What’s Best Lightweight Sleeping Mat? & how to find them?

The design and construction of our best lightweight sleeping mat for camping provide warmth, comfort, relaxation and freedom from stress factors. We have ensured the minimum ratio of packed dimension and inflated-dimension is 1; 5 to make it extendable for maximum comfort. 

best lightweight sleeping mats

The material we use in the mattress is polyurethane in the form of sheet and foam. The standard volume of our mattress varies from 800 to 950 cubic inches. The inflation medium is air which provides evenly distributed cushioning effects to your body. Polyurethane material absorbs and retains heat from the surrounding over extended period of sleeping and resting. 

Our #1 Pick for the Best Lightweight Sleeping mat:

What to look out for when choosing the best compact camping mattress? what about specifications & benefits?


The resistance to the heat flow of the camping mattress determines its insulation efficiency. On an average, our quality mattress will have R-value between 4.9 and 2.0. Higher value means better insulation. The warmth trapped inside the mattress will last longer. The material can balance your body temperature within the normal range even in cold and harsh environmental conditions. We recommend a value that varies from 3.2 to 3.6. 


The polyurethane foam at the mattress core provides high tensile strength to the camping mattress after inflation. All our mattresses can support heavy body weight (more than 180 LBs) and stay firm when you toss and turn during the sleep. They have a low fatigue value at maximum stress, which extends the durability of the material. The compression ratio at high pressure makes it flexible according to the contour of your body. But it doesn’t deflate even while carrying your bodyweight for more than prolonged hours at a stretch.


The top surface of the best lightweight sleeping mat is made from soft layer of polyurethane. The material has high resistance for sweat, moisture and water. Hence, the material doesn’t get wet. High-tech camping mattress has inbuilt stress relief points on its top surface. They can provide massaging effects to your body and relieve the stress to a considerable extent. 



The construction of the inflating best lightweight sleeping mat makes it resistant to tear, puncture, heat, water and other external elements. You can use it in camping tents at various altitudes, climatic conditions and landscapes. The material strength and construction pattern enhance the durability of the best compact sleeping mattress for camping

Washing:  You can easily hand wash the best lightweight sleeping mat with chemical free soaps and detergents. Use warm or cold water for washing and avoid hot water and machine wash. Allow the mat to dry in the open air under shade. You can also clean the mat with a wet cotton cloth when washing is not possible


Some of the mattresses use a combination of air and open cell polyurethane foam for increasing the inflation levels. The cells expand evenly from the core to the edges. The other type of mattress is the closed polyurethane cell. It has a higher density and the R-Value. The average weight per square inch is also more than the open-cell model. The closed cell m models require more air compared to the open model for inflation. 

Best Car Camping Sleeping Mat –Comfort on Wheels

The design and construction of the best car camping sleeping mat provide complete comfort and stress free sleeping experience on wheels. It can fit into the rear seat of any car due to its variable dimension.


The combination of polyurethane, nylon and other synthetic materials can absorb and retain heat in cold climatic conditions. The R-value of the mat varies from 1.8 to 3.4. You can choose the best one from our online store according to the external temperature. 

Cushion: The polyurethane foam material provides complete shock proof experience to your body while traveling on rugged terrain conditions. You can relax and sleep comfortably without any disturbance. It can relieve the accumulated stress from your body and make you energized. We have formulated the best possible combination of PU grades to make the cushioning highly comfortable. 

BSport Car Travel Inflatable Mattress Air Bed

Flexibility: The material combination for the op, bottom and the foam make our mat highly flexible. You can literally carry it and use not only as the best car camping sleeping mat, but also inside your camping tents with equal ease.

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