Best Ultralight Sleeping Bags For 2020 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Sleeping bags are quilts made in the form of covering for a person to easily glide inside and sleep peacefully. When traveling, it is very essential to keep all the necessities alongside. Especially when you are on an adventure trip or hiking where the comfort level is not so high but a person definitely needs a good sleep. This List of the Best Lightweight Sleeping Bags will surely help you before the adventurous trip.

And so sleeping bags are basically a need for all the travelers. The sleeping bags come as an insulated covering, zipper and a water resistant bedding of a quilt, which makes it easy for the travelers to sleep when they are out for Camping, Hiking, Backpacking or hill walking.

best ultralight sleeping bags

Usually the travelers who travel to cold places and too high in the mountains need the sleeping bags for they provide the much needed warmth and protection against the chilly wind as well as give a cushioning to sleep in peace. The sleeping bags are made up water resistant and cushioned quilts to bring in a combination of comfort and safety together. There are high-end sleeping bags for professional travelers as well as simple sleeping bags for minimalistic travelers. The choice depends on the travel, the hiking as well as the comfort one seeks.


Things to consider before buying a sleeping bag

  • If you are buying a sleeping bag for the first time or have been going for an adventure journey for the first time, it is pretty mush sure that you must have been confused on the variety of sleeping bags available in the market. With each brand screaming itself to be the best, the choice definitely gets difficult. But you must keep a few things in mind when selecting the perfect bag for you. This will make you buy the right sleeping bag not just for the upcoming trip but also for the future trips and ensure that you don’t have to invest in sleeping bags again and again! Here are a few things to consider!
  • Temperature requirements: Read the tag on the sleeping bag and check the temperature it promises to keep you warm in. And then estimate the temperature you are going to use the sleeping bag in while you are on the trip. This estimate is not just about the current trip but also a rough estimate of some future trips. Now that you know what temperature you need, make sure that you choose a bag, which can handle a much low temperature than you need. This will ensure that if the brand did not take a temperature check, you still are safe.

4 Most Important Things to Consider

  • Fabric

The fabric of the sleeping bag is a big choice for your comfort. It comes moistly in two fabrics i.e. the synthetic and down. Synthetic is relatively less expensive, a little heavier than down and needs less care. But the down is long lasting, compressible and requires a bit of care. So if you need the utmost comfort and are willing to care for your sleeping bag choose the down else synthetic works well.

  • Fit

Sleeping bags come in different shapes and suit the needs of the travelers accordingly. You can choose from a variety i.e. mummy bags, tapered rectangular or even a rectangular bag. This essentially is the shape and the room for moving your body or leg inside the bag while sleeping. While the mummy bags will provide almost exact shape of the body, the rectangular shape will give some space to move your legs.

  • Size

Know your size, height and weight to choose the perfect sleeping bag. Selecting the bag becomes easier when you know the size of the bag, which shall suit you. You should be able to rest inside it well to get the best sleep. If you have more height than the bag you shall not be able to completely dig inside the bag and thus feel cold.

  • Protection

The bags are listed with features and so you should read all the features it has and evaluate it with the needs. The sleeping bag must be water resistant, temperature rated, fabric ensured, durable and have a fabric that lasts long. All these ensure that you are protected from wind, rain and cold while camping.

Top 7 Best Ultralight Sleeping Bags

1. Coleman Brazos Cool Weather Sleeping bag

[amazon_link asins=’B00363V3OK’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’sportandoutdoorhq-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’9532e295-cdea-11e6-ba37-9b83e957a549′]

When it comes to choosing the best of sleeping bags, the topmost name that comes in mind is the Coleman. Popular for its varied products for the travelers and sports,

Coleman has the best of sleeping bags when it comes to comfortable and lightweight travel. Choice for the sleeping bag shall become easy when you have Coleman Brazos cool weather sleeping bag right in front of you.

The soft fabric and water resistant polyester finish makes for a great sleeping bag. Know more about it!


