4 Reasons why Knee Pads are good for Basketball & Soccer

knee pads are especially important for sports persons as they are protectants that prevent patella from hurt when one falls or encounters a hard tackle, they absorb and minimize impact that otherwise could lead to serious injuries.

They also provide the knee with extra support and offers extra stability, so basically it's one of the 'must have' when getting involved in physical activities like basketball. Lets look at 4 reasons why knee caps are good for basketball & Soccer along with very good quality shoes having proper ankle support for a sport like basketball.

knee pads


Preventing I​​​​njury

As obvious as this might sound, a knee cap can save you a dislocation and bruise that are involved in basketball as it is a high contact game. When one slides on the court the friction can cause serious knee bruises hence a knee cap can be a life saver.


Boosts players sense​​​​ of safety

A player will be able to give their best performance without the fear of getting injured in the process of running, scrambling for the ball and making that high jump to make a score as it might be able to prevent the twisting or back bending in un-comfortable position.


Extra support a​​​​nd stability

When a player makes a high jump and upon landing on the ground lucks proper support, they might end up with a serious injury.


Reduces knee pain to an already injured​​​​ knee

The compressing nature of the knee caps eases some pain off an already injured player.


As much as knee pad are designed for protecting our knees, making a good choice on which type of a knee cap to use goes a long way in determining the safety they actually provide. Our selection of top choices for good knee pads and elbow pads will surely help you choose the right one. Due to the nature of the basketball courts surface, which is hard turf, it would be a risk affair not to use a knee pad. 

however, sometimes players might opt not to wear them because some knee pads tend to limit the movement of the knee hence making it hard for a player to have an outstanding performance it is important therefore to invest in a comfortable gear.

Can Soccer Goalies Wear Knee Pads?

According to recent studies conducted it does not hurt and has no effect to wear knee pad. In fact if you are soccer goalie a knee pad will actually provide a protective gear for you to avoid injuries while in the match or while training.

It might seem like an easy and straight forward matter but it is quite delicate as most people are hit with dilemma on whether soccer goalies should wear a knee pad? A soccer goalie main obligation is to make saves and by so doing he might encounter injuries and for that reason it is important to wear a protective gear which is the knee pad.

As per the experts, they advise soccer goalies to always wear a knee pad along with their very good quality gloves as it is much beneficial to them than it is a harmful item. It can go a long way into maintaining the fitness.

Why they should?

It is very easy to injure your knees as a soccer goalie. Since there is a lot of sudden movement and jumping that can cause you to fall hard on your knees.

Injuries can cause your kneecap to be unstable and make you feel like your knee is about to give out. This makes jumping, running and pivoting tough for a soccer goalie. Injuries can cause a lot of pain and keep you out of the game. 

These knee pads allows the goalie to move freely and jump comfortably feeling assured that their knees are protected. 

By using the knee pads, a soccer goalie may be able to avoid an injury and remain in the game.

Hence the need for all soccer goalies to wear knee pads for their safety.

Can Knee Pads Cause Blood Clots?

The answer is No. Knee pads help the knee in the absorption of extra shock when a player is in action.

If you are looking to cushion your knee and you are a soccer goalie, then you better read this article first!

It has always been a bone of contention on whether knee pads have been proven to cause blood clots with some of the professionals being pro the discussion while others opposing it vehemently. However, they have not opposed it without reason.

Expert Tips:

To begin with some have indicated that there is quite a chance that the can cause clots since they can affect the proper blood circulation that is often necessary in the knee and hence causing varicose veins.

Secondly it has been claimed that if at all a person is making some movement then this knee pads should not be a cause for alarm as the pressure will be released as a result and hence no possibility of a clot being experienced.

To conclude, Experts are personally inclined to the fact that knee pads are not necessarily bad, but they should be specified on how they should be used to full effect.

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