Best Outdoor Pool Table – Complete Patio Guide

The pool has been one of the favorite pass times by many. People of all ages play it professionally during leisure or even in competitions. That is why most enthusiasts out there prefer having their own pool table. Why go out a pub when you have the interest to play if you can purchase the best outdoor pool table of your choice as per your needs!

Having one in your residential property would give you the opportunity to hone your skills as time goes on. Aside from that, it will set the ambiance and mood for a family gathering in the near future. Playing this beautiful and fun game in your yard with family relatives as well as close friends is a tempting idea for pool lovers across the globe.

best outdoor pool table

You do not have to worry about the table getting damaged by extreme weather. Most options are crafted out from the materials that are of excellent quality. Despite the test of time, they are resistant to water, rust and other potential issues in the long-term run.

Top 5 Best Outdoor Pool Table Comparison Table:



Functionality & Durability

It is not only functional but also has stunning looks.

Fat Cat Pockey is known for its strong functionality and durability.


Its material is long-lasting, which ensures a huge saving.


When looking for an investment that lasts, this is also a good option.

Stylish Design

The material used in Dakota is of high quality.


Like other outdoor pool tables online & offline, it is durable.

It would also give you the excuse to avoid your gadgets, enabling you to spend much time for such an interesting or exciting outdoor activity. But not all people own a large property to accommodate this new investment. Those who do not have a spacious room, you can invest in the best outdoor pool table for a delightful and happy playtime with family and friends. 

However, the rich selection will give you a hard time. There is a need to narrow your search, requiring time, effort, and money. The good thing is that all hassles can be avoided. The following products will help you come up with a stress-free decision. Choosing the most relevant and responsive item will be easy as eating a pie for sure. 

Top 6 Outdoor Pool Tables Reviews

If the thought of buying outdoor pool table has been in your mind for quite some time, then owning one sounds like a brilliant idea on your part. You can pick from a wide variety of choices over the market. You are very fortunate as these days they are more popular than other stuff online or offline. 

# 1 Fat Cat Pockey 7ft Black

The best patio pool table is the Fat Cat Pockey 7ft Black 3-in-1. It is crafted out from composite wood, increasing its durability and functionality. When it comes to the air hockey playfield, it measures for about 74 by 38 inches. Its surface and color lines mimic those with genuine hockey fields. It also has Tetoron cloth, wood core, rubber bumpers, and drop pockets. 

The main table is well-equipped with a latch system. It has a power cord channel placed thru the spindle on the end part of the table. It comes with a table tennis top that is portable enough for your convenience and comfort. 

The surface is smooth. Whether you want to play billiards or table tennis, you will find the surface smooth and even. The motor works effectively. Unlike other items in the industry, its motor works well. It is not prone to issues like overheat and damages.

Great construction. It is quite durable, giving it the reputation of being one of the outdoor pool tables in the market. 

It has levelers. Because of the array of levelers, playfield is set according to your needs and requirements. 


  • check
    It is big. Even though it has a big size, it is portable. You can transfer it from one place to another.
  • check
    Optimal safety. You can flip and adjust it with a maximum of safety.
  • check
    Fully accessorized. Everything you need is available.


  • check
    Billiard ball return system is not available. Since the pockets are plastic, using the pool table during an outdoor game will be inconvenient. Despite that, it is still something you deserve in the first place.

# 2  Hathaway Park Avenue Billiard Pool Table Combo Set

It is known for its stylish design. Whether you have been playing the game for years for some time, the Park Avenue Billiard Pool Table Combo Set from Hathaway will be your outstanding match. Similar to other items, it is flexible enough wherein you can use as a dining table or even a work table. But it is at its best as a pool table for your gaming moment outdoors. 

It is made of MDF material that is of excellent quality. That is why it can last a long time, resulting in huge savings and minimizing high replacement costs. It is also wrapped in a durable black laminate that prolongs its longevity. Another feature that helps it stand out from the others is its sturdy benches. If it is not your turn, you can sit in one of these comfy seats. 

Plus, you can use them for storage purposes. Instead of purchasing a storage box, arrange the equipment in there. It can accommodate pool balls, plastic triangle, chalk, and other accessories. For your next game, easy identification will be viable. You can start playing as early as possible. 

An ideal item for the family. This third best outdoor pool table is the perfect choice for people of all ages. Its size is relevant for kids. And adults will enjoy its functionality. 


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    Superb construction. It is sturdy and has well-engineered wood, keeping it secure and stable.
  • check
    The fun will be more intense. The Park Avenue Billiard Pool Table Combo Set from Hathaway will triple the enjoyment. It combines fast-paced table tennis and classic pool.


  • check

    It can be a bit costly. But the price is reasonable because it can perform in a way beyond your expectations and requirements. 