  • The sleeping bag is made of 100% pure polyester fabric on the outside as well as filled with it. So there are no chances of water coming in even in the toughest of rain.
  • Supports temperature from 20o F to 40oF and hence is suitable for most of the adventurous trips and treks taken by travelers as it is well below the average temperature of the earth and thus can be used in many coldest of nights to get a warm sleep.
  • Coleman Brazos cool weather sleeping bag is fit enough for a man of almost 5 feet 11 inches to sleep well inside the bag.
  • The dimension of the bag is about 33 x 75 inches and thus gives ample space for the person to lay and even move while sleeping. This also makes way for overweight people to sleep with complete comfort inside the blanket.
  • The sleeping bag is covered with 100% polyester and has a tricot knit lining to make it look attractive and well sewed.
  • Coleman Brazos Cool Weather sleeping bag is made of fiber lock construction thus preventing of insulation shifts and making the bag comfortable and long lasting.
  • The zipper on the side ensures complete coverage while one wants to lie for a while and pull it up while sleeping.
  • The sleeping bag weighs about 5.56 pounds making it extremely light to carry around and travel.
  • Coleman Brazos cool weather sleeping bag is a rectangular sleeping bag, which ensures there is space to move your legs while sleeping.


  1. The polyester covering prevents from any water from getting in the tent and making the person wet. It is completely water-resistant.
  2. The rectangular shape makes it utterly comfortable for the body movements to take place while sleeping.


  1. Not suitable for people who have a height more than 5’11”
  2. The sleeping bag does not come with a pillow

2. Teton sports Celsius sleeping bag

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Everyone wants to have a huge sleeping bag when they are travelling but the weight and space restriction kill the dream.

But with the Teton sports Celsius sleeping bag around it is quite possible to have a big space to sleep when you are travelling and that too in the most comfortable way.

Easy to pack and easy to carry, this comfortable bedding is the ideal traveling sleeping bag you shall need.


  • This is a jumbo size sleeping with the adjustable shoulder, a full-length zipper and is fifteen inches longer plus three inches wider than the ordinary sleeping bags.
  • The half circle hood style raising makes up for the pillow and keeps the head up from the ground thus saving space for extra pillows.
  • The sleeping bag body is made of sturdy taffeta, which makes it durable and easy to pack.
  • Teton sports Celsius sleeping bag has a double layering which ensures more warmth and covering.
  • For maximum friendly experience, this zipper bag allows you to attaché two Teton sports Celsius zipper sleeping bags together to get maximum comfort as well as to lounge with your friend or partner.
  • This sleeping bag comes with temperature rating and checking which ensures that you don’t feel cold in zero degrees. So purchasing this is the ideal pick!
  • Limited lifetime warranty of about a good time until the bag is taken care of.
  • Comes in different color variants to choose from.
  • Teton sports Celsius sleeping bag is available in different variants based on their size and temperature ratings. You can make your choice according to the temperature expectation of the desired destination or even the size or weight of the sleeping bag, which suits your needs.
  • The range of Teton sports Celsius sleeping bags range from 5 lbs to 10 lbs depending upon the size of the bag.
  • 100% brushed poly flannel lining.
  • Use of superloft elite-4 channel hollow fiber to make it very comfortable to sleep and provide safety from insulation shifting.


  1. Ideal sleeping bag for traveling with your partner
  2. A variety of sizes and temperature ranking sleeping bags to make you choose from the best
  3. Light weight and double layered so gives enhanced protection


  1. Can take up a lot of space if you are short on space to sleep
  2. The zipper opens till the legs and thus can be a bit difficult in sealing every time

3. Coleman North Rim Extreme weather sleeping bag

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Coleman is the most popular supplier and manufacturer of most of the traveler needs and essential. And thus when selecting the sleeping bags you can surely look for the best of sleeping bags from Coleman!

The Coleman North Rim Extreme Weather sleeping bag is the perfect mummy style bag with durable polyester covering to ensure that there is no wind or cold affecting you while you are fast asleep.

The use of comfort smart technology makes this sleeping bag one of the best chosen mummy sleeping bags. With definitive pricing, the sleeping bag has a lot to offer for the travelers.


