Best Soccer Shorts with Pockets to wear in 2019

Soccer is one of the most loved games around the world. It is not only the game which is just watched but is also one of the few that is played by many people. Are you also a fan and player of this amazing game called soccer? If so then you would totally be obsessed with buying the best quality soccer materials. Amongst the many basic requirements for the game, the soccer shorts is one that should be the best fit for ensuring ease and comfort while playing the game. Do you agree?

The right fitted soccer shorts not only help you to look stylish but it also helps you to play your best game. The best soccer shorts are available in different shape and sizes and thus you will always have a good number of options to choose from. Another great quality on which you must give complete focus is the moisture absorption. The chosen soccer shorts should be so that they can easily absorb the moisture and dry out fast.

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Top 5 Best Soccer Shorts- Quick Comparison Table:

Things to Consider in Before Buying a Shorts for Soccer :

Last but not the least you must also focus on the design of the shorts that you are selecting. Yes, it will give you a stylish appearance on the ground, but moreover that it will affect the way you play. Out of the many designs which are available, one of the most recommended is shorter drawstring. This particular design of the soccer shorts is used both for playing as well as for training purposes. Also, with this design, you will be able to use your soccer shorts in long run.

Top 4 Soccer Shorts Reviews

# 1 Adidas Performance Men's Striker Athletic Short

Adidas needs no introduction to anyone in its popularity in the market with its sports accessories and products. Adidas is one of the most famous and trusted brands amongst the users and players for all their needs of different sports.

The soccer short of Adidas is one perfect example that will give you the right combination of comfort, durability, ease, right fit, and convenience. You can be totally sure of getting the best fitting with this short as you will get as many options in size as possible. These best fitting shorts work well with all users and thereby improve their game.

The elastic waist allows the short to be adjusted as and when required. There is a string attached to the waist that can be used when in a need of making the short lose or tight. This further improves the comfort and makes the short one great choice for training purpose and also for the following games.

The high-quality polyester fabric is light-weight and is adjustable. It allows maximum absorption and also provides comfort. The distinguishing feature of this short is its Clima cool technology that makes it pretty fast to absorb the sweat and fast drying. With this short, you will dry and cool in your entire training session.

For an eye-catchy design, these shorts are available in bright colors and also have an Adidas logo on the hem of the left side. It has been so designed that it suits all types and kinds of athletes by being one of its kinds.


  • Clima cool technology

  • Light-weight
  • Easy to fit
  • Elastic waistline
  • Flexible


  • Prone to dry migration

# 2  Under Armour Boy's Golazo Soccer Shorts

There is no denying that this short is one of those few ones which not look at its best but also delivers the best and quality performance. Being the favorite of most of the users, the brand has always done complete justice to its name. You will totally love this pair of shorts right from the minute you start using it.

To begin with, this pair of shorts is easily available at an affordable price range and thus can be bought by most of the people who want to look stylish along with getting the maximum comfort and ease while playing. The short is available in 5 different colors. Hence, the user can choose the item from the available color according to what suits him.

The shorts are made using the polyester fabric and thus deliver the maximum flexibility to the users. Thus, these shorts would make the best option when you want shorts for your hardcore training sessions. Further, thanks to the different sizes of availability of these shorts, you can get the desired size of your own.

To complement the various benefits of these shorts, these are extremely light-weight. Therefore, you will never feel any irritation or discomfort after wearing these shorts. In addition, the material of the shorts is so that it absorbs very fast and also dries out even faster.

Talking about the best quality of this item, it comes with anti-odor technology which prevents the growth of bacteria and microbes that causes bad odor. Hence, with these shorts, you can also smell god even after a sweaty playing session. It is strongly recommended to have one pair of such shorts if you are a fan of the soccer game.


  • Anti-odor technology

  • Easy to wash and dry
  • Light-weight


  • Can stick to perspiring skin type

# 3 Vizari Dynamo Soccer Shorts

This is one of the best and most popular soccer shorts which are functional not only in the game but also in the training session. The different sizes are available in this shorts which means that irrespective of your size you still can get one for yourself.

As far as the design of the shorts is concerned, these are made from a high-quality material which not only delivers comfort to the players but also is easy to maintain. The material of the shorts is so that it can absorb maximum sweat and can also dry out fast. Therefore, it is one of the most favorites of many people who love to enjoy the game of soccer.

The shorts are also designed to give you a stylish look and the side white line available on the shorts totally reflects that. The side white line gives a trendy and stylish look to the shorts and so to the player.

The right fitting and the great absorption skills of this short enhances the gaming style of the player. The shorter outlook of this short never comes in the way of player's playing style. The comfortable and soft fabric of the short also compliments the gameplay of the player along with preventing them against any kind of skin infections.

The adjustable waist size is also an advantage in the soccer shorts. There is a small string attached at the waist which can be used to adjust the waist size and make the short tight or lose according to the need of the user. The best part of this product is that besides being the best in the market, it is available at an affordable price range.


  • Best fitting material

  • Gets easily dried
  • Great absorption
  • Adjustable waist size


  • Temperature sensitive

# 4 Nike Hertha Youth Soccer Shorts

Nike has always been a trusted brand in the sports world. All of its sports products are of the best quality and these Hertha youth soccer shorts is no different. Right from the material of the shorts to the design and comfort, this short is designed to deliver convenience and ease to the users.

It is the best soccer shorts that come with the latest and trending Dri-Fit technology. This technology ensures the maximum comfort to the users along with delivering the maximum absorption ability. These shorts are available in 10 different colors thus the users can choose one according to their likings and preferences.

The shorts have been designed using the polyester material which is light-weight and super comfortable. A detailed care has been taken to make these shorts pretty adjustable for the users. Along with the many features that this product delivers to the users, it is also machine washable and so it requires no special need for cleaning it.

If the design and the outlook of the shorts are to be considered, it is pretty attractive to look at. It is an eye-catchy design that leaves no lesser than a perfect impression. It is just perfect to give you an athletic look along with taking good care of all the needs that you have while playing. It will be very quick in absorbing your sweat and then eventually be very considerable when it comes to drying.

Overall if you are looking for shorts that can be super flexible and comfortable for initially your training and later for your games then this is just the right product that you must buy. It is one strongly recommended item to be picked that will only impress you in all the ways.


  • Dri-Fit technology

  • Easy absorption and drying
  • Attractive design
  • Provides right fit


  • check

    Not that much breathable

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