7 Fun Games To Play When Camping

Camping and fun are just synonyms for each other and one of the best way to just wind down and enjoy nature and it's beauty. Disconnect from your tensions, tune out and be with your family and friends. Pilling around the campfire and singing songs, reciting stories and eating marshmallows sure slows down time and helps in creating wonderful memories to cherish for a long time.

But no matter how much fun it is at one point in time you're bound to hear the dreaded "What do we do now" or the infamous "I'm bored". So to put away the last minute quick thinking to come up with a game to drive away boredom.We have established a list of games when camping which shall ensure that you never hear those two words ever again while camping. The only thing being yelled out will be answers and screams of joy shall permeate. Now getting down to the banes of boredom. 


The Alphabet Games

Meant to be played with younger children and toddlers. The Child just needs to point out and say the name of things all around them from A-Z and the first person to Z wins the game. This is perfect when you want some time to fix something and need to keep the kids busy.



This is a game which is played all over the world and has one of the craziest endings. The game basically is just about quietly whispering a message to another person. Everyone sits around in a circle and one person is selected to choose a word and pass it along. 

games when camping

Everyone passes the message across and the last person has to tell what it was. Due to the differences in understanding the last person has quite a convoluted version of the original. Everyone says what they had passed along and the one from whom the deviation started has to pay a price and entertain the group.



This is something that even teenagers will enjoy and can be played with fun-loving adults as well. The basic rules are that for all the people in the group chits are made and there are two chits which have M for murderer and D for detective while the rest all are P for people. The Murderer goes on a killing spree and kills all the people by winking at them and the detective has the task of identifying the murderer before the last victim is killed.The game ends when everyone has died or when the detective figures out who the murderer is.


Cloud Recognising

After a good sumptuous lunch and getting ready for a good siesta, this can be the perfect game. Just lie back and look into the sky.Identify what each cloud looks like to you and your friends and have a laugh at how weird and different things imagination can conjure up.

fun games when camping like cloud recognising


Truth and Lie

This is a really interesting game and with adults, it can get even more interesting if wine is also part of the games. Each person reveals three things about themselves, but two of the things are true and one of them is a complete and utter lie. Others have to figure out which is lie and which aren't.

Now this game can be really interesting or boring depending on the participants.Leave the mundane aside and reveal something about yourself that nobody thought you would have done and see the direction that the game takes. At the end of the game, we're sure each that you shall know each other better.


Identify the Hum

Each player has to start humming along to a song that they like and the one that recognizes it first wins the game. This is a really good game if there is a musician in the group and can start to many medleys being sung and enjoyed by all. Keep in mind to not go into too complex songs and stick to a genre that everyone enjoys and is comfortable with.


Truth or dare

The classic game among the teenagers and quite a fun game if nobody is easily offended. It is better to play with people whom you are just getting to know, or know very well. It all depends on how comfortable people in the group are with sharing information about themselves or doing something downright crazy. You spin a bottle or pen and whoever it lands on is the player.

games you can play when camping

They have to select truth or dare. If they select truth then they have to tell the truth on any question asked by the person at the other end of the bottle/pen and for dare have to perform any action as dictated by the person at the other end. This is a really fun and crazy game which brings people together quite quickly.

Hope you remember at least half of these games and are now ready to drive away boredom at your next camping trip.

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