G-Shock Rangeman Vs Mudman – Which Is Better?

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You are looking to buy a watch for yourself or as a gift. You are mulling over the G Shock Rangeman or the Mudman as your top two options, but you are not sure which is the best.

Well, let us help you make that decision as we compare the two military watches with our in-depth review.

We will also discuss the many factors and features that make a watch great.

G-Shock Rangeman Vs Mudman

Casio G-Shock RangeMan• Case Diameter: 53mm
• Case Thickness: 17mm
• Weight: 10.72 ounces
• Water Resistance: 200 meters
• Watch Band Material: Resin
• Watch Band Width: 22mm
• Moon Phase: N
• Sunrise/Sunset Times: Y
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Casio G-Shock MudMan• Case Diameter: 53mm
• Case Thickness: 19mm
• Weight: -
• Water Resistance: 200 meters
• Watch Band Material: Resin
• Watch Band Width: 18.2mm
• Moon Phase: Y
• Sunrise/Sunset Times: N
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Things to Know Before You Buy the Best G- Shock Watch

There are a lot of features to consider when buying Casio G-Shock Watches. We’re going to talk about each on in-depth. You should decide which one fits your style and needs when choosing features.


There are three sensors that are useful for everyday use. These are the barometer, thermometer, and altimeter. The thermometer measures are surrounding temperature. The barometer measures atmospheric pressure which can help predict weather patterns and the altimeter measures your current altitude.

Both the RangeMan and the MudMan feature a thermometer, but only the RangeMan has a barometer and altimeter.

The barometer on the RangeMan is particularly significant for measuring atmospheric pressure and predicting rainfall or severe weather when you are outdoors. The MudMan will not be able to do this because it doesn’t have a barometer.

If predicting weather patterns is a must for you, you should go for the Casio G-Shock RangeMan which includes a barometer.

The altimeter on the RangeMan is useful for when you want to determine your vertical location on elevated terrains such as a mountain or a hill. It is also great for studying topographical maps since you can use it to check your altitude above sea level.

The MudMan will not be able to do this since it doesn’t have this feature.

If an altimeter is essential for your needs, go for the Casio G-Shock RangeMan.

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Solar Power Charging

Both the Casio Rangeman and MudMan are capable of solar charging. Solar charging allows your watch to run indefinitely even with just a little light now and then. The battery with a full charge will last for up to 6 months even when entirely kept in the dark.

The watch battery will only need replacing when it is degraded which will be more than ten years.

There are no disadvantages to the solar charging feature.

There is a battery level indication on the watches labeled L for light, M for medium and H for high. It is convenient if you want to check if your watch needs recharging.

Digital Compass

Both watches have the digital compass feature. A digital compass performs better than a traditional compass. It is more accurate and compact since it resides in your watch rather than a separate item.

A digital compass is excellent for hiking, trekking, climbing and other outdoor activities.

The digital compass on both the watches can be accessed with a push of a button. However, they differ in how they display the information.

The Rangeman digital compass shows a digital ticker that always points North. It also shows the direction you are facing given that you have your watch arm parallel to your chest.

The Mudman’s compass, however, shows a dial that points north according to the current direction you are facing. It also assumes that you are holding your watch arm parallel to your chest.

The digital compasses of both watches are very accurate and are very helpful when navigating.

Atomic Timekeeping

Only the RangeMan has the Atomic Timekeeping feature. It allows the watch to listen for special radio signals to calibrate the accuracy of its time. It does this at midnight and at several times during the day.

This feature is especially useful when you are traveling across time zones or if it is time to switch to daylight savings time. You don’t have to set the time manually, the watch will do it for you.

If you want your time to be as accurate as possible, you should go for the Casio G-Shock RangeMan.

World Time/Dual Time Zone Feature

Both the Casio G-Shock RangeMan and the Mudman have this feature. This feature allows the watch to show the time around the world for multiple time zones. Dual time mean that the watch can display two different times from different time zone on display.

If you are always traveling to back and forth to different time zones, this feature can be handy to you. You should keep in mind though that the Mudman doesn’t automatically update the time. It doesn’t have the Atomic Timekeeping feature that the RangerMan has.

If you choose the Mudman, you have to manually update the time on your watch every now and then to ensure you have the right time.

Moon Phase Calendar

Only the Casio G-Shock Mudman has a Moon Phase calendar.

You might be wondering what this feature is used for so we will break it down for you.

Knowing the what the moon’s phase is beneficial especially if you like fishing or are a fisherman. Fish are more likely to feed more when there is a full moon. During a full moon, the tides are at their highest.

You could use other methods to determine the moon phase, like searching the internet or checking the calendar. However, this is a handy feature to have on a watch. You can check the moon’s phase without access to the internet.

