Best Hunting Boots For 2019 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Everything you need to know about that perfect pair of hunting boots in 2019.

It is absolutely not easy to opt for the best pair of boots and especially it becomes truly difficult once you have to zero upon hiking boots. These are no regular boots of yours and need special attention while selecting the right one. Selecting the boot is dependent upon factors like fitting, design, materials and loads of other factors.

These are not the ordinary hiking boots and one can become immensely confused regarding the exact type suitable for the hunting expeditions. A good investment in the best pair would last a pretty long time and would ensure that you remain protected.

Best Hunting Boots

A bad pair of hunter boots can really spoil the sport as you might end up fussing a lot over your cold or sore feet. Amidst all hunting gears, boots play a very significant role. Chilling cold or any extremity can make you feel exhausted, tired and you might end up falling ill, so it would be judicious to opt for shoes that are carved out exclusively for your type of feet or needs.

It becomes tad difficult to concentrate on hunting if you have spent uselessly on a worthless shoe that provides no support. Therefore, here is an endeavor to sneak out the best pair of hunting boots, to ease your trouble.


Vital factors to be considered before buying a pair of Hunting Boot

4 Most Important Things to Consider

  • Location

It is very much crucial to consider the location before jumping in to buy a pair of hunting boots. Determine cautiously that where do you want to use it the most. In case of upland hunting or mountain hunting, or any other place, the boots would vary in every case.

The level of activity you expect to engage in and the terrain of hunting are the most important factors. The ‘upland hunting boots’ are perfect for flat and not so rugged areas, where you need to walk more.

Mountain hunting boots’ are apt for steep mountain climbing and walking, as they come with hard-traction soles. ‘Rubber hunting boots’ are very much favored as they perform excellently in muddy marshlands or creeks. ‘Multipurpose boots’ are as the name delineates, superbly suitable for any condition and can perform all around. ‘Snake boots’ are made exclusively to protect you up to the knees as they are designed in a special way that would shield the lower leg from getting bitten by snakes.

  • Temperature

It is of most importance to know the coldness of the area and water bodies around. You do not want to end up shivering rather than hunting. The amount of insulation provided would determine the exact amount of warmth it would provide. Usually, the insulation detail is measured in grams. Hunting boots that are 200 grams or less usually function well in warm weather conditions.

They are conditioned for high movements. The 400 to 800 grams boots have usually an intermediate level of insulation that is apt for the season of fall. 900 grams and up boots are ideal for freezing climates. In moist and freezing surfaces, one would obviously need 900 grams and more insulation, for support and warmth. Synthetic fiber insulations like ‘ Thinsulate’ or Synthetic down insulation like ‘PrimaLoft’ are also preferred by many. For extreme cold-weather

Synthetic fiber insulations like ‘ Thinsulate’ or Synthetic down insulation like ‘PrimaLoft’ are also preferred by many. For extreme cold-weather insulation ‘Aerogel’ hunting boots are perfect. However, adding wool, felt or fleece liners can add up to the insulation.

  • Waterproofing

How much moisture can be shunned by the boots is also a decisive factor while opting for a pair. Waterproofing capacities are to be judged as it would help you to get a fair idea of how long you can bear the coldness of water droplets or moisture. One might even have the idea that he or she would not come across any moisture-laden place, yet it is always suggestible to concentrate on the waterproof factors.

The waterproof boots would not only protect your shoes but would also provide a superb coverage for the leather, which might get damaged from moisture. Obtaining hunting boots that come in synthetic fabric of GORE-Tex, as they are durable, breathable and obviously waterproof is advisable. To protect the insole from the moisture and getting rotten, opt for the ones with boot rands. The rubber rand that runs from the front of the boots to the back safeguards your boots from being ruined while you land up in a puddle or stream.

  • Fitting

Now, what use are boots of if they do not fit well. Fitting is an important factor to consider before purchasing one. Finding the right fit can be a tricky task and one may not be aware of where to start from. The toe room is to be considered just after getting the right size of boots. Shoes which are snug around the heel and ankle, but has some toe room is ideal.

Especially when one goes downhill, a shoe with smaller toe room can make you bump into things. Try on the new boots and walk around so that you can understand how much comfortable it is. If the heel appears to be slightly loose, make sure you tighten the laces. In case of people who have wide feet loosen the laces of your forefoot. Narrow-feet people can always tighten the laces. If still it feels loose, opt for some thick insole for a snug fitting. If the boots, overall feel tight on the skin, then allowing the parts to flex can do the trick.

