How to Clean a Tent after Camping?

Camping is the night stay away from the house in a temporary place like portable tents. It is different from other enjoyable activities like picnic and day-trips in the sense that it involves at least a night stay. The visitors generally stay in hill stations covered in the natural beauty away from the hustle bustle of the city life. 

People plan camping nights when they are so tired of the dull and drab routine. Reconnecting with nature is important for the healthy state of mind and body. At least, one should plan outdoor activities like camping twice a year to rejuvenate his sense of being.

how to clean a tent after camping

Camping became popular at the start of the 19th century among the rich class who thought it beneficial to spend their luxurious time in the natural environment.

As the camping became trendy among the youth and couples, so arose the need for different types of tents used in camping activity. Some do like them along with stove as well according to the weather conditions.

Different types of tents are available in the market but what is most important and often overlooked is the cleaning of the tent after camping time is over. 

We have made a guideline for you to follow in order to keep your tents neat and clean after the camping craze is finished.


Garbage & Dirt

Throw out all the garbage and dirt by shaking them off your tent. Identify all the corners where dirt is hidden and clean them up. As the poles are firm so it is an easy technique that you can easily hold them and dump out all the dirt. Wipe all the dirt from camp after packing it up.


Wet Place

Before pack-up, you must ensure that there is no wet place in your camp because if there is any it may harm the fabric of your camp. Many times in outdoor camping, the onset of rain wets the camp. Do not wrap it up immediately after rain but let your camp become dry before packing it up.


No Machine Drying

 It is not recommended to dry up your tent with some machine as it can tear off the fabric of the tent.


Pull out Poles

Pull out the poles carefully after making sure that camp is ready to be packed. Do not apply more force than needed.


Cleaning Zipper side

If you want to take some extra care of your tent, clean the zipper sides. Use some brush for cleaning the dirt off. You can also use some good quality lubricants for this purpose.


Use Warm Water

If you are cleaning your tent at home you can use warm water and if the warm water is not sufficient you can use some mild soup with the water.


No Detergents please!

Never use detergents, bleach or spot removers
while cleaning the tent as it can easily damage it.


Sharp Materials

Don't try to use any sharp edge material near
the tent as you may accidentally hit it.


No Perfume Cleaning

Never use any perfumed cleaning products for
the tent as it can attract the bugs whom company you would definitely not like.


Washing Machine?

Avoid washing your tent in the washing  machine as it can tear off the tent fabric.


Storage place

Store the tent in some convenient place. It is better if there is a chance if oxygen flows inside the tent fabric. You can seal it in some plastic bag or container as well. Don't choose high-temperature places like the basement. Avoid storing the tent in some damp place as it may create the odor in it.

We are sure if you follow above mentioned precautions and tips your tent life can be longer than you might expect.

Happy camping 🙂 

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