  • The sleeping bag is full polyester covered sleeping bag with 100% pure polyester fabric on it.
  • As it is a mummy sleeping bag, it almost attached to the shape of the body i.e. a little broad for the shoulder and sleek near the legs. Thus the bag measures about 32” x 82” around the shoulder and is sleeker around the legs.
  • The length of the sleeping bag when opened is suitable for almost a 6’2” man to sleep well in it. Thus encumbering almost 90% of the men and women in its usage circumference.
  • The Coleman North Rim Extreme Weather sleeping bag is made with 60 ounces of coletherm insulation, which is the ideal amount for bringing comfort as well as to ensure that it keeps the person warm even in temperatures of 150
  • The use of comfort smart technology in the making of this mummy sleeping bag makes it the perfect sleeping bag with high durability and ensured comfort.
  • The polyester used is 100% pure and therefore water resistant and wind resistant.
  • Weight only about 0.09 pounds, which not just suits but is easily the lightest sleeping bag available in the market.
  • Ideal for camping, Hiking treks etc.


  1. Extremely light weight so ideally suits the travelling and trekking usage as it won’t add up to the weight much
  2. The length of the sleeping bag is ideally suited to most of the heights and thus more wide approach for people all over the world.


  1. The mummy sleeping bag is not ideal for people who need to move their body while sleeping. This bag shall restrict the body movements a lot.
  2. As the fabric used is polyester only it might get a little uncomfortable for some people who do not prefer polyester.
  3. A little opening on the top may feel uncomfortable to the traveler but it is common with the mummy sleeping bags

4. Arctic monsoon lightweight sleeping bag

[amazon_link asins=’B01HI72C7Q’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’sportandoutdoorhq-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’b17206bc-cf1d-11e6-85bc-535e16233fa3′]

Arctic monsoon is a prominent name when talking about the travel essentials and finding the perfect set of tents and sleeping bags to carry.

With ultra light sleeping bags, which have temperature ratings and are perfectly suited for camping and hiking, the Arctic Monsoon sleeping bags have been popular amongst a lot of hikers and adventure enthusiasts. This one is the mummy style sleeping bag, which caters to the needs of the travelers well while making it very safe and light on the shoulder.

Some of the features are truly maneuvering and thus perfect to pick up for your next trip!


  • Weighing only 3.9 pounds this is a very lightweight mummy style sleeping bag which is of the perfect quality and easy to carry.
  • The Arctic monsoon lightweight sleeping bag comes with high quality fills, which makes it very comfortable for the person. Suited perfectly even for the most extreme weather conditions the 1200 down fill makes the experience warm and comfortable.
  • The sleeping bag is designed to keep you warm in a temperature range of – 130F to almost +500F which essentially cover even the chilly weather and snow!
  • The fabric used in the making of 5 degrees Arctic monsoon lightweight sleeping bag makes it extremely comfortable for the traveler to get sleep. The outer body is made from 400T 20D Nylon and the inner body is made with the same fabric. Thus ensuring comfort inside and outside. The 1200 down fill inside makes the sleeping bag warm and best suited for any weather condition.
  • The down fill makes the Arctic monsoon lightweight sleeping bag durable and long lasting.
  • The nylon fabric used reduces the static electricity produced because of resting on the soil. It is extremely easy to slide on the beaches, mountaintops as well as river side to sleep well and bring in comfort.


  1. The arctic monsoon lightweight sleeping bag is ultra light and is extremely easy to carry places.
  2. The down fill is long lasting and gives maximum comfort.
  3. The nylon finish ensures water-resistance and comfortable resting


  1. The down fill of 1200 is comfortable for extreme weather but can get a little uncomfortable and too warm for normal hiking and trekking.
  2. The mummy style design of the sleeping bag does not give enough space for the movement of the body and thus can be a little tiring to sleep.
  3. No zippers to slide well into the bag and thus can get a little clumsy too.

5. Outdoor vitals summit sleeping bag

[amazon_link asins=’B0199KB67W’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’sportandoutdoorhq-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’c1cdccc4-cf1d-11e6-a7df-5714f5456626′]

Outdoor vitals is another company which brings the best of ultra light sleeping bags for their customer ensuring that they have a good time traveling while taking only a limited space for their sleeping bag.

