10 Best Scope for 30-06 (Our Recommendations)

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Also known as the Springfield 30-06, it is a rifle cartridge with some of the most useful rounds for hunting. But when we say effective, we don’t mean accurate. Shooting these bullets with precision can be a tricky job.

That’s why we bring the best scope for 30-06. With one of these scopes, you can get even the most challenging shot in place. But it won’t be easy to pick the right one. 

With so many great options and tons of different features to consider, the buying process can get a bit lengthy and laborious. Luckily, we also brought a guide to save you some of the time and effort when picking.

Whatever the type of scope you’re looking for, you’ll find it below. Read up and bring your favorite scope home!

10 Best Scopes for 30-06 Reviews in 2022: A Quick Comparison Table

Vortex Optics Viper HS-T Riflescope• Dimensions : 9 x 7 x 14 inches; 1 Pounds
• VMR-1 Reticle (MOA) is perfect
• A 4x zoom provide
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Burris Fullfield II Rifle Scope• Reticle: Ballistic Plex
• Color: Matte black
• Battery: none
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Vortex Optics Diamondback Riflescope• Dimensions: 14.5 x 2 x 1.73 inches
• Dead-Hold BDC reticle is good
• Lenses are fully multi-coated
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Nikon 16558 3-9x40 BDC Riflescope• Dimensions : 16.1 x 3.8 x 3.1 inches; 1.2 Pounds
• Color: Black
• Compatible Devices: Rifle
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Burris Fullfield E1 4.5-14x42 Riflescope• Dimensions: 14.9 x 3 x 3 inches
• Color: Matte Black
• Weight: 1.7 Pounds
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Vortex Optics Crossfire II Riflescope• Dimensions: 14.5 x 2 x 1.73 inches
• Color: Black
• Weight: 1.5 Pounds
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Athlon Optics Helos BTR 6-24x50 Riflescope• Dimensions: 17 x 5 x 4 inches
• Color: Black
• Material: Aluminum
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Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen II Riflescope• Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 22 inches
• Color: Black
• Weight: 1 Pounds
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Nikon Black FX1000 Riflescopes• Return to zero Stop
• ide focus Parallax adjustment
• High speed turrets
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Simmons 8-Point 3-9x50mm Rifle Scope• Dimensions: 14 x 3 x 3 inches
• Color: Matte Black
• Weight: 0.63 Pounds
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Missing shots makes hunting more expensive in the long term, and obviously, it is incredibly frustrating. Every time you miss a shot, the hunt hides away, and your chances of taking something home vanishes. 

Thankfully, you can always get one of these scopes to improve your accuracy, save time, money, and more importantly, motivation. Below, you’ll find out more about them!

1. Vortex Optics Viper HS-T Riflescope

Quick Summary

  • XD Lens Elements
  • XR Fully Multi-Coated
  • Second Focal Plane Reticle
Vortex Optics Viper HS-T 6-24x50 SFP Riflescope VMR-1 MRAD

Scopes that handle demanding environments typically work well in the long and medium-range while still being amazingly clear and nitid – Vortex Optics offers that kind of product. 

With the Viper HS-T, you get all of that plus the chance to pick between the 4-16x44 or the 6-24x50 models. Each one boasts XR multi-coated lenses, ensuring unbeatable fidelity and color quality, so your shots are not only more accurate but way more pleasant.

But that's not what sets this scope apart. It is the one-piece tube design with an argon-purged build you'll love. The scope is utterly fog-proof, waterproof, and resistant to all kinds of impacts.

To make it even better, you get a CRS Zero Stop system on the turrets, allowing maximum precision and easy adjustments.

And to give you precisely what you need, you can also pick between an MOA or MRAD adjustment system with a VMR-1 reticle. Either way, the scope is a total blast to use. 

What We Liked
  • Withstand any kind of use for a lifetime
  • The fantastic coating ensures the clearest field of view
  • Scoping adjustments are easy and super-accurate
  • It’s available in various zoom options and adjustment systems
What We Didn't Like
  • Comes with a steep price tag

2. Burris Fullfield II Rifle Scope

Quick Summary

  • Water, fog and shockproof
  • 1 inch tube, hunter turrets
  • Forever warranty
Burris 4.5 x-14 x -42mm Fullfield II Ballistic Plex Scope , Matte Black

If you want quality for a decent cost, the Fullfield II from Burris will come like a gem on a bride's finger. The magnification it offers, alongside its superb clarity, feels like a gift for its cost.

