Best Rolling Cooler with Soft Sided on Wheels

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A rolling cooler comes in hand if you want to move or convey heavy loads, largely consisting of drinks and foods, from one place to another. Rolling coolers or popularly known as wheeled coolers, these products are often armed with handles, so you can pull or drag it easily to the designated location.

There are rolling coolers available wherein the handles are placed on the side while some can be found at the back of the unit. However, there are also rolling coolers available that don’t have this handle. This article will be going to show you the things you need to consider when buying a rolling cooler. This will also highlight some of the best rolling coolers available on the market today.

Coleman Wheeled Soft Cooler• Holds 42 cans
• It has telescoping handles
• Easy-to-clean flexible, PEVA liner.
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Igloo Ice Cube Maxcold Roller - 70-Quart• Molded cooler handles
• Buried drain plug
• 2 molded drink holders
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Rubbermaid Ice Chest/Cooler• Superior thermal retention that keeps food as well as drinks cold.
• Odor and stain resistant
• Easy-to-clean liner.
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Coleman Xtreme Series Wheeled Cooler• It has wheeled cooler box
• Hard wearing wheels
• Integrated with telescoping handle
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Igloo MaxCold 70 Qt Roller Cooler Review• Offer the ultimate in cold retention with its utratherm insulated lid
• Ergonomic Cube shape maximizes cold retention
• Two cup holders to keep drinks secure
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Things to Consider before buying a Rolling Cooler –
Your Wheeled Cooler Buying Guide

Prior to buying a rolling cooler, it is very essential to consider some points:

Kind of Wheel:

If possible, the wheels of the rolling cooler must be big for easy rolling and dragging most essential on gravel and tough terrains. On the other hand, if you have a plan of using this cooler only on flat surfaces, then it is advisable to buy a rolling cooler that has small wheels or else you can opt for other coolers for purposes like camping or backpacking. It is also very important to consider the number of wheels which the unit has. A number of coolers available come equipped with two wheels while some are integrated with four wheels.


The amount of drinks and foods which it can accommodate is an important factor to consider. Some rolling coolers are intended to accommodate only items while some have enough space for lots of foods and drinks for big camping trips. As such, you must assess what you will use the unit for in order to know the best size that will meet your needs.

Kind of Handle:

If you’re tall and is forced to bend lower only to pull or hold the handle, then a rolling cooler that has short handles may not be perfect for you. The best thing to do is buy a unit that is equipped with long telescopic handles.


Quality is indeed the most important thing to consider when buying a rolling cooler. Even if the product is available in a low price, you will not be pleased and satisfied most essential if it doesn’t provide the type of sustainability you are hoping for.

Essential Features:

Rolling coolers are created differently. While there are rolling coolers that don’t have convenient features but they have amazing style and can accommodate lots of items. So, make sure to know your needs first prior to choosing the right rolling cooler for you.

Transport  Size

With regards to transporting your rolling cooler, size is very essential. Wheels and handles attached to the unit could make it uncomfortable to transport and hard to put into backseats or trunks.

If you’re travelling and have a plan of taking a rolling cooler, then it could become even harder. The thing you need to pay close attention to rolling cooler is the size and the attachments like handles and wheels.

You have to keep this thing in mind prior to buy a wheeled cooler in order to get the best one that will meet your specific needs and requirements.

Top 5 Rolling Cooler Reviews

#1. Coleman Wheeled Soft Cooler

Quick Summary

  • Holds 42 cans
  • It has telescoping  handles
  • Resilient wheels Easy to eliminate hard plastic liner Side handles  carrying control
  • Easy-to-clean flexible, PEVA liner.
  • Front, zippered pocket
Coleman Chiller Series Insulated Portable Wheeled Soft Cooler, Leak-Proof 42 Can Capacity Cooler with Heavy Duty Wheels and Handle and Ice Retention

If you’re a person who doesn’t need to take a whole fridge worth of items along with you while you’re out for camping or swimming, then the Coleman Wheeled Soft Cooler might be the best choice.

You may not have to bring many cans of drinks along with you, so this smaller rolling cooler is perfect for you.  It has pockets that allow you to store your spoon, glass, plates and other dish accessories. With its telescoping handle, you do not hunch over to drag the cooler anymore. This feature allows you to keep in control of the load at comfy and relaxed height. This can store 42 twelve ounce of cans. This allows you to move the unit easily and freely.

What We Liked
  • The telescoping handle allows you to pull and drag this rolling cooler with ease.
  • Inside this unit is a removable hard liner that is washable
  • Integrated with pockets that allow you to store your personal belongings and dish accessories, so there is no need of carrying extra bag for this stuff
  • Easy to clean and easy to maintain as well
  • This unit is made by one of the more renowned manufacturer in the world
What We Didn't Like
  • In high temperature, the soft exterior could become wet
  • Not ideal for family camping or outing with friends due to its small size

#2. Igloo Ice Cube Maxcold Roller - 70-Quart

Quick Summary

  • Molded cooler handles
  • Buried drain plug
  • Exceptional , almost cube-shaped cooler that keeps ice for 5 days
  • Integrated with deep foam insulate lid
  • 2 molded drink holders
Igloo Ice Cube Maxcold Roller, 70-Quart

Igloo Ice Cube Maxcold roller is not the largest rolling cooler available, however it has the capability to accommodate lots of foods and drinks. With its convenience features and amazing price, this is a superb addition to the short list of best rolling coolers.

