8 Camping Tips from Camping Enthusiasts You Should Know

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We all love camping. Nothing feels better than the cool, crisp air on your face, the sound of a soft breeze in your years and the feeling of utter detachment from the daily monotony of our routines. Camping gives you just the break you need and in most cases, you will develop a deep fondness for the experience. You will never know if you don’t give it a try. And to make this better for you, we have compiled a list of eight camping tips from camping enthusiasts that you definitely want know

Camping Tips

Camping Tips

1. The Lighter, The Better

When it comes to camping, always remember to travel light. Try to reduce the camping baggage and equipment to minimum i.e. lightweight foldable tents and sleeping bags made out of a light material, all-in-one travelling kits for your toiletries and first-aid etc.

Don’t take everything along because, trust us, you won’t be needing a lot of things from your everyday routine once you enter the woods. Not only will this make it easier for you to carry around, you will also not have to worry about leaving anything behind. Bye extra baggage, hello recreation!

2. Keep a Checklist

Yes, we know. Might sound cliché but camping checklists are pretty important, even when you’re travelling light. Since camping involves a lot of travelling and staying at a place at night, you will be needing some basic things. So keep a small, concise checklist which involves every basic thing you will need and check it post packing every time.

It should be based on your campsite location, how many people are in your camping group, availability of basic items near the campsite, how you will get to the campsite as how much you will be able to take along depends on your mode of transport entirely. Keep all of these in mind and come up with a checklist to make sure you don’t anything important behind.

Some of the basic camping gear could be as follows :

  • A Good Waterfproof Tent (check our recommendations)
  • Sleeping bag (Polyster or down depending on the area and climate conditions)
  • Camp Light
  • Water Bottle
  • Backpack (70-80 Ltr )
  • Waterproof Jacket & boots
  • Gloves & Rope
  • Field Stove
  • Folding Table & Camping Chair

3. Always better to consult a local guide

If you haven’t yet camped in a new location, as much as we understand your basic impulse to experience the unknown, don’t risk it all. Trust us, not knowing anything about a new place and spending a night there is not always a very safe idea.

It might lead to a lot of unpleasant situation so meet up with a local guide and discuss you plan with him. You don’t have to necessarily take him along but juts take the advice he gives you. You will need it later, you never known when.

4. Experiences over Comfort

Invest in making memories. Instead of spending money on luxury equipment, we would advise you to instead put that money in experiencing new things you’ve never had the change to before.

Try local hiking trails around your camp site, go for local sports like speed boating or rock-climbing, build a bonfire from scratch and discover new places around with the help of your guide. Trust us, at the end of the day, the feeling would be better than what any amount of comfort a deluxe sleeping bag might bring.

5. Enjoy the Journey

Don’t put your enjoyment on hold until you get to the camp site, something most campers do. Instead, enjoy the travelling just as much. Nothing feels better than small travel breaks, topping at different locations on your way to your destination, experiencing the local culture, trying food from the roadside food stalls. So instead of sleeping all the way, try getting a good night sleep the night before so that you can enjoy the ride. Literally.

Camping Journey tips

6.Cook For A Change

Since camping is just the break you need from your routine, it should also involve taking a break from the same old boring food you eat on a regular basis, especially canned food. So, instead of packing extra instant noodles and canned beans, we advise you to experiment with your food. Try your luck at cooking up something all by yourself, over a fire you lit yourself.

bbq camping

Barbeques are one of the best options and they usually turn out pretty good even if you’re an amateur. On the other hand, you can also try some local food from local food stalls or even better, invite the cook over to your campsite to cook a fresh meal for you and your fellow campers. After all, there’s nothing like warm, fresh dinner after a long, tiring day.

7. Good light Is Always a Good Idea

Staying outside overnight has its own thrill. However, it might turn out to be too thrilling for some people who are not comfortable when it’s completely dark. Also, since usually campsite are located deep in the woods, you will always need a proper light source to keep an eye on things and the surroundings.

It is always a good idea to pack something that would emit enough light for you to see clearly for a complete of meters. Bonfires are a good source however, they need to be kindled from time to time and can go off if not. So, whether it be a small LED lamp or a battery-run light, you might want to pack it as one of your camping essentials.

8. Weather Check Is a Must

We are sure you don’t want to plan an entire camping trip, spend money getting to the campsite, set up your camp and then sadly watch from beneath a tree as rain ruins it all for you. Nobody wants to face something like that on a trip they are very excited for. Thus, check the weather predictions about the place where you plan on going camping prior to making the plan.

It is always good to choose a day or a weekend which has a sunny, clear weather prediction because camping out while it pours down on your tent might not really a very pleasant experience. Also, it is quite hard to set up the tents in the first place. The bonfire would is out of question and who likes camping without a bonfire anyways?

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