MediSpor 100-Piece First Aid Kit

No matter what kind of adventuring or travelling you plan on doing, having a medical kit is an absolute must. Even for relaxing family holidays this is a good idea!

The reason is simple: you never know when something might go wrong. And even if you can get medical assistance, you can never be sure that they’ll get there in time. The sooner you can dress a wound, treat a bite or address poisoning, the better your chances of getting away without lasting repercussions.

But for backpackers, it is of course important that this first aid kit be light, portable and practical. That’s exactly what you’re getting with the MediSpor 100-Piece First Aid Kit. And as the name would suggest, it also comes jam packed with useful items. Let’s take a closer look.

MediSpor 100-Piece First Aid Kit, Red Hard Case Portable Semi Hard Case

The Design

The design of this first aid kit is excellent first and foremost. It’s small enough to fit easily into one hand (or a small backpack pocket) and it has a firm but light exterior to make sure that nothing will get damaged when it’s tossed in a bag. It has a zip for easy access and opens like a book to provide easy access to everything inside.


What’s most important with something like this is what’s inside. With the MediSpor, you get 100 items which include all the basics and a lot of extras that you don’t always get in standard kits (but which can be very helpful indeed). These include things like tweezers, which can be handy when extracting thorns, stings or splinters. You also get a CPR mask, an emergency blanket, safety pins and more.

On top of all that, you also get the regular items. These include bandages, plasters, splints, alcohol pads, adhesive tape, sterile eye pads, sting relief prep pads, vinyl gloves, emergency whistle, tourniquet and more. The bandages and plasters also come in various different sizes.

MediSpor 100-Piece First Aid Kit, Red Hard Case in Hand

Our Rating

On top of all that there are also some items that are useful for general survival – including a compass for example. You could likewise choose to use things like the blanket for a range of other applications – such as to lie down on if your mattress isn’t so clean looking etc.

What’s Not Included

The thing to recognize is that a first aid kit is never comprehensive. This does not include perishables and so things like bug spray, analgesics, antiseptic creams and more should all be purchased separately.

One thing that is also very useful to pick up is a pill pot. This is handy if you require any medication but can also be useful for bringing sleeping tablets, pain killers etc. and keeping them separate.

MediSpor 100-Piece First Aid Kit, Red Hard Case For Peace of Mind


While you will still need to buy a couple of extra pieces, this first aid kit is one of the most comprehensive on the market and is ideal for backpacking thanks to its compact form factor, semi-hard case and easy access. For all these reasons, we highly recommend picking one up before you set sail!

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