Let's start with its 4.5-14x42scope – allowing you to switch from medium range to long-range as necessary. Yet, you can also get the 3-9x40 scope, ideal for medium-range hunting. And if you feel like long-range shots will be required, go for the 6-20x50 model. 

Each Fullfield II scope comes with a Ballistic Plex reticle. The objective is utterly adjustable, going from the magnification to the parallax so that you can ensure almost perfect accuracy with every shot.

What's more important, the scope is built with a 1-piece tube, comes with Hi-Lume multi-coated lenses, and still manages to offer quad-seal gas seal reinforcements. This combination prevents water, fog, and shock damage even after years of use while delivering next-level light transmission every time. 

And lastly, you can enjoy a practical set of turrets with knurled knobs, making it easier and more reliable to adjust as needed. 

What We Liked
  • Comes with multiple magnifications for any user needs
  • High-end scope construction withstands harsh use
  • Fantastic lenses increase illumination & clarity
  • Adjusting the scope is an easy & smooth experience
What We Didn't Like
  • Lack of return-to-zero feature makes adjustments a bit annoying

3. Vortex Optics Diamondback Riflescope

Quick Summary

  • The Diamondback 1. 75-5×32 riflescope
  • Dead-Hold BDC reticle is good
  • Lifetime of fog proof and waterproof performance.
Vortex Optics Diamondback 4-12x40 Second Focal Plane Riflescope - Dead-Hold BDC Reticle (MOA) , Black

We now find the Diamondback riflescope from Vortex Optics, a multiple magnification scope with a 40mm, 32mm, or 50mm diameter build.

The most enticing part about this scope is the combination of medium and long-range options, allowing you to shoot targets at over 500 yards or up to 1,000 yards with the right model. You can pick the 4-12x model, the 3.5-10x, or the 3-9x option. Either way, you can reach outstanding accuracy.

It is not only about the magnification level. This scope also ensures maximum precision with the Dad-Hold BDC reticle that works like a charm with the practical metal-on-metal turrets with return-to-zero function. And if you prefer, you can also go for the V-Plex reticle for more versatile operation. 

And that's not all. The scope is also super-sturdy. One-piece tube construction with an argon-purged interior and O-ring seals prevent any type of shock, water, or fog damage. Along with the hard-anodized finish, it also withstands outdoor environments without breaking a sweat. 

Apart from all that, the multi-coated lenses will give you the brightest image without a single drawback. Perfect for low-light and foggy scenarios. 

What We Liked
  • Offers several magnification & reticle options to pick from
  • High-end construction makes it extra-durable
  • Delivers a super-bright image with multi-coated lenses
  • It is incredibly affordable considering its quality 
What We Didn't Like
  • The reticle tends to get fuzzy at high magnifications

4. Nikon 16558 3-9x40 BDC Riflescope

Quick Summary 

  • Multiple Layers of Anti-Reflective Coating maximize light transmission.
  • Positive-1/4-inch click adjustments.
  • Shockproof construction shrugs off hard recoil and rugged use.
Nikon 3-9x40 BDC Reticle Black Riflescope (16558)

Shooting those 30-06 cartridges with precision and without waste won't be easy. Luckily, you can always mount a quality riflescope like the 16558 from Nikon. It will reduce the effort necessary to hit the target even in the most difficult shots.

It all starts with a multi-coated lens construction, ensuring maximum light transmission through the system. This increases the color quality and contrast, helping you aim more directly into your target. A multi-layer anti-reflective coat keeps blurriness and reflection at bay, making it easy to shoot accurately.

Another useful feature that helps with precision is the 1/4 MOA turrets. You can adjust windage, elevation, and more with little effort. Add the return-to-zero feature for extra adjustment convenience.

And if that's not enough, you can still enjoy the 3-9x magnification. For mid to low-high distances, the scope will help you hit targets at up to 600 yards. 

The scope doesn't stay behind in build quality, though. The aircraft-grade aluminum build with a Type-III anodized finish prevents damage from shocks, humidity, fog, and even scratches. Along with the O-ring seals and nitrogen purging, the scope will be ready to tackle even the most difficult situations. 