Reviews of some of the Top Choices you could go with

1.  LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18” 1600G Hunting Boot

The most fabulous boots that has won many hearts has to be the LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro. These boots of natural rubber are pretty comfortable. Manufacturing hunting boots for over a century, the brand provides the best hunting boots you can ever get as they are pro at it. Toughness, comfort and durability are the hallmarks of this brand. These unique details allow the buyer to focus solely on hunting and not his uncomfy boots.

The neoprene liner enhances the breathability of the boots and the flexibility does accommodate every calf size. The Innovative Alpha Technology used by the brand ensures that the product is of highest quality. Extremely lightweight, this boot has great durability.

Realtree Xtra Camouflage in 1,600 Grams guards the feet and legs from extreme climate, that is freezing cold. The midsole of EVA gives thick cushioning along with superb reverberation absorption tendencies. The designing of the shoe is, fitted to the ankle, which allows the heels to be placed properly. It would not chaff your skin and would provide optimum mobility under every condition.


  • Sole made of rubber
  • Flexible, waterproof, scent-free with neoprene core
  • Multilayered rubber covering on toe and heel with double layer vamp for support
  • 1600G Thinsulate Ultra Insulation
  • Shaft measures around 15.5” from arch
  • Synthetic and fabric


  • 1. Provides enough warmth
  • 2.Supportive and comfortable
  • 3.Great for using in moist and muddy areas
  • 4.Snug fit with enough toe room
  • 5.Waterproof
  • 6. 16 inch boot opening
  • 7. 40% lighter compared to other hunting boots


  • 1.Difficult to remove
  • 2.The toe cap area might get damaged easily

2. Irish Setter Men’s 2870 Vaprtrek Waterproof 8 Inch

The VaprTrek boots from the house of Irish Setter can work magnificently in every hunting expedition. The RPM technology provided by this brand surely enhances the durability and makes the footwear extremely lightweight. The UltraDry waterproof protects the shoes from any sort of extra moisture. If one wishes to wade through the creeks, swamps or marshes these boots are unbeatable in this regard.

They keep the feet dry under every circumstance. These boots are ankle high, which makes them very much suitable for wandering through dense forested areas. The ScentBan odor control helps you immensely by controlling any bacteria growth or infestation. The traction and overall balance provided by the boots are amazing. Your feet would remain dry and you can regain your confidence

Your feet would remain dry and you can regain your confidence in the hunting trail. The upper portion of the footwear is well guarded with waterproof coating. The lace-up tying style can help the buyer customize the fit accordingly. The footwear provides protection against scrub-intensive trekking too.

Apt for early season hunting, these boots are not made of natural rubber, but superb for hunting. Making boots for over 60 years the brand has perfected the art of boot-making. They fit in perfectly and are meant for wide feet as well. The toe space is airy enough. Being as light as sneakers, it is a hot

Being as light as sneakers, it is a hot favorite amongst hunters. In cold weather conditions hunting would not be a trouble for you ever again, once you have these shoes. The shaft is approximately 7 inches that allows easy maneuvering. It is suitable for almost all sorts of outdoor activities. The aggressive sole would definitely help to get a better grip.


  • 1.Fabulous rubber sole
  • 2.Imported quality
  • 3.ScentBan odor control
  • 4.Shaft measurement is around 7 inches from the arch
  • 5.Synthetic
  • 6.UltraDry waterproof technology provides super support in marshy and moist areas
  • 7.Realtree Xtra Camouflage
  • 8.Breakthrough composite sole


  • 1.RPM Technology usage makes it lightweight
  • 2.UltraDry shield keeps moisture away
  • 3.Wonderful fit
  • 4.Good traction
  • 5.Durable and tough
  • 6.Ideal for early season
  • 7.Would not lose balance
  • 8.Best ankle support
  • 9.Comfortable and would not chaff skin


  • 1.Not a composite toe
  • 2.A tad difficult to put them on

3. Guide Gear Men’s Insulated Monolithic Waterproof Thinsulate 2400 Gram

The smart and oak like finish provides a great boost to hunting boots. The 2400G Thinsulate boots are ideal for extremely adverse climate conditions. The feet would stay comfortably warm without making one feel frozen. The suede leather is the epitome of waterproof material and durability is commendable. The boots by this brand is breathable enough, so that the feet do not feel choked up.