# 3 Triumph 72” 4 in 1 Multi-Game Swivel Table

It triples up as a hockey table, a table tennis board, and a pool table, and a launch football as well with the fourth opion ensuring its flexibility and functionality. In terms of its play surface, it is wide enough for big and fun playing time. 

When it comes to the materials, it comes from green nylon that is of superior quality. Along with the package is a set of billiard balls, chalks, brush, red pucks, table tennis balls, net, tennis paddles, posts, brush, and a lot more. 

Leg Levelers. Utilize the leg levelers to keep the surface level and make it sit flat outdoors. These can also be adjusted to meet your size or your preferred level. 

Durable ball joints. All of its ball joints are sturdy that will let you swivel its top to employ its other side. 


  • check

    Easy to employ tops. Its flat green surface has built-in pockets for green felt or pool material on top.

  • check
    Central air distribution system that is patented. This is to ensure enough airflow all throughout the table.


  • check
    Assembly is time-consuming and burdensome. Make sure to ask help from others to lessen the burden & save your time.
  • check
    Challenging installation. With its three-piece table tennis top, installing will be difficult. 

# 4 Mizerak Dakota BRS 8-Foot Billiard Table

It comes with a long-lasting metal frame and a laminate cabinet for much greater stability. When looking for an option with a durable feature, there is no need to look further than Dakota. As a matter of fact, it is well-known for its superb quality. Its reinforced legs are fitted with magnificent leg levelers. 

On the playing surface, there is a wool blend cloth, boosting its professional look. Furthermore, the ball return system is a plus point. The moment you add Dakota to your shopping list, you can be confident when you see it. Every time you ask your friend to play a game with you, you will be confident with it. 

Paramount stability. Because of its laminate cabinet and metal frame, its stability becomes superb.

Long-lasting durability and fun playability. All of its materials are durable enough that can withstand the test of time.


  • check
    There are rail integrated pockets.
  • check
    Study and stable design. Its design would add finesse as well as style to your outdoor game.


  • check

    The only downside you need to handle is the assembly. It is not going to be an easy job for you. If you

     try it yourself, it might take hours to get the work done. The process would be overwhelming and exhausting on your part. That is why it would be best to hire a professional. Even though you need to have another budget, it will be worth it within a long span of time. 

# 5 Hathaway Augusta 8 ft. Non-Slate Pool Table

Augusta 8 ft. Non-Slate Pool Table is another best patio pool table from Hathaway. After its availability in different online retail stores, it creates a buzz. Have you ever wondered what enthusiasts love about it? Simply, it transforms the look of your playing space into a more aesthetic and creative one. 

Along with its ton of features are the rail integrated pockets, durable metal frames rails, excellent ball return system, and amazing pedestal type legs. There is an impressive blend of functionality and style in this item. That is why it becomes a worthy and meaningful investment for a game lover like you.


  • check

    It is crafted from thick and sturdy MDF material covered in a stylish maple veneer.

  • check
    It has well-detailed ball as well as claw legs. Both have a 1.75 inches MDF in the playing surface.
  • check
    There are inlaid diamond sites with hardwood top rails.
  • check
    Its interlocking support beams are finger jointed
  • check
    Its perimeter anchor blocks give this one of the best pool tables powerful stability.


  • check
    It is quite expensive. However, it is still a good investment you cannot afford to miss.

# 6 Carmelli NG2535P Newport

Measuring 84x46x32, the NG2535P from Carmelli is another best pool table. Like other reliable products from service providers, it is flexible and versatile. It would double up like a dining table or a table tennis board. There are two padded benches, which can keep you well-organized. You can store all your game equipment in there. 

Every time you have the desire to play a game with colleagues, you will never encounter trouble finding necessary tools. You can start playing right away without remembering where you left the equipment. 

It is also made from CARB certified and registered MDF material. It is one of the reasons why its stunning appearance can capture your attention. During a casual game with some of your office mates, Carmelli NG2535P Newport 7’ is something you can boast.


  • check

    The two padded beach seats have built-in hydraulic EZ-lifters for effortless opening and easy closing.

  • check
    The seats are comfy. It comes from soft materials to ensure optimal comfort.
  • check
    It serves as a multi-functional table. There is reversible table tennis top for a fun game.
  • check
    It is composed of other accessories. These are pool cues, pool balls, chalk, paddles, tennis balls, 1 plastic triangle, etc.


  • check
    Carmelli NG2535P Newport 7’ is indeed one of the top choices. However, clients reported a slow delivery. So, make sure to work with a reputable service provider.

Watch these Insane Pool Trickshots for more fun!

So, have you finally found out your option? Whatever it is, you will have peace of mind. Make a purchase today!

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