How to Clean Billiard Balls?

Your pals have started giving some excuses for not showing to your home for they do not like the appearance of your billiard table that has no shiny, colorful balls. What to do in such a situation? You will have to follow some simple cleaning method to make the billiard balls look like the new ones in a very short time. Follow this guide and you should be able to clean it in no time!

How to Clean Billiard Balls?

Guides to Clean Billiard Balls

Guide 1 - Using Wax 


  • You will require some wax for the cleaning of the billiard balls. Plenty of brands of wax and cleaners are available in the market specifically for this purpose. Go for the wax that is especially made for the billiard balls. 
  • In case you utilize any other type of wax, it leaves some residues on the table cloth. Choose the best one for optimum cleaning performance.
  • Clean the balls using a dry cloth. If that isn't sufficient and the billiard balls still appear grimy, use some soap and water to clean them. The next step is to apply the cleaner that you have bought from the market. Simply follow the instructions on the package and get going. Let the billiard balls to dry after cleaning.


  • The next step is to apply the wax.


  • You can likewise try to wash the billiard balls in the dishwasher particularly in case they are resin-based. Resin ones are similar to the standard glasses in dish washers.
  • Make them to go through the gentle cycles in the normal quality detergents without any steam dry.
  • Harsh detergents can be very rough on the billiard balls and it will destroy the shinning finish and leave some marks and scratches. Furthermore, space them apart. Do not put them very close in a dish washer.


  • After the cycle, just splash them some tap water, then buff the balls up and your balls will be very clean and shiny.

Guide 2 - Homemade Cleaning

If you do not want to spend much money on the cleaners and you prefer applying the home remedy to clean the billiard balls follow below steps.

  • Take warm water and some little mild detergent will solve your problem.
  • This is good for polyester based balls. You should not clean them in a dishwasher. A sponge may be used to expel their extreme stains but never scrub them thoroughly . 
  • Just dry them using a clean piece cloth and thereafter apply wax.

After reading this article, you know how to clean the billiard balls and you can do it comfortably without much struggle. Now it is your responsibility to make sure that you always have clean billiard balls all the times. It is that simple!

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