This Outdoor vitals summit sleeping bag is a mummy style sleeping bag with a polyester finish to give it the maximum durability and unlimited comfort. With zippers and a fine foam finish, this is the right pick for travelers choosing to go hiking, camping or even trekking.

A lot of its features sets this one above the other prevalent sleeping bags and makes it a good pick!


  • The Outdoor vitals summit sleeping bag weighs about 2.5 lbs and has about 800 fill of down to keep the person sleeping inside well insulated.
  • The 800 fill of down is the best standard fill for keeping the insulation and the ratios is just perfect to beat the cold and windy weather conditions.
  • With the best of quality products picked from the best of places the Outdoor vitals summit sleeping bag is made up of quality materials. The 800 fill down is of the supreme quality, the zippers used are YKK zippers and even the outer layer made of polyester is of pure quality to ensure that the customers get quality product at great prices.
  • The Outdoor vitals summit sleeping back is value for money and is competitive with most of the sleeping bags available in the market.
  • The Outdoor vitals summit sleeping bag comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • With the sleeping bag’s dimension being 75 x 30 x 3 inches it is ideally suited for anyone of the average built.
  • The bag comes packed in a durable and quality compression bag which is easy to be packed by travelers and pull the drawstrings to fir in the luggage easily.
  • The bag is suited for extreme temperature and height hiking, camping and even trekking.


  1. With supreme quality fabric and materials used in the making it is certainly the best pick for value for money
  2. The down fill is of the required quantity and quality hence ensures warmth in difficult weather.


  1. The mummy style design of the sleeping bag may not suit everyone’s needs, as it does not provide room for legs or body movements.
  2. Does not signify the temperature rating so estimating the comfort is pretty much impossible.

6. Outdoor vitals Atlas lightweight sleeping bag

[amazon_link asins=’B01LDF8SPO’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’sportandoutdoorhq-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’cf230a1c-cf1d-11e6-936c-a98ff4127599′]

Outdoor vitals being widely known for its quality sleeping bags have been increasingly being popular for the extremely best quality sleeping bags.

The company in a short while has become very famous for the customer service, supreme quality and excellent comfort experienced by travelers all over.

The usage of high quality fabric and even the fill of down in the sleeping bags has brought about comfort to the travelers which is beyond the capabilities of the normal sleeping bags. And thus this one makes it to the list too.

The features of Outdoor vitals Atlas light weight sleeping bag is outstanding and thus attracting buyers a lot.


  • The bag weighs only 2.75 lbs and thus is extremely lightweight to carry for the travelers anywhere.
  • It comes with a compressed bag and down strings to make it easy to pack in the luggage.
  • The sleeping bag comes filled with down which is known to be the best insulator and thus 500 fill of down ensures warmth and quality sleep in the coldest of weather.
  • The outer body is made of supreme quality polyester to act as water-resistant and give comfortable resting.
  • The height of the sleeping bag is about 6’8” and thus caters to almost any person who needs to travel or lounge comfortably. The total size of the bag after opening it is 80 x 8 x 30 inches and thus great for travelling.
  • The Outdoor Vitals Atlas sleeping bag comes in two models with different temperature rating i.e. 150F and 300 This helps in estimating the temperature of the place and choosing the bag correctly.
  • The use of YKK zippers makes it easy for the travelers to bring in room for venting and gliding inside the bag easily.


  1. The Outdoor Vitals Atlas sleeping bag is ultra light and super comfortable to carry while the right amount of down makes it easily the warm and comfortable sleeping bag in most temperatures.
  2. The use of quality materials in the designing by Outdoor Vitals makes your investment in the bag worthwhile and brings in room for long lasting bag.
  3. The bag is value for money and even water-resistant.


  1. It is a mummy style sleeping bag and thus can be a little uncomfortable for the travelers who like to move their body and legs a lot while sleeping.
  2. This bag is not suited for all weather conditions and has a temperature limit compared to the other sleeping bags and thus can be taken only to chosen places where the temperature falls in its range.