What We Liked
  • It is resistant to any type of use
  • High-quality lenses ensure excellent image quality
  • Delivers decent magnification for mid-range shooting
  • Easy-to-adjust turrets are comfy & practical
What We Didn't Like
  • Gets foggy in humid areas

5. Burris Fullfield E1 4.5-14x42 Riflescope

Quick Summary

  • High magnification extends your long-range shooting capability.
  • Features the Ballistic Plax E1 reticle.
  • Easy-to-reach parallax adjustment from 50 yds. to infinity
Freeman PE20VCSPN40 20 Volt Cordless and Brushless 1-1/2' Concrete Nailer Kit with Lithium Ion Battery, Charger, and Case - 750 Shots per Charge

If you loved the Fullfield II, then you'll adore the Fullfield E1. It stands out for uniquely clear image quality, setting apart any kind of reflection or blurriness so your shots always on point.

The Hi-Lume multi-coated lenses eliminate any type of glare, especially in low-light scenarios. This goes well with the high-grade optical glass that brings brightness up exponentially. Add the 42mm diameter design for a super-clear image every time. 

For top-notch accuracy, you can enjoy the Ballistic Plax E1 reticle. It is a long-range MOA reticle that matches perfectly with the capped turrets. A trajectory-compensating design with range measurements helps you calculate every shot with maximum accuracy.

Another feature to enjoy comes from the power ring. You can adjust magnification from 4.5 to 14 with just a soft turn of your wrist. 

Last but not least, you still get a well-made scope that withstands any use, starting with its nitrogen-filled build that prevents fog and humidity damage. The spring-tension system inside prevents recoil from damaging your measurements on the hunt. This scope is also shockproof and waterproof. 

What We Liked
  • Lets you pick between two reticle options 
  • Offers reliable and straightforward turret adjustments
  • Decent magnification system for any purpose
  • A quality lens coating prevents glare and fuzziness
What We Didn't Like
  • Matte finish scratches easily 

6. Vortex Optics Crossfire II Riflescope

Quick Summary

  • you’ll be able to quickly get a sight picture and acquire your target.
  • The fast focus eyepiece allows quick and easy reticle focusing.
  • Waterproof and fog proof performance.
Vortex Optics Crossfire II 4-16x50 AO, 30mm, Second Focal Plane Riflescope - Dead-Hold BDC Reticle (MOA),black

The Crossfire II from Vortex Optics comes like a massive addition to any 30-06 rifle. A unique ability to go from 4 to 16 levels of magnification is outstanding. Yet, it is the 50mm diameter scope that stands out the most, giving a maximum field of vision so you can shoot with more awareness.

To put the quality up there with these, the Crossfire II boasts fully multi-coated lenses with anti-reflection. Even the brightest areas will feel comfortable enough to hit the target easily.

On the image, you'll find a second focal plane Dead-Hold MOA reticle. It delivers fantastic windage and holdover marks for easy adjustments. This works amazingly well with the image focus and parallax removal, ensuring next-level image versatility.

To add up to its image, you can also enjoy the long eye relief and the forgiving eye box. This combination helps you get comfortable before making a shot, reducing the effort it takes to focus.

Apart from its performance, the scope still comes with O-ring seals, an aircraft-grade aluminum build, and a nitrogen-purged interior. You can use this scope anywhere without a single drawback. 

What We Liked
  • Boasts a super-long eye relief for extra safety
  • Excellent MOA reticle makes aiming extra-easy
  • A resilient build withstands heavy use
  • It won’t empty your bank account 
What We Didn't Like
  • The turret system feels stiff, which affects accuracy

7. Athlon Optics Helos BTR 6-24x50 Riflescope

Quick Summary

  • specially designed reticle that shrinks or grows.
  • Locking feature on both elevation and wind.
  • Increases the transmission of light giving you a Brighter image.
Athlon Optics , Helos BTR , Riflescope , 6-24 x 50 First Focal Plane (FFP) 30 mm Tube, Illuminated APLR2 MOA Reticle , Lifetime Warranty

A first focal plane scope with a super-long-distance magnification system, the Helos BTR from Athlon Optics will make your 30-06 shooting much more pleasant.

At first look, you'll notice a fantastic 6x to 24x magnification. It will help you see things at 300 yards at its lowest level, up to 1,500 yards at the highest one.

The scope is 50mm in diameter. This means you get a wide field of view, as well as an ultra-clear image. It gets better with the multi-coated lenses, perfect for a low reflection and high brightness.

Similarly, the scope is a piece of cake to adjust. The pull-up turrets don't require much of an effort and make adjustments quickly. You can also lock them up if needed, ensuring a more accurate aiming experience with no drawbacks.