The 900 denier of the nylon uppers ensure that the boot fits rightly in. the rubber lug just outside the boot is oil-resistant. This boot would provide the right amount of traction one needs for hunting. Even in the chilly winter, you can comfortably remain for hours in the tree stand without feeling any discomfort. These monolithic hunting boots provide acute mobility without any hindrance. The outsole is equally wonderful in providing the requisites.

Being totally durable for a long time, the boots do not tear away in extreme wear and tear conditions. They provide superb comfort as the leather is of utmost superior quality. The mesh line EVA insole is the perfect for hunting.  The rear pull on loop and the ¾ gusseted tongues would keep slush, muck and every dirt particle away. The boots are big enough and roomy.

They are not extremely stiff like rubber materials and have a nice feeling. Those of you who have wider feet would not have a problem while putting these on. The heat barriers are the most loved feature of this boot. These classic boots are favored by most hunters as they have the best traction along with amazing mobility. The brand is extremely well in executing the task of providing insulation and resist water droplets from penetrating the boots. The wonderful designing would also help the buyer get the most of hunting and trend.


  • 1. 2400G Thinsulate
  • 2. Mesh line EVA insole
  • 3. 900 denier of nylon upper
  • 4. Gusseted tongue
  • 5. Enough toe space
  • 6. Fits snugly
  • 7. High-quality leather
  • 8. Super dry and would not become moist due to water and mud
  • 9. Attractive look


  • 1. Value for money
  • 2. Fits extremely well
  • 3. Great for harsh climate
  • 4. Good quality of leather
  • 5. Toe room is enough
  • 6. Moisture is locked out
  • 7. Warm enough


  • 1.Might be a bit huge
  • 2.Not ideal for harsh weather

4.  Bogs Men’s Classic High Camo Winter Snow Boot

These shoes are ideal for keeping you warm and the rough rubber is scent free, adding dimension t hunting shoes. The odour free shoes provide extra care that your prey does not become aware of your presence. The sole comprising of the material rubber gives immense grip so that the hunting expedition is unhampered.

The high camo claims that even in – 40 degrees Fahrenheit it would stay cosy. The shoe has a fabulous neoprene upper and the lining of the sock area can be attached as per wishes, which is an added bonus. The liner has the capacity to soak away moisture and keep you dry for a very long time. The manufacturer even makes a claim of 100% satisfaction guarantee so that one can blindly trust them and truly so, they always live up to the expectations.

The boot opening is whooping 16 inch, so that wear ability is not a problem anymore. One can easily put on the boots and take them off with enough ease. The sweat-free boots would provide enough breathability for the feet and one would not suffer from bacteria growth at all.

The neoprene uppers come with a detachable sock liner so that the shoe is entirely protected from external factors. The imported rubber makes it exclusive for hunting expeditions. The shaft measure is around 14” from the arch, making it very much comfortable yet snug. The platform measure of this high-performance footwear is 0.50”. The inner bootie is a four way stretchable one, thus adding to the maneuverability.

The boot has an anti-odor protection in the insole and the knee-length waterproof boot is allover patterned in camouflaging design, apt for hunters. The rubber is made of extremely durable material so that under any circumstance it wouldn’t betray your feet and calf. The outside is not susceptible to dirt gathering as the slippery outer cover makes it difficult for the mud and dirt to settle on it. The non-marking and self-cleaning exterior makes this boots a fantastic choice.


  • 1. Imported quality
  • 2. Anti-odor protection
  • 3. Platform measure is around 0.50”
  • 4. Shaft measure is 14” from the arch
  • 5. Self-cleaning exterior
  • 6. Boot opening is of 16”
  • 7. Knee high and waterproof with a camouflaging pattern


  • 1. Durable
  • 2. Ideal for cold weather conditions
  • 3. Good quality
  • 4. Knee length
  • 5. Keeps odor away
  • 6. The lower part being hard and the upper being soft makes it ideal


  • 1.Low on calf and ankle support
  • 2.Not suitable for wider feet
  • 3.Not warm enough in extreme climate

5. Guide Gear Men’s Insulated Waterproof Thinsulate 400 gram

The Guide Gear Men’s Insulated Waterproof Thinsulate 400 gram boot comes in three variant and attractive shades ideal for hunting. They are hardwood grey, brown and the basic black. These waterproof boots can tackle any sports activity and would be a great friend in outdoor activities like a hunting expedition. The insulation provided by the Thinsulate amply supports customers in remaining warm and protected all round. The boot claims to have 3 layers of cold protection which is suitable during early winters.

