Best Women’s Golf Shoes for Wide Feet

Golf is a low-intensity game, but it will still provide a great workout. So, it’s only right that you feel right in your golf equipment. As a woman, you already go through enough pain due to high heels or other uncomfortable footwear. Thus, it’s essential to have the right golf shoes, especially if you have wide feet.

best womens golf shoes for wild feet

As you may know, the average golfer can travel up to five miles per hour. Hence, the shoes need to fit just right. This review has included the best womens golf shoes for walking to ensure that you don’t have to look any further.

Buying the right pair of shoes is just as challenging as any other golf equipment, so take a look at the guide below to make the job easier.

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Textile and Synthetic





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Leather and textile






Features to consider before buying women's golf shoes

1. Breathability

The main idea behind the shoes is to be as comfortable as possible. Thus, you should look out for features that will enhance breathability. Soft materials and breathable materials will ensure that your feet are dry at all times. It will ensure that the sweat vapors release while allowing the air to pass through.

You also have to take a look at the outer layer of the golf shoes to ensure that you can use golf shoes in different environments. So, if it rains or if there’s high humidity, your feet should be affected.

2. Comfort

After all, the best womens golf shoes for walking are designed to provide superior comfort. If you have wide feet, you must ensure that the outer material will stretch far enough to fit your specific needs.

Thus, in this review, you will notice many models that are crafted with some microfiber leather. The material is strong to provide durability but elastic enough to accommodate wide feet.

3. Outsole or Insole

When you swing, you must pay attention to your form. The right form cannot be achieved if you don’t feel secure in the shoes. Therefore, when looking at the review, you should have explicit knowledge of what the outsoles are made from. All of the models mentioned are designed with rigid materials so you can use them regardless of the surface.

The insoles are incredibly crucial as it will enhance comfortability. When you try the shoes on, you should feel how the insoles are molding around your particular feet.

Now that you have a clear understanding of the features that you should look for, let’s take a look at the most comfortable golf shoes for wide feet.

Top 8 Women's Golf Shoes

Made with a microfiber leather outsole and Climastorm technology, this footwear is one of the most resistant on the market. The shoes are water-resistant, which means that you can use them in different weather conditions.

Furthermore, it also has Cloudfoam insole to provide you with the cushion you need so you can walk for many miles. As the shoes are lightweight, you will not feel the unnecessary weight while walking. Additionally, due to broader design at the forefoot, these are one of the best womens golf shoes for wide feet.

Designed with 6-spike technology on the outsole, you will be ensured excellent traction on the green. Also, it’s not only water resistant but also abrasion-resistant. So, you can use them for professional games.

Another feature that makes this footwear stand above the others is the Thintech exp cleat. By considering this pair, you will be guaranteed comfort and green friendliness. So, it can help you to keep a great form when swinging.


  • Available in 7 different colors and styles
  • It comes in half sizes to provide a great fit
  • Excellent traction through the green
  • The interior will form according to your particular feet


  • Your feet may become cold during bad weather  
  • They are water-resistant, not waterproof 
  • Some say that it doesn’t offer much support 

These womens lightweight golf shoes have midsole cushioning to ensure a comfortable fit for those with wide feet. The ultra-flight and responsive design will allow you to walk for as long as you need without feeling an additional weight. Additionally, it has a combination of mesh and synthetic fabric on the upper to provide breathability at all times.

The TPU outsole will ensure proper grip on the green, so you feel not only comfortable but also secure. The patented Skechers GOGA Max technology will make the insoles to have a high-rebound effect. So, every time you step, you will feel like you’re stepping on a cushion.

In comparison with the others in its price range, the footwear has Dri-Lex moisture management. Hence, your feet will not get wet or cold in harsh weather conditions.

Another feature that makes these shoes stand out is Agion technology. The insole will inhibit the odors while wicking away the moisture. 


  • Made to fit narrow and wide feet sizes
  • Up to 14 different styles available
  • The size ranges from 5 to 11 American sizing
  • Padded mid-top to provide comfort
  • The sole is made from rubber to deliver durability


  • The outer fabric is described to be too soft
  • Best to order one size up than usual
  • The arch support could be improved

If you’re looking for womens golf shoes wide width, this pair is another that you should take a thorough look at. Designed from 100% textile, this footwear is made for the women that find it impossible to find comfortable shoes. Additionally, the synthetic sole will emphasize comfort while also supporting you.

Similarly, with the other models, the interior of the shoes will mold according to your specific needs. The Uberlite foam will deliver excellent cushioning, so it encourages walking. It also has rubber traction inserts so you can walk confidently on the green. You will not fall or slip regardless of the surface.

One feature that makes it stand above its competitors is that it’s machine washable. Thus, they will maintain quality with minimal effort on your behalf. Clean them whenever you wish to have them clean and fresh.

The soft linings will keep the shoe odor-free so you can use them as frequently as you wish. Also, the mesh has been engineered with soft lite technology so you will not feel the weight of the shoes while walking.


  • Available in half sizes for the best fit
  • 9 different styles and colors available
  • The size ranges from 5 to 8.5 American sizing
  • It requires minimal maintenance
  • It provides excellent breathability


  • The company does not cover the returns
  • The quality of the linings could be improved
  • The shoes are not water-resistant

These are one of the most comfortable golf shoes for wide feet, as they have been crafted with the utmost attention. This footwear will create the perfect environment for that perfect swing. The luxurious comfort will be felt from the very first second you try them.

For the production of this footwear, the company has partnered with BOA. This partnership has allowed them to create the most innovative closure system. So, you will be provided with custom comfort as the closure will not put stress on the pressure points.

The subtle dial has a lower stack height and a small diameter to be adjusted according to particular needs.