This rolling cooler has an impressive size that can store up to 114 12oz cans. It has a telescopic towing handle that match your natural height. So, there is no need for you to crouch just to drag or pull the handle. With its molded size handle, you can no say goodbye to fragile handles. The molded size handles of this unit is strong and durable. Other factors that sets this rolling coaster apart from the rest is that it can keep an ice for up to five days without melting. This is the reason why this is the best rolling cooler for hikers and campers.

So, if you’re searching for a reliable and convenient rolling cooler, the Igloo Ice Cube Maxcold Roller - 70-Quart might be the best option. It is easy to use, has an amazing design and the capacity is really exceptional.

What We Liked
  • Very well insulated, in fact it can keeps ice for five days without melting easily
  • It is equipped with telescoping to handle that makes it easy to drag, pull, perfect for tall users
  • Amazing capacity, it can store 70 quarts or 114 twelve ounce cans so you can enjoy your escapade to a higher extent
What We Didn't Like
  • Almost 15 kilos empty, so it is heavy most essentially when totally loaded

#3. Rubbermaid Ice Chest/Cooler

Quick Summary

  • Superior thermal retention that keeps food as well as drinks cold.
  • Odor and stain resistant
  • Easy-to-clean liner.
  • Made in the USA
Rubbermaid Ice Chest/Cooler, Blue, 60-quart Wheeled (FG2A9002MODBL)

While Rubbermaid may be popular for their other kinds of containers, their exceptional rolling coolers might be worth considering too.

It has broadside telescopic towing handle. Not like other types of rolling coolers, Rubbermaid towing handles are located on the side of the unit which adds balance and stability to your dragging or pulling. It has superb thermal retention that keeps your foods and drinks colder for long span of hours. With its split top style, you do not have to open the whole lid to get the items. This style allows you to open up one portion of the lid.

Like other popular brands, this rolling cooler also comes with cup holders. It has four molded cup holders that give you lots of room to place your drinks. All in all, if you are searching for a high quality rolling cooler without spending a lot, then the Rubbermaid Ice Chest/Cooler is the best option. As a matter of fact, it receives lots of positive reviews from previous users.

What We Liked
  • Perfect for family with huge number of members
  • Also perfect for party and other outdoor activities with the group
  • The split top style allows for fast retrieval without disturbing the drinks on the lid
What We Didn't Like
  • It’s bulky to tote around, most essentially when you’re trying to preserve packing space.

#4. Coleman Xtreme Series Wheeled Cooler

Quick Summary

  • It has wheeled cooler box
  • Integrated with telescoping handle
  • Hard wearing wheels
  • Can hold 84 cans
  • Insulated walls and lid
Coleman Portable Rolling Cooler | 50 Quart Xtreme 5 Day Cooler with Wheels | Wheeled Hard Cooler Keeps Ice Up to 5 Days

Coleman is a very dedicated company when it comes to outdoor products. The latest offering of this company is the 50 quartz Xtreme 5 wheeled cooler. This cooler is integrated with essential features and the convenience you need to make your life easier.

As mentioned, this unit has lots of convenience features. What is more, it is only available for a fraction of cost. The capacity of this rolling cooler is enough to hold most families and events. It has 4 molded cup holders so you can enjoy drinking your beer or juice without the need of looking for an even place to put the bottle. It has 4 convenient molded cup holders for safe placement of drinks.

If you are looking for a comfortable place to sit and relax, you can use this rolling cooler. It can accommodate 250lbs.

It has long telescopic handle perfect for tall users. The all-terrain wheels allow you to pull this unit even without any stress even in bumpy and rough terrain.

What We Liked
  • This rolling cooler is integrated with lots of convenient features so you can use it without any pressure or stress.
  • It is available for a fraction of cost even if it was made by renowned and reliable manufacturer
  • It has the capability to store fifty quartz of drinks or 84 twelve ounce of cans
  • Five wheels help you drag or pull this unit easily in rough road
What We Didn't Like
  • Smaller than other types of rolling cooler on this list

#5. Igloo MaxCold 70 Qt Roller Cooler Review

Quick Summary

  • Offer the ultimate in cold retention with its utratherm insulated lid
  • Ergonomic Cube shape maximizes cold retention
  • Two cup holders to keep drinks secure
Igloo MaxCold 70 Qt Roller Cooler, Jet Carbon/Ice Blue/White

If you’re not looking to quench or feed a huge crowd, then the Igloo MaxCold 70 PT is the best choice. This roller cooler is made for family use. It does not consume lot of space, but it has the capability to accommodate lots of drinks and foods, for no matter that you’ve planned.

Integrated with Ultratherm Insulation this allows you to keep your drinks cold for long hours. This can also keep ice for five days. Available in an exceptional cube design that is relatively specific to this company, but the main purpose of this superb design is both for cold retention and ergonomic.

Rather than integrating bulky wheels, this rolling cooler comes with wheels which are located at the base rear of the unit for fast and easy pulling. The molded side handles allow you to unload and load the items fast and easily. What is more, this feature is really what makes this unit convenient.

Another thing about this rolling cooler is that it can be purchased for a very reasonable price. It also comes with warranty so you can ask for a refund if you are not pleased with the performance of this unit.

What We Liked
  • The integrated molded side handles allows you to easily load and unload items
  • The exceptional cube shaped style is perfect for cold retention
  • Ultratherm Technology allows the drinks to keep cold for long span of time and it can keep ice for five days
  • Made by reliable company
What We Didn't Like
  • Not perfect for big gatherings

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