The full-grain leathered boot is made up of waterproof layering so that you would not end up feeling soggy and wet throughout the day. The nylon uppers not only wick away a trace of moisture but also provide a perfectly secure fitting. The boot comes with a doubly layered and densely indented sole made of rubber as the outsole that does make sure that you have the fabulous gripping on the rugged terrain. The impact absorption from any topsy turvy terrain is commendable in this boot. Comprising of waterproof membranes the boot is perfect for any outdoor activity.

Breathability and ventilation would not be an issue ever again as the brand claims to have inserted an EVA insole with mesh lining, to keep you sweat-free. The boot also features a tab which can be gently pulled at the rear part, so that putting on or taking off would not be a problem again.

The inserted tongue along with the padded collar is ideal for keeping dirt and muck off. The traction provided by the bobbed outsole would support you in mobility on rough surface. The boot being oil resistant does ensure the fact that you do not attract any dirt on your boots, unwontedly. The insulation wouldn’t add any bulk to your boots, thus making them lightweight. The height of the boots being 8.25” it really is a solid choice. The steel shank in the boots provides added support.



  • Insulation of Thinsulate Ultra
  • Oil resistant and doubly layered , dense outsole of rubber
  • Waterproof breathable membrane
  • Uppers are in Full-grain leather and nylon
  • Removable EVA insole with
  • Pull on loop for easy putting on or taking off
  • Padded collar and tongue for comfort
  • Long lasting


  • 1.Great insulation
  • 2.Does not run big
  • 3.Comfortable
  • 4.Durable
  • 5.Does not attract dirt
  • 6.Fits wonderfully


  • 1. A bit heavy
  • 2. Mobility is compromised
  • 3. Too straight for the calf

6. The Original MuckBoots Adult FieldBlazer

This is an all-terrain sports boot that is superbly comfortable for extreme outdoor activities. It is ideal for wetland conditions as claimed by the brand.

The lining is well ventilated with special flex-foam covering to keep the feet nicely warm. Even in adverse and extreme conditions, the boot promises to function well. In an icy cold temperature of -20 Degrees Fahrenheit, the boots would keep your feet toasty enough.

Mud, snow or slush can be easily tackled while using this boot. It is claimed to be the best protection in some of the worst situations. The rubber shell is vulcanized, thus making it incredibly durable.

The shell is abrasion resistant, which makes it perfect for rugged topography. The outsole is self-cleaning, so you would not need to fuss over the dirt accumulated.  It provides waterproof comfort in the wilderness with its CR flex foam that is stretchable in fabulous four ways. The boots are buoyant and

The outsole is self-cleaning, so you would not need to fuss over the dirt accumulated.  It provides waterproof comfort in the wilderness with its CR flex foam that is stretchable in fabulous four ways. The boots are buoyant and helps in mobility. The air-mesh lining keeps the boots breathable and the feet dry. The top-line of the boots is stretch fit, so it fits snugly, remains close to your calf, and keeps cold at bay. In this way, the boot keeps you warm.

The toe-bumper is in wrap-up style, which adds in the protection factor. The boots are knee-high thus safeguarding the lower part of your legs too.  The boots have shank-reinforcement, which really enhances the support factor. The comfort range is immensely broad, ranging from Sub-freezing temperature to 85 degrees Fahrenheit/ 30 degrees Celsius. The boots come with a kick rim, which makes it easier to put on or take off. This boot is ideal for both men and women and would last for a long time. The shaft is flexible and the waterproof shell is soft as well. The rubber outsole is slip-resistant, thus making the gripping steadier.

The boots are knee-high thus safeguarding the lower part of your legs too.  The boots have shank-reinforcement, which really enhances the support factor. The comfort range is immensely broad, ranging from Sub-freezing temperature to 85 degrees Fahrenheit/ 30 degrees Celsius. The boots come with a kick rim, which makes it easier to put on or take off. This boot is ideal for both men and women and would last for a long time. The shaft is flexible and the waterproof shell is soft as well. The rubber outsole is slip-resistant, thus making the gripping steadier.


