland Golf 2018 Men's Launcher HB Iron Set (Set of 7 total clubs: Graphite, Regular, Left Hand, 4-PW)

The hollow construction will keep the weight distributed around the perimeter of the head. Hence, allowing constant speed. In addition to this, it also has a HiBore Crown. This technology will provide easy control for beginners.

  • Made with progressive shaping for better forgiveness
  • It’s available in graphite and steel construction
  • Made with a large steel face cup to ensure improved ball contact
  • The internal rib will create a sound impact
  • It has steel inserts for an increased flex
  • Some players complain that it’s too light for their needs
  • Some say that it’s best suited for low-handicap players
  • Best suited for those with a slow swing speed

Without a doubt, this set is another one of the best irons for intermediate golfer. Unlike the other models, this set is unisex. Thus, men and women will find it comfortable to control irons. The irons will be able to help with control. Additionally, it will also minimize the ball spin. The company claims that you will have substantial contact with the golf ball, thus, launching the ball higher.

Square Strike Irons - 7, 8, 9 Irons - Iron Set for Men & Women (Right, Steel, Regular)

Another feature that we like about this set is the leading edge. The design of this particular area will prevent the head from digging into the ground. The wide and curved head will help the iron to glide smoothly along the ground. Moreover, the unbeatable forgiveness will ensure that the golf ball will end up on the green even in the event of a mis-hit.

  • It provides a higher lift for the golf balls
  • Excellent at providing more stopping power
  • Available in steel and graphite construction
  • It comes with 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Designed with a large face cup
  • It has plastic inserts rather than steel
  • Some players say that it doesn’t provide the right amount of distance
  • Best suited for seniors

The multi-material design makes this one of the best golf irons for intermediate players. The famous 360 face cup technology combined with the variable face thickness will ensure high ball contacts. The face cup is shallow, so the rims will flex and release when it comes in contact with the ball. Furthermore, the VFT technology will make the face cup itself to flex to provide a high speed even for off-center hits.

Callaway Golf 2018 Men's Rogue X Individual Iron, Left Hand, KBS Max 90 Steel Shaft, Regular Flex, 4 Iron

The optimal launches will due to the position of the CG. The heavy tungsten material is position at the head for precision control. Thus, you don’t have to be an expert to hit the golf ball. Similarly, with the others, the iron will help you to hit the ball accurately.

  • The included urethane material will dampen vibrations
  • It ensures ultimate distance at all times
  • Made with urethane and tungsten
  • It provides consistent speed and precision
  • The design will improve swing speed
  • Some players complain that it’s too heavy
  • The urethane material takes away too much feel
  • The trajectory could be improved

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many golf irons do I need?

Arguably, you can never have too many golf clubs. In general, intermediate players should have up to 10 irons in their golf bags. Each club should have its specific purpose that will help to win the game.

2. Can golf gloves prevent blisters on the hand?

As mentioned above, it depends on your preferences. Some players will want to feel the sharp and crisp vibrations when the ball comes in contact. Thus, they purchase the ones made of steel. For reduced vibrations, graphite is a popular choice.

3. Should I use the glove if I have arthritis?

No. If you’re a tall player, you don’t need a tall iron, similarly, with the short players. You have to choose the right iron for your particular needs and preferences.

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