As for construction, the scope is completely sealed and boasts an argon-purged interior. This combination prevents any type of moisture damage while increasing resistance from thermal changes.

It doesn't end there. You can still choose whether you prefer an MOA or MIL adjustment system. The scope offers everything to meet your standards. 

What We Liked
  • High-end lenses provide the unbeatable image clarity
  • Smooth & precise turrets make adjustments easy
  • Comes with either MOA or MIL reticles
  • Delivers enough magnification for ultra-long-range shooting
What We Didn't Like
  • Adjusting the parallax can be a bit complicated

8. Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen II Riflescope

Quick Summary

  •  Incredibly versatile and ideal for close to long range shooting scenarios.
  • Adjustable parallax and the RZR zero stop.
  • Included Components: Accessories.
Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen II 5-25x50 FFP Riflescope EBR-2C MOA

Few scopes offer the versatility you can get from the Viper PST Gen II from Vortex Optics. Coming in different magnification levels and offering several reticle options, the riflescope will meet even the highest standards in every way.

You can pick the 2-10x, the 3-12x, or the 5-25x model. Each type comes with the same tactical features, including an FFP reticle (either in MOA or MRAD) and a high-quality adjustment system.

The adjustment turrets, for example, come with their RZR zero-stop system, a parallax adjustment, and a fiber-optic rotation indicator. You'll have everything to know how the scope is adjusted.

Another feature worth considering comes from the reticle system. The scope comes with either EBR-2C or EBR-7C. It is a type of mildot reticle, ideally made for long-range shooting. 

The reticle matches well with the 10-level intensity system. You can set up the scope to work at your desired position, ideal for adjusting parallax and overall aiming precision.

Finally, the scope comes in several diameters, going from 32mm to 44m and 50mm. Whatever you pick, you'll get an Armortek coating on the lenses for protection, XR fully multi-coated for brightness and clarity, and extra-low dispersion glass for image quality. 

Along with next-level aircraft-grade aluminum construction, this scope will be ready to tackle the hardest of the shooting operations without batting an eye.

What We Liked
  • Comes in 3 different magnification levels
  • Has a super-resilient build & coating 
  • Lets you pick between two different reticles
  • The practical and precise turrets save time & effort
What We Didn't Like
  • A short eye-relief can be uncomfortable for some people

9. Nikon Black FX1000 Riflescopes

Quick Summary

  • 30 mm main body tube
  • Return to zero Stop
  • Side focus Parallax adjustment
No products found.

Nikon is the king of scope quality for people who want exceptional results and unique practical features. The FX1000 is a perfect example of that.

This high-end riflescope delivers a 4-16x magnification with a 50mm diameter build. The combination helps you achieve precise shots at over 1,000 yards. Yet, the advantage comes from the image's quality, helping you see small objects far away without making much effort.

The scope is still immensely practical with excellent high-speed turrets. You can make any type of adjustment to the elevation or windage. First, you'll have to pick between the MOA or MRAD options available, though.

Apart from that, you can also decide whether you prefer the standard reticle or the illuminated one. Yes, the Nikon FX1000 also offers an illuminated reticle so you can shoot at nighttime effortlessly. 

As for safety, the scope comes with decent eye relief, a rubberized eye guard, and a side knob for the parallax. Adjusting the scope to your needs and ensuring a safe shooting experience won't be a problem.

And if all that wasn't enough, the construction of the scope sets quality on another level, boasting a rust-resistant, shockproof, waterproof, and fog-proof construction with O-ring seals. 

What We Liked
  • Comes in both MOA and MRAD reticle options
  • A rubberized eye guard makes it extra-safe to use
  • Parallax adjustment is smooth & easy to use
  • It can handle any type of environment 
What We Didn't Like
  • Loses clarity at high magnification

10. Simmons 8-Point 3-9x50mm Rifle Scope

Quick Summary 

  • Coated optics provide bright.
  • 1/4 MOA sure grip audible click windage and elevation adjustments.
  • Proprietary true zero windage and elevation adjustment system.
Simmons 8-Point 3-9x50mm Rifle Scope with Truplex Reticle

As soon as you get your hands on the 8-Point riflescope from Simmons, you'll realize what quality truly means.

With a mid to long-range magnification system at 3x to 9x, you can get shots at several hundred years with no problem. However, the advantage comes from the ultra-wide 50mm field of view – helping you see more terrain with less zooming. 