  • Fabric and rubber material
  • Rubber sole
  • Reinforced support panel
  • Reinforced shank
  • Steady grip
  • Vulcanized rubber shell
  • CR flex foam stretchable in 4 ways


  • 1.Great waterproofing
  • 2.Lightweight
  • 3.Great in winter as well as summer
  • 4.Well fit
  • 5.Pull tab for getting on and lip at the back for pulling off
  • 6.Has enough toe space


  • Might be too tight near the ankle bones
  • Not too stretchable

7. LaCrosse Men’s 16″ Premium Knee

The LaCrosse Men’s 16″ Premium Knee boots are made of rubber soles and are odor free. This scent-free quality makes the boots extremely suitable for hunting trails. The tough rubber exterior is simply fabulous for keeping dirt and slush away. The grip is fantastic as you can wade through effortlessly in a comparatively rugged terrain.

The sock liner is a sure winner as it comes in wool, to keep your feet warm enough in cold and harsh climatic conditions. The rubber toe cap as well as the steel toe helps you to be protected in every circumstance.

The shins are protected as well thanks to the knee high boots. The insole is well-cushioned so that no compromise is made on the comfort.

The LaCrosse Men’s 16″ Premium Knee is a totally natural product which has been skilfully handcrafted in the ZXT ozone as the rubber is durable and tear resistant.

The waterproof protection of the shoe is really a winner. The puncture resistant midsole provide ample protection and is a unique feature.

The toe protection also is very nice. It is a kind of revolutionary pair of work boots, which can be used anywhere and everywhere in extreme climatic situations. The intelligent crafting of the tread and the wonderful insole is ideal for hunting trails. The toughness of the boots make it run for a long time, so that you do not need to change your boots frequently. The comfort factor as mentioned, is not overlooked thus making the boots ideal for tending or working and obviously hunting.


  • Rubber
  • Rubber sole is comfortable
  • Safe toe protection
  • Abrasion resistant toe guard
  • Shovel arch protection
  • Tear resistant rubber
  • Puncture resistant midsole
  • Waterproof


  • 1.Tough rubber
  • 2.Solid built
  • 3.Resists water and mud
  • 4.Safety is ensured
  • 5.Midsole protection is provided
  • 6.Comfortable insole
  • 7.Durable
  • 8.Scent-free


  • Not slip-resistant
  • A bit wide
  • Extra space in insole

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) Regarding Hunting Boots

1.How Do I Care for my hunting boots?

A microfiber cloth and some olive oil can do the trick. Start with dabbing little amounts of oil on the boots and wipe the boot in circular motion with the oil. The bloomed boots are to be covered with dots of oil and then properly wiped with the microfiber cloth. The olive oil would loosen the dust and dirt smoothly by loosening the particles. Use a tiny dab of oil as you would not want to make them appear too oily. In case you have put on some extra oil, continue wiping it till the extra oil is removed. It is not really a necessity to use water while wiping, but you may do so, in case you have over-oiled. One can also use rubber or leather buffering products, to maintain the shine and prevent damage.

2.How Tall of a boot do you need?

Usually hunter boots are large and tall, to provide extra protection. The size of the shoe is almost same as your regular one, yet if you want it to be paired with socks, then it is a good idea to opt for a bigger size, which inevitably is taller. Depending on your height and shoe size, the length would be determined. Ladies, can really find it difficult to sneak out the one with a perfect size and height. So it is wiser to try out various types before opting for one. Too tall boots can scrape your knee or cause discomfort, while a very short one would not protect your lower legs. People with half a size can also go down the size chart, as it would fit more snugly. Taller hunter boots with a straight cut is ideal for people with broader calves, while the shorter boots add more comfort like your regular shoes and would not be that heavy. They also fit wonderfully on average calf sizes. The height should also be determined after considering the location and climatic conditions where you prefer hunting.

3.Where should I use my Hunting Boots?

As the name suggests, these boots are ideal for hunting trails. In rugged topography with mud, slush and dirt, one can always use them. In freezing cold, it is ideal for wearing them to keep you warm for hours, especially as you wait for the game. Some boots are even perfect on snowy surfaces, providing the right grip. Hunting boots can also be used for trekking and hiking, in some cases.


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