5 Best Camping Generator for your Perfect Adventure

There are times when we experience sudden power cut offs and at that time we need to use electrical appliances urgently. In such cases, power generators come to the rescue. Power generators play a crucial part in your camping. They help to keep your electronic gadgets like phones and tablet up and running. Whereas they also help in functioning of lights and other security features when there's a need. But, one should make sure that he chooses the best camping generator correctly. There is a difference between home electricity generators and which one you use in outdoor activities.

best camping generator

Top 5 Best Portable Generators for Camping- Quick Comparison Table:


Fuel Capacity & Run Time


* 1.1 gallons

* 10.5 hours (at ~1/4 Load)

* 1600 Running

* 2000 Starting

* 1 gallons

* 6 hours (at ~1/2 Load)

* 1600 Running

* 2000 Starting

* 1.1 gallons

* 7.5 hours (at ~1/2 Load)

* 1500 Running

* 1800 Starting

150 Wh

* 150 Running

* 100 Starting

* 1.1 gallons

* 10 hours 

* 1200 Running

* 1500 Starting

What size camping generator do I need?

Camping is a good thing but we should also make sure that we have all the essential items with us. One of the main items is a Camping generator. Here's the exclusive guide for you for choosing a camping generator.

Electrical Appliances

Find out what type of electrical appliances you are going to use and see the number of watts  for each appliance. 

Some of the electrical appliances like freezers take up a lot of power in the startup, thus we recommend you to buy inverter generator and not some standard generator. For sensitive equipments also like DVD, Mobile phones, etc you would need inverter generator as they need sine wave power. Other low sensitive appliances like lights can be used by a standard generator. 


Camping generators usually come in two sizes : Compact or Small. The compact ones produce 1000 watts of power whereas small generators produce a range of 2000 to 3000 Watt. 

First of all count up the running watts and largest surge of watts of the things you planning to try. 


If you are a single guy going outdoor then a compact generator would be best for you. It's good only when you decide to use one appliance at a time. Whereas, on the other side small generators result into more wattage power ultimately allowing use of more than one appliance. 


If you are planning to camp with many people around then you should get a noise free generator. Make sure it is a quiet generator and feature low decibel output. Just be sure that you don't disturb your neighbours if you have a noisy generator.

The generator you going to use should be modern, having good technology standard and should last long time.

Top 5 Best Camping Generator Reviews

# 1 Yamaha EF2000iS Review

In my eyes this is one of the most stylish camping generator I have ever seen. It is stylish, and very much compact. The generator runs on 1600 watts and is very quiet which will prove you a lot helpful during your camping trip. The total weight of the product is just 44 pounds whereas the backup time it can give is of upto 10.5 hours on one tank. 

The generator is a little more expensive compared to other generators but it holds the brand name Yamaha. So, with that thing in mind I doubt that it's not going to provide you a good service. Even if it doesn't, there is a 2 years warranty for you. It features a sound block design which helps you to stay at peace and also let your camping partners stay at peace. There is also an 'eco'  setting that can help you to turn down the engine if it is not being used to its full extent. This setting also reduces the noise level. 


  • It's a good money deal. You invest and get good return! 
  • By staying 6 feet away also, you can easily have a conversation without the need of raising your voice. You can speak in normal!
  • There have been reports of people complimenting the noise free generator
  • In research it was found that the generator when compared with other Chinese generators could easily best them.


  • For easier start, you can find automatic decompression system in it

  • It is very quiet and simple to use
  • It is very much fuel efficient


  • It has no gas drain feature

# 2  WEN 56180 Gas Powered Portable Generator

Looking for a good generator under 2000 Watt category? If Yes, then also check out WEN 56180 Gas Powered Portable Generator. The generator can provide a runtime of 7.5 hours at 50% load with 1.45 gallons of gas. 

The product weighs just 50 pounds making it very much portable and lightweight. To prevent any kind of damage, you can find the low oil shutdown feature. Overall  it's a great product which has its customer service located in United States. The price is also pretty good so you can make sure that you are buying something good in budget. 


  • It's very easy to store in a large Rubbermaid container. 
  • It's not much louder as was expected
  • It can start easily in cold time also
  • It can be used daily and it can still run pretty well
  • For easier oil refining, take help of transmission fluid funnel
  • It comes at an affordable price 


  • A very Portable and stylish design

  • It is compact and lightweight
  • It can give power upto 7.5 hours


  • The power (1800 watts) is a little lower and could have been more.

# 3 Suaoki Portable Gas-Free Generator

Have you ever heard of a silent generator? Try this great and amazing solar generator to see for yourself! Some believe that a lot of power in such a small unit is next to impossible but my friend this is absolutely false. If you don't want to get with gas and all other stuff then get this peaceful generator. In the generator, you can find lots of outlets and it can be easily charged using USB/5V, DC/12V and AC. After this, you can easily run your phone, laptop tablet or any other electrical appliances of upto 220 watts of power. 