The eye relief of the scope is still decent at 3.75 inches. It pairs well with a QTA (Quick Target Acquisition) eyepiece that lets you aim with more precision and speed.

This matches well with the fully-coated lenses. They ensure maximum brightness and contrast, helping you catch even the smallest game in the harshest environments.

You can also adjust the scope with little effort. A TrueZero fingertip windage & elevation system alongside comfortable-grip turrets make this easy. 

And because Simmons doesn't stay behind in terms of construction, you can also enjoy a fog proof, waterproof, and recoil-proof construction. Add the matte finish to the bag for an exquisite scope appearance. 

What We Liked
  • It is an ultra-light scope for its potency
  • Conservative but the safe eye relief 
  • Prevents any damage or distortion from recoil
  • Adjustable turrets are smooth, practical, and precise
What We Didn't Like
  • Not resistant to impacts or scratches

What to Consider When Buying a Scope for 30-06

With so many scopes available, you may get a bit confused about which one to pick. We understand that, so we brought a brief guide on choosing the best scope for 30-06 according to your needs. 

The different factors we talk about will give you a better understanding of how scopes work and how you can adapt their differences to your needs. This should help you have an easier time picking. 

  • Magnification Level

Let's start by explaining the magnification level of the scope. This refers to the first two numbers you will find before the "x" in the scope description.

For example, in a 4-16x50 description, the 4-16x refers to the magnification. This means the magnification goes from 4x (four times closer than standard view) to 16x (sixteen times closer than normal view). 

With that said, what type of magnification level do you need for a 30-06 cartridge? Well, this is a mid and long-range round. You'll want to get nothing below 3x in the lower level and no less than 9x at the maximum level.

A long-range scope of 9x will help you see targets at 400 yards easily. At 20x, you can see over 1,000 yards. As for 4x mid-range view, you can see 200 yards away closely. 

Pair the magnification level with the place you're going hunting, the power of the rifle you're using, and your experience (higher magnification is trickier to use). 

  • Lens Diameter

The numbers after the "x" on the scope description refer to the objective lens size. For example, in our example above, the 4-16x50 scope means it has a 50mm diameter lens—the higher this diameter, the more light passes through the scope.

It is vital to pick the right one because the diameter will change the image's clarity and how far you can see (a higher diameter allows higher magnification). That's why we often recommend a 40mm or higher diameter for a 30-06 rifle.

Be aware that scopes with high diameter are heavier and stand higher than those with a low diameter. While picking a big diameter can be an excellent idea if you want higher magnification, it could also affect accuracy, ease of use, and comfort.

  • Lens Coating

Have the ideal diameter of the lens? Then look for the right coating. This thin layer of coat affects the image's quality, typically modifying how light is transmitted within the lens. 

Here are some types of coatings to consider:

1. Simple Coated – One layer of coating on just one part of the scope. It is cheap, but it enhances clarity.

2. Fully Coated – All the lens's external glass comes with a single layer of coating. This improves brightness and clarity.

3. Multi-Coated – One part of the scope comes with several layers of coat. It helps with brightness, clarity, and overall color contrast.

4. Fully Multi-Coated – The entire lens is coated with several layers. This improves everything related to image quality. 

For a 30-06, you'll want a fully-coated or fully multi-coated scope, as you'll be using it for mid and long-range shooting where image quality is super-important.

  • Reticle Type

Once you're done with the magnification and lenses, you should consider the reticle. Here, you will find 3 significant reticle types to consider:

1. Plex – This is the simplest and most typical of all. A plex reticle has a cross graphic that starts thick on the sides and ends thin on the center. Duplex and Triplex reticles are similar, but with longer thick bodies. This supposedly helps with focus and aiming at short distances. 

2. Mildot – Like the plex reticle, it has a cross graphic that starts thick on the sides and gets leaner on the center. However, the thin lines typically have points that help to calculate elevation and windage more easily. These are ideal for hunting in distances of over 300 yards.

3. BDC – It stands for "bullet drop compensator." It refers to the points in the cross's vertical line that help to calculate the drop of the bullet. It works well on long and mid distances where other forms of calculations don't work. Some BDC reticles also come with windage points.

If you want to equip a 30-06 rifle, you'll want either a mildot or a BDC crosshair. Still, plex can be an excellent idea if you're low on budget or prefer simplicity.

  • Focal Plane

When it comes to the type of reticle, you'll also find they're categorized in FFP (first focal plane) and SFP (second focal plane). 