Another feature of these golf shoes is the Dynamic Traction System. The outsole will provide more than 800 traction angles so that the shoes will ensure a superior grip for different playing conditions.

It has also been made from thermoplastic polyurethane with up to 100 molded traction bars. The sole is lightweight, breathable, and shock-absorbing. The outsole also has soft curves for a natural movement on the green.


  • Available in 5 different styles and colors
  • Made with leather for a durable fit
  • The size ranges from 5 to 11 American sizing
  • Patented ECCO Hydromax material is water repellent
  • The design will assist with the swings


  • Some say that the sizing doesn’t match in reality
  • Some customers don’t like the bulky sole
  • Not many styles available to choose from

With the help of these shoes, you will dominate the play. Proudly crafted in the US, these golf shoes are made from upper fabric. Such design means that the shoes will flex according to your wide feet for a comfortable fit. Furthermore, the skeletally engineered upper will also provide you with the support that you need for walking.

The fused materials on the upper section of the shoes mean that the sweat vapors will be able to evaporate through the elements. Then, the fresh air will be allowed to enter. Thus, preventing the possibility of odor formation.

In addition to this, they’re also made with REVLite midsole. The foam compound provides responsiveness when you step. Hence, you will feel the cushion when stepping on a sturdy surface. Even though the insole foam is up to 30% heavier than the other models, you will not feel the weight.

NDurance rubber technology will provide durability for many years while maintaining its form.


  • There are three designs to choose from
  • The Ortholite insole delivers excellent cushion
  • The size ranges from 6 to 10.5 American sizing
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • The material is breathable, and it wicks away the moisture 


  • Some customers have reported that the tongue of the shoes is too long
  • They don’t provide sufficient support for some people
  • The footwear is not quality checked

If you’re looking for a custom fit, this footwear is another model suitable for your needs. As it has been made with an adjustable hook and loop, you can fit the strap according to your foot’s width. Hence, it’s suitable for women with wide feet. Also, the 100% synthetic upper and sole material makes these shoes one of the most durable.

Unlike many other golf shoes, this pair will ensure superior arch support. It will also allow the tired feet to keep walking through the massaging footbed. The ventilation holes will ensure that your feet will be provided with ventilation. So, you don’t have to worry about excessive odor formation.

Nonetheless, similarly, with the other models mentioned in this review, it has strategically positioned spikes made from rubber. Therefore, you can rely on the shoes to support your performance on the green. It will also ensure durability while keeping the same form and quality.

The EVA material can be easily cleaned. Whenever the shoes get dirty, rinse it off with water and watch as the dirt slips off.


  • Available in 4 different colors
  • The sole doesn’t get marked or scratched easily
  • The size ranges from 5 to 11 American sizing
  • The material odor and water-resistant
  • Lightweight material provides comfort


  • You will have to order one size up
  • The shoes are not waterproof
  • Some customers say that the shoes are too bulky

These shoes are one of the best womens golf shoes for wide feet as they're crafted from 100% leather and textile. It has a rubber sole, which means that you will be ensured traction on the green.  The premium materials combined with the heavy-gauge thread will provide the stability you need for a powerful swing. 

The revolutionary design creates the perfect combination of comfort and energy return. So, you will always experience a superior comfort regardless of the ground that you’re stepping on. The four-way stretch and breathable mesh will keep your feet comfortable and dry in all weather conditions.

Additionally, the ignite foam in the inner sole will make you feel like you’re stepping on a light cloud. 


  • Made with three different styles and colors
  • The rubber sole will provide traction on the green
  • Available in narrow and wide sizes
  • The leather will mold according to your specific needs
  • It comes with a 1-year waterproof guarantee


  • Best option to wear during dry weather conditions
  • The shoes may not fit according to real-life sizing
  • Some customers say that the front section is too long

These womens high top golf shoes have a synthetic upper and a rubber sole to maintain its design throughout the years and consistent use. Also, the microfiber leather on the upper section of the shoes has an Opti-dri technology so you can wear the shoes throughout wet weather conditions.

Another feature that makes this pair one of the most popular choices is the Opti-soft EVA midsole. Hence, when you walk, you will feel the cushion rather than the ground. So, you will feel comfortable walking on the green.

What makes this pair stand out is the Slim-Lok Pivix spikes. The spikes are removable so you can use the shoes for different needs.


  • Up to 2 different styles to choose from
  • The microfiber leather will mold according to the wide width
  • It comes in whole and half sizes
  • It’s waterproof so they can be worn regardless of the season
  • They offer ankle support and comfort


  • The quality of the lining could be improved
  • Some customer say that the glitter tends to fall out easily 
  • Limited styles available

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Why are there spikes on the bottom of the shoes?

The spikes on the sole will allow the shoes to have a proper grip on the ground. This design will prevent your feet from slipping when you swing. Thus, you can maintain your form while playing.

It’s important to mention that even though spikes, they’re just as comfortable as the ones that don’t. The models mentioned in this review are crafted with different technologies to provide not only support but also a pain-free experience.

Q: Can you wear spiked shoes on any course?

The short answer is yes. The shoes are designed to fit different greens and weather conditions. If you want to ensure that your feet remain dry during wet conditions, look out for the shoe’s resistance to water.

It’s essential to mention that these shoes are best suited for hilly courses. As such a course will require climbing, you will find it comfortable to walk for miles.

Q: Do golf shoes make a difference?

Yes. Regular shoes are not designed with the flexibility required for a successful game. Furthermore, you will not be provided with the support you need to dominate the play. Such shoes will ensure that the ankle is stable while you swing. One of the main features of such shoes is that your feet will be kept in place.

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