It has got a stylish portable design that looks more or less like  a suitcase that has been developed using Aluminium. The generator can charge using wall outlet also when not in use and kept at home. If you want to use the solar feature, then get a good and recognised solar folding panel. However , the company recommends the use of Sunpower Mono-Crystalline Folding Panel. On the other side  there are LED indicators present which help to show status like charge, consumed, etc. 


  • It works directly out of the box! It may start up without any initial charge also 
  • It can fuel up lots of devices at a time
  • It can charge almost every other technical gadget and that includes stuff like drone too.
  • In this price, you get the best performance and quality of the product
  • There were reports of people ordering this product multiple times for different uses. sup quite easily
  • It features good feet reduce vibration.
  • It's a great company's product at a good price. 


  • It is quite compact and lightweight

  • It can work quite well with small items also
  • It features lightweight lithium-ion batteries
  • It is green power source


  • The handle is not that much stronger

# 4 Westinghouse WH1000i Digital Inverter Generator

When it comes to camping generator, they first name which comes in my mind is none other than of company Westinghouse. The generator is stylish and at the same time a lot portable. 

The description of the product itself starts with claim of use for camping. When we were going through the list of products, we found out about many products but all of them were quite costly. On the other hand, the Westinghouse WH1000i Digital Inverter Generator just costs 30 pounds and gives out 1000 watts of power. The generator is quite easy to fit and carry using the comfortable handle.

It runs on 4 stroke gasoline powered engine which can give a backup of 8 hours on a tank at 25% load. It features 2 120 VAC outlets. It's made in such a way so it works silently for electronics gadgets like your laptops and phones. As the generator is quite, you can easily operate it through out night in your campsite.

The generator is inverter based so it is load regulated meaning it's going to drain the amount of power it needs and not like any other normal generator keeping a same pace and efficiency. The product comes with 2 years warranty making it act as  great generator for first time. 


  • There were lots of test on the run time, wattage, delivery, etc where Westinghouse was always on the list of best generators. 
  • It has a got a great solid built
  • You get what you spend!
  • There after sales service is pretty good too
  • It is very easy to set up and start it up
  • Overall, a good purchase where everything is just looks awesome! 


  • It is very much fuel efficient

  • It is very much portable
  • It is easy to wash


  • check

    The warranty is not straightforward and instead is a little tricky

# 5 Champion Power Equipment 42436 1200 Watt Multi Purpose Portable Generator

The Champion Power Equipment 42436 1200 Watt Multi Purpose Portable Generator is a must generator for your camping, RVing, hunting, etc. The generator has been made of strong material and it has steel frame but it still only weighs below 62 pounds. 

It has  a runtime of 10 hours on a full tank of gasoline at 50% load. It features a good surge protector so you can easily use the generator with any of your electrical appliances without any worries. It can also charge more than one device at a time. 

In cold seasons also, it starts up quite easily. It also includes rubber feet reduce vibration. The company's who manufactured this product is quite popular and this product is also in price range. We recommend you to give it a try!


  • The money you spend will return you with a good product that doesn't cause any noise and is also pretty easy to use 
  • It's a must for camping needs
  • The best part is that it can easily start working in most of the climatic conditions.
  • It's a good small generator which can used for your simple day to day works
  • Make sure that you don't forget to put on oil on it
  • At the time, the generator is running you can easily talk without the need of any kind of shouting


  • It is a lightweight product

  • It is durable and easy to use
  • It is very much sturdy and strong


  • There are limited features compared to other generators in the list

How does Camping generator work?

The camping generators come to rescue when there's a sudden power outage in your house or when you are on camping. Let's take a quick look at how these generators work :

Alright, these generators are not like those standard ones and instead are portable so they provide energy by running on a gas powered engine. After this, the alternator stars producing the electricity. In a portable generator, you can find various power outlets in which your electrical appliances can be connected. The more the power of the generator, the more number of outlets.

Let's check out the main components of a portable generator that is assembled all onto a metal frame in a single unit :

  1. Alternator 

  2. Internal combustion engine

  3. Fuel tank

  4. Starter

  5. Power Outlets

The standby generators are fixed at a certain place and are not portable from one place to another. Whereas, these portable generators can easily be moved from here and there, and started manually. The amount of power any generator produce is known as watts. 

There are two kinds of watts :

1) Starting Watts : The extra amount of power needed to start up large electrical appliances or multiple of them at a time.

2) Running Watts : The regular or you can say the continuous flow of watts produced to keep a appliance alive.

In simple terms, the more watts - the more you can charge up. 


These were some of the best camping generators available in the market that can help you in your camping days. The best part is that we tried to include generator of every type, whether low budget, stylish, etc.

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