Patagonia Snowbelle Jacket Review – Should You Consider It?

There are plenty of ways to stay warm in cold weather. You can wrap yourself up in layers of clothing, or never step foot outside the house. But where's the fun in that? 

You want to stay warm in the snow. But you don't particularly like looking like a big marshmallow. Then the Patagonia Insulated Snowbelle jacket might be a good fit for you. To find out, read through to the end of our Patagonia Snowbelle jacket review.

This is a 3-in-1 jacket that looks great and can be customized according to your needs. Want the extra protection? Wear the whole thing. Want something cozy to wear inside? Take off the outer layer. Want to see how else it measures up? 

Let the  Patagonia Snowbelle jacket review begin.


Weather Resistance

  • The shell has been created using the company's patented H2No material. It stands up pretty well against the cold and light mist. We do have our doubts about home much protection you would have in a strong downpour, though.


  • The pit zips do allow air to vent well, but the jacket could use a bit more ventilation. The fabric does not breathe well at all. On the bright side, the lining does help to wick moisture away so you can stay warm and comfortable with it on.


  • This contains 60 grams of fill insulation which does not sound like a lot. You have to take into account, though, that this is actually two separate jackets worn as one. This extra layering adds to the warmth factor perceptively.
  • Whether you are standing around waiting for the ski lift, or whizzing down the slopes, these will keep you warm enough.

Ski Features

  • The outer shell contains most of the features. For those that love skiing, this is perfect. You have a pocket for goggles, a powder skirt, a media pocket and a port for your headphones. The company has shown some design savvy here.
  • Most companies keep these features on the inner layer and thus inaccessible when the top layer is in place.
  • What makes this jacket a good buy is that it features the RECCO avalanche tech that is typically only provided in much more expensive models.
  • Another smart innovation is the hand warmer pockets in the liner jacket. These are zippered and give you a great place to store your keys or wallet when the lining is worn by itself. There is one inner pocket that you can access when the lining is worn with the outer.
Patagonia Snowbelle Jacket


  • A worry that we always have is that the more layers you have, the more bulk you are adding. This jacket is surprisingly slim-fitting, especially compared to your standard ski apparel.
  • The sizing gives a relaxed fit, but the inner liner can be worn on its own for a much cuter look. Be careful when it comes to the color you chose as the white show the dirt immediately.
  • Also, from a safety perspective, white is a wrong color choice as it makes you less visible on the slopes.

Comfort and Fit

  • This is quite comfy to wear. It is a little on the stiff side and could be improved with the addition of a bit of stretch fabric. That said, because of the relaxed cut, you don't feel as restricted as you would with a smaller cut.
  • The sizes tend to be larger than average so it might be prudent to look for a size that is one down from what you would typically wear.

Best Application

  • This has the look and feel of a high-end brand. You also get a great brand at a reasonable cost. It is the ideal choice for the snow bunny on the move. It is versatile allowing you to be adequately protected on the slopes, or snug and cozy back at the lodge.


  • We said it was reasonably priced, but that doesn't mean it is cheap. You are going to be shelling a few hundred dollars out for it.
  • Is it worth the extra money? While it borders on the pricey, it is very stylish, comfortable and functional. You are getting a name brand that you can brag to your friends about and a jacket that works well too.
  • Look at it this way – you can wear both the outer and the liner separately or together. That is effectively three different jackets, so the price is not too bad after all.


This is a jacket that will keep you warm when you are on the slopes. Is it entirely waterproof? We are not sure that it would stand up to a massive rainstorm. But, then again, that is not why you are buying it.

Patagonia Snowbelle

Our Rating

Will it work well on the ski slopes? Yes, it will keep you nice and warm. We love the overall functionality of this option, and it doesn't hurt that it looks so good.

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