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Best Spiked Golf Shoes : Ultimate Guide [2020]

Why does one need a specific type of shoes for golf? This is a question that many beginners will ask themselves. The answer is that other athletic shoes are not enough. Shoes that are for golf players will provide support for your feet. Thus, you can comfortably move around the green and find balance when driving the golf ball.

Another reason why you must wear spiked shoes is that you need the right amount of traction. Hence, you prevent the possibility of falling and slipping on the grass.

best spiked golf shoes

Many players have praised the golf shoes for their ability to prevent aches and pains after a long day on the green.

Being someone that appreciates the art of golf, this informative guide has the best spiked golf shoes. Every model has a unique design so that you can choose the footwear suitable for your needs.

Quick Comparison Table - Spiked Golf Shoes


Upper Material

Sole Material

Sizes Available



US 8 – 16, extra wide, and half sizes



US 8 – 16, wide, and half sizes



US 7.5 – 13, wide, and half sizes



US 7 – 15, extra wide, and half sizes

75% Microfiber Leather and 25% Mesh


US 7 – 15, wide, and half sizes

Features To Consider When Purchasing


You will most likely wear the shoes for many hours in warm environments. Therefore, the shoes must provide the right amount of airflow. Even if you sweat, the material has to have the ability of moisture-wicking. Thus, the sweat will be absorbed and removed while your skin will have fresh air.

Furthermore, if the shoes provide breathability, the inside of the footwear will not be transformed into a hot and humid box. Such an environment is detrimental for the feet, and it can lead to blisters.

All of the golfing shoes mentioned in this review are from materials that will provide excellent ventilation to your feet.


If you’re someone that likes to golf regardless of the weather, you know how important it is for the shoes to keep you dry. This is why this feature is essential. Many players believe that purchasing waterproof shoes means that you get the most for your money. After all, you can use the footwear during the rainy days or in the morning while the green holds dew.

Additionally, many believe that if the feet are cold and wet, you cannot focus properly. So, your performance might suffer.


You want to look out for the best shoes that provide the right comfort for your exact feet. Therefore, you should look at the type of insoles the golf shoes have. The bottom of your feet must remain comfortable so you can feel at ease during the game.

Also, a high-quality insole means the right amount of support. Such support will encourage you to walk on the green for a great workout session.

Let’s take a look at the best spiked golf shoes that are currently on the market.

Top 5 Spiked Golf Shoes Reviewed

These shoes are with FantomFit, which means that it will provide a custom fit while ensuring proper support. Two materials are fused rather than sewed. Thus, they’re up to 2x more durable than standard footwear.

New Balance Men's Striker Waterproof Spiked Comfort Golf Shoe, Black/red, 8 D D US

The Cush+ insole is of revolutionary foam. Therefore, you will feel like you’re stepping on a soft cloud when walking. Made from leather with a synthetic sole, you will be pleased with the premium responsiveness.

Also, even though they’re sturdy, the shoes don’t add additional weight when you walk. So, you feel comfortable to walk for a long time.

  • Exoskeleton outsole will promote a natural movement
  • Fantom technology will keep your feet dry
  • They are lightweight
  • The shoes come with a waterproof warranty
  • It offers superior traction on slippery areas
  • They are not suitable for those with wide feet
  • The shoes are not quality checked
  • Some have reported that it makes sounds when in motion

These are another pair named as the best waterproof golf shoes. Made from leather, you don’t have to worry about the durability of the footwear, regardless of how frequently you wear them. Furthermore, they have opti-repel microfiber that will repel water. So, you can wear it during the rainy days.

Callaway Men's Balboa TRX Golf Shoe, Black/Grey, 8 D US

The EVA midsole, combined with the EVA sock liner, will provide you with the support and relief you need so that you can wear them for every game. The dura-rubber on the outsole will ensure that you stay secure on the ground during adverse weather conditions.

Additionally, you can also trust the Cham Slim-lock cleats to dig into the ground at all times. Nonetheless, the leather material will also ensure excellent ventilation.

  • It comes in four different colors and styles
  • Waterproof material keeps your feet dry
  • High-quality seams assure durability
  • Made with a seamless insole
  • It doesn’t take time to “break into” the shoes
  • Some players say that the shoes are narrow
  • The shoes run a size smaller than usual
  • It’s difficult to remove the spikes

These shoes are another one of the best spiked golf shoes. Made with technologies such as GOGA MAX, the high-rebound cushioning, and the support of the footbed will allow you to wear the shoes comfortably. Furthermore, the midsole is lightweight yet thick, which means that it supports a high amount of movement.

Skechers Men's Torque Waterproof Golf Shoe

Another feature of this footwear is the H2GO shield. The material is water repellent, which means that you can wear shoes during adverse weather conditions. It also comes with waterproof protection for 1-year.

The molded rubber grip at the bottom of the shoes will keep your feet securely on the ground.

  • The insole is responsive
  • It provides excellent traction
  • The inside material is soft on the skin
  • Lace-up closure gives it a custom fit
  • The spikes are replaceable
  • The inner sole is glued in rather than stitched
  • It’s prone to damage in case of machine washing
  • Some have found the shoes too wide

Made from 100% textile, you don’t have to worry about excessive sweating. The footwear will provide superior breathability and ventilation. So, the sweat will be absorbed while the fresh air will ventilate the feet.

FootJoy Men's Fj Originals Golf Shoes

Also, the lightweight footbed cushioning will make it seem as if you’re stepping on something soft whenever you walk. Similarly, with the other shoes mentioned, they come with a 1-year waterproof guarantee.

Many players have purchased these shoes for their sleek design. You will grab the attention on the green at all times.

  • The synthetic sole will provide traction
  • It doesn’t need time to get used to
  • Designed to be sleek and modern
  • The shoes are lightweight
  • The insole provides support
  • The sizing may appear confusing for some
  • Some don’t like the snug fit
  • Some say that it doesn’t have enough ankle support

If you’re someone that likes to make things their way, take a look at these shoes. In comparison, with the other footwear, these have a removable insole. Therefore, if you don’t like the brand’s, you can change it to whatever you wish.

adidas Men's Tech Response Golf Shoes

The shoes are from 75% Microfiber Leather and 25% Mesh. Thus, the material will allow the air to pass through while simultaneously removing the moisture. The synthetic sole will also assure traction on the wet grass.

  • Many like their athletic design
  • The shoes are easy to take off and to put on
  • The spikes are replaceable
  • They feel soft on the inside
  • The material is breathable and lightweight
  • They are water-resistant, not waterproof
  • Best choice for summer use
  • Prone to get scratched or dirty

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is a lace-up closure better?

Yes. This is why all of the shoes mentioned have this type of closure. The reason for this is because the shoes will be able to provide a custom fit. Also, they feel more secure on the feet so you can move around without feeling restricted.

2. Will my feet sweat in leather shoes?

No. The shoes are from thin yet durable leather that will allow the air to travel through the inside. Additionally, you don’t have to wait to get used to the shoes if you order the right size. Otherwise, we have also included golf shoes made from textiles.

3. Can I walk on the green while wearing these shoes?

Yes. The spikes will help you to walk on the green with ease. They play an essential role as they provide sufficient traction to keep you secure on the ground. Generally, those that wear these shoes will walk on average around 4 miles.

Pay attention to the type of shoes you are purchasing to prevent the possibility of blisters to form. The shoes must feel comfortable enough so you can walk for as long as you need to.