An FFP reticle will change in size with the magnification level. When you zoom it, the reticle gets larger, and when you zoom out, the reticle gets smaller. FFP aims to make the markings on the reticle more accurate according to the magnification level.

Then you'll find SFP reticles. These don't change when you zoom in or out. It doesn't change the reticle to ensure that the image is always clear. Most SFP reticles allow adjustments, so you can manually set them according to the magnification. 

When we talk about a 30-06 rifle, we're talking about a long-range rifle. In this case, an FFP (first focal plane) reticle works better because it moves automatically with the magnification. It saves time and effort later on. An SFP (second focal plane) reticle is better for short and medium magnification levels. 

  • Adjustment Type

Adjusting the scope is not only about zooming in and out but also about windage and elevation. To calculate those, you need a different measurement system. This is where you find MOA and MRAD. These are the two types of adjustments you'll find. 

An MOA (Minute of Angle) system could be easily explained as a system where 1.047 inches in 100 yards is relative to an MOA point. As you go up to 200 yards, it is 2.094 inches, and up to 1,000 yards, you'll get 10.47 inches.

The MOA system is a lot more complicated than this, but being simple to explain makes it a more comfortable type of adjustment system to use. 

For an MRAD (Milradian) scope, the measurement changes. You can define 1 milliradian as 3.6 inches at 100 yards. At 200 yards, it is 7.2 inches. And at 1,000 yards, the MRAD is 36 inches. 

As you can see, making adjustments at numbers with zeroes seem easy. But once you start calculating different levels, milliradian gets a bit complicated. However, it works better with mildot reticles, so it usually offers a more practical scoping method.

Here, it all comes down to what you're accustomed to or what you find more comfortable to use. Typically, we recommend MOA scopes for their ease of use. Yet, some scopes are more MRAD compatible, which makes them more precise.

  • Parallax

One factor that affects how it feels to use the scope is the parallax. It refers to the movement of the internal scope image relative to the movement of your head. The purpose of parallax is to help you get maximum focus on the image according to your eye's position relative to the scope. 

For example, most scopes come with adjustable parallax, so you can adjust it in or out depending on where you like to see from through the scope lens. 

Other scopes have a factory-set parallax. It works best at specific distances. These are not movable, so you'll have to position your eye to adapt to the parallax. 

You'll then find an adjustable objective parallax that you can twist to reset the parallax into a center neutral position. 

  • Eye Relief

Lastly, you should consider the eye relief of the scope. This one refers to the distance you need to place your eye from the scope.

Eye relief changes two things. First, it affects parallax and overall image. The farthest you sit from the scope, the blurrier it is. And second, it adapts to the power of the gun. More parallax works better with more powerful rifles, as you'll need to stay farther away when the gun kicks back to prevent damage.

Typical scopes offer 3.5 eye relief. But for a rifle with 30-06 rounds, you'll want at least 4 inches. Otherwise, you will have a hard time keeping the scope out of your face with every shot. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now that you've checked our reviews and buying considerations, it's time to eliminate any doubt you may have. Below, we answer some general questions about scopes that may confuse you. 

What is a 30-06 round?

The first 1895 Winchester lever-action rifle introduced the 30-06 Springfield caliber round. Since its introduction, the 30-06 cartridges became a go-to option for hunting and other large-game activities thanks to its large shape that requires a lot of shooting power. 

Is it hard to mount a scope on a 30-06 caliber rifle?

Anyone can mount a scope on any rifle. However, it is always wise to ask an expert or gunsmith for help if you aren't experienced. 

How long does a scope last?

There isn't a definitive lifespan for a riflescope. Because they aren't accessories that are exposed to wear, some scopes can last a lifetime. Of course, it depends on the usage and quality of the product itself. But generally, scopes last decades. 

Are scopes resistant to shocks and impacts?

Most scopes are designed to withstand recoil and shocks from shooting. This also makes them resistant to falls and other impacts the scope may be exposed to. However, it all depends on the quality of the scope and the degree of the impact or shock. Generally, a soft impact won't cause any damage. 


Ready to hunt big game with your lever-action rifle? With the different scopes in this article, this shouldn't take you too long.

Getting the best scope for 30-06 will be a piece of cake if you choose following our recommendations and buying guide. 

Overall, however, it all comes down to what you truly need and want. If you pick according to your desires and demands, then you won't regret the choice. 

So, what are you waiting for? It's time to get that rifle out and the bullets on target. Pick one scope and get yourself out there!