How Long Can Eggs Stay Out of The Fridge For Camping?

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This a great concern because one does not want to get sick from salmonella. If going camping most likely you will have an ice chest to keep your perishable items cooled so they will not spoil in a short time. Most cooler’s or ice chests’ will last anywhere from five to ten days depending on the name brand and manufacturer. There are camping egg containers that can be used to store your eggs either in warm or cold weather and even in your cooler.
camping eggs


The main concern here is temperature and with that in mind we have to look at how long an egg has its shelf life and refrigerated life for as well. We know that the eggs are hatched on a daily basis the hen will sit on the eggs to produce heat and over a certain amount of time normally around 21 days they will hatch into chicks, so it would be safe to assume you can eat these eggs anywhere from when they hatched up to a week before the embryo starts to grow inside the egg.

With refrigerated eggs that are going to be used especially for camping they would only be good for about two hours before they start to grow bacteria and this would cause salmonella, but a refrigerated egg can be re-refrigerated again.

cold weather?

If the weather is cold for example 40 degrees Fahrenheit and if you are going camping the eggs should be safe to eat for a seven day camping trip but do not chance it if the weather is starting to warm up or the eggs appear to be sweating after a day.

If eggs of course smell funny in any way before cooking them do not eat them period! Just remember for those who bring perishable items such as eggs to always use extreme caution and your own judgement before eating anything because you could be alone out in the woods to far if you accidentally got sick from eating spoiled food of any kind.

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