7. Hyke & Byke Shavano Ultralight sleeping bag

[amazon_link asins=’B01D1O9RIC’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’sportandoutdoorhq-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’1e9bbc3a-cf1e-11e6-936c-a98ff4127599′]

One of the prominent names that is common amongst households for the sleeping bags is the Hyke & Byke which has certainly been giving their services well in the travel essentials that in a short span it as picked up huge fame.

Hyke & Byke as a brand has emerged as a powerful name and has been the most picked bag when it comes to travelling for shirt trips or entry level hiking or camping experiences. This too is a mummy style sleeping bag, extremely light weight and appealing to the customers for its quality.

And thus with more varied features and choice of colors for the bag, the bag is a good buy!


  • The Hyke & byke Shavano Ultralight sleeping bag has an outer body made of 400T rip-stop nylon fabric, is studded with heavy YKK zippers and designed with grid lines to give even heating all around the body of the sleeping bag.
  • With a 800 down fill the Hyke & Byke Shavano ultralight sleeping bag makes for a very comfortable cushion inside keeping the person warm even in the coldest of weather conditions and chilly winds.
  • The height of the bag is such that it caters to anyone of the height of almost 6’1” and thus covers up almost 90% of the population.
  • This is a mummy style bag with the upper half a little broad for the shoulders to fit in while the lower area is quite compressed to comfort the legs.
  • The warmth to weight ratio is good and thus perfect for the travelers.
  • The Hyke & Byke Shavano Ultralight sleeping bag weighs about 2lbs and thus is easily the lightest bag to carry on travels.
  • The Hyke & Byke Shavano Ultralight sleeping bag is available in two variants regular and long to appeal to different customers according to their height.


  1. The bag is extremely light weight and so very easy and convenient for the travelers.
  2. The height of the bag caters to a wide range of people’s height so more likely to suit everyone.


  1. It is a mummy style sleeping bag making it difficult for the person sleeping to toss and turn while sleeping.
  2. Does not have pockets or storage to keep the valuable belongings inside and just has room for the person sleeping.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) Regarding Sleeping Bags

1. How do I care for my sleeping bags?

Sleeping bags are an investment for most of the travel escapes you take. Of course you are not going to purchase a new sleeping bag each time you plan for a journey. A good care of the sleeping bag will ensure that they last long and are comfortable all the while. Some of the things that you could do to maintain your ultralight sleeping bags are:

• While you are camping always make sure that the sleeping bag is dry. After you are done with the sleeping dust it off or make it dry and then pack it bag in the compressor bag to keep it away from water or dirt.

• Air the bag regularly in dry climates or under sunshine to get rid of water or dew that may come on the bag while traveling. This will keep the bag dry and ready to use.

• Always use a sheet inside the sleeping bag to ensure that the body perspiration does not travel inside the bag and make it dirty. To keep the bag clean for the longest always make use of the sheet to sleep. This extra layer provides for more insulation and maintaining the cleanliness of the bag.

• Clean the bag from a dry cleaner or make use of mild soap to clean it at home. But ensure that it is aired properly and traces of soap are not there after cleaning. Then pack it in the compressor bag and store.

2. Why should I use an ultralight sleeping bag?

• Ultralight sleeping bags are made of material, which are resistant to water and have a good insulation while being very light to carry on the journeys. Of course when you are traveling you tend to travel with a lot of stuff from clothes, shoes, laptops, mobile phones, chargers, toiletries, etc. And if you don’t have the required means to sleep – it shall be a problem. After stuffing your luggage with so much of essential stuff there is hardly any room for increasing the weight of the luggage and thus an ultralight sleeping bag ensures that it takes the minimal of space and weight in your luggage while making an arrangement for you to sleep anywhere you want! (Even amidst the snow!)

• Ultralight sleeping bags are easy for anyone to handle too. No one wants a sleeping bag, which they cannot pick up alone in the morning and are not able to fold it back to the compressing bag. The ultralight sleeping bag is very lightweight and easy for a single person to fold it back to its back and travel with it easily. Thus it has been one of the most chosen sleeping bags amongst the travelers going for hiking, camping, touring, trekking etc.

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