Sunrise and Sunset Display

Only the Casio G-Shock RangeMan has a sunrise and sunset feature.

The RangeMan uses the same atomic keeping technology to show you the sunset and sunrise time each day.

As long as you receive the atomic keeping radio signal, the sunrise and sunset data will be displayed.

This feature is not exactly a must-have feature, but it is convenient in case you enjoy watching the rising and setting of the sun. It is a great way to start and end the day.


The Casio G-Shock RangeMan and Mudman have the same displays meaning light background with black digits.

If you prefer a negative display, the RangeMan has that variant. It has a dark background and white digits.

Both the watches have backlights that you can manually turn on if you can’t see the digits properly. The lights last for around 2 to 3 seconds before turning off.


The watches both have bands made of resin. The material is very durable and at the same time lightweight.

Both watches are very comfortable to wear. The bands offer the perfect amount of friction on your skin. Not too much that it suffocates your wrist, and just enough to keep the watch from sliding around.

Casio G-Shock RangeMan

Notable Features

  • Multi-Band 6 Atomic Timekeeping
  • Solar Charging Technology
  • Triple Sensors
  • Impact Resistance
Casio Rangeman GW9400-3 AS MB6 Twin Sensor Wristwatch

The Casio G-Shock RangeMan is the ultimate tough watch.

It boasts of a 10-meter free-fall endurance, 10-bar water resistance, and 10-year battery life. It is water resistant for up to 200 meters in depth.

It features triple sensors: a digital thermometer for check surrounding temperature, a barometer for checking atmospheric pressure and weather changes and an altimeter for checking altitude.

The Rangeman also has a digital compass to point you in the right direction when reading a map.

It has a cylindrical button which provides excellent durability and impact resistance. There is a metal cover for the sensor button on the center-right of the watch that protects it from impact and dust.

The sensor button can be pressed to cycle through all the sensors in your watch. It also has an audible tone for each sensor mode so you can know which sensor is activated without looking at your watch.

The watch weighs 10.72 ounces. The case diameter measures 5.4 centimeters, and the thickness is 18.2mm.

The case, band, and bezel material is resin, and the clasp is a buckle type. It has a negative type display so keep this in mind if you are planning to buy this watch.

Finally, it features a multi-band atomic timekeeping technology for US, UK, Germany, Japan, and China. It receives radio signals which calibrate the time to keep it as accurate as possible. You can manually activate the calibration at any time.

What We Liked
  • It is very durable and means to last a lifetime or more!
  • The watch is very comfortable to wear and lightweight.
  • The sensor is easy to access.
  • The watch is very easy on the eyes thanks to the stainless buttons and the excellent display.
  • The time is very accurate thanks to the atomic clock feature.
  • The battery doesn’t need to be changed in 10 years because it has solar charging.
What We Didn't Like
  • Some people won’t like the negative display of the watch. It can take a while to get used to. You can use the backlight if you have trouble seeing the display.

Casio G-Shock MudMan

Notable Features

  • Thermometer
  • Digital Compass
  • Solar Power
  • Moon Phase
CASIO Men's G9300-1 Mudman G-Shock Shock Resistant Multi-Function Sport Watch

The Casio G-Shock MudMan is a digital men’s watch.

It has an alarm function as well as a world timer.

It features a digital compass and a moon phase sensor.

The face is oval-shaped, and the dial window is made of quartz.

The case is made of resin. It measures 48 mm in diameter and 17 mm in thickness.

The band is made of metal. It measures 26mm in width.

It has a thermometer sensor.

What We Liked
  • The solar charging feature is great. You won’t have to worry about changing the battery unless it degrades in 10 years. You can charge the watch by just wearing it around.
  • The display is very easy to read. The time, month, date and day of the week are displayed.
  • The digital compass works excellent.
  • The moon phase is excellent.
  • It feels very comfortable to wear.
  • The watch auto sleeps during the night or in the dark when you are not wearing it to save battery.
What We Didn't Like
  • The temperature sensor is not very accurate. Make sure the watch is not exposed to direct heat, and it will take an accurate temperature.
  • The watch is not very compact.
  • There is a backlight function, but it only lasts for 1 to 3 seconds when you press the button.

Our Conclusion – G-Shock Rangeman Vs Mudman – Which is Better?

The Casio G-Shock Rangeman is apparently better than the G-Shock Mudman in terms of features. You can’t find a barometer and altimeter on the latter.

The Rangeman also has an atomic time feature that keeps it very accurate via radio signals.

However, if you don’t mind not having these features, you can go with the mudman since it cost a bit less than the Rangeman.

In the end, it is up for you to decide which one fits your style and needs better. Both are excellent durable watches packed with a lot of features.

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