5 Best Thermos for Soups to keep your soup Hot

A thermos is essential for storing and keeping food hot or cold. If you are going to eat soups for lunch, thermoses are the handy product for keeping the temperature of the food safe. Here, you not only enjoy an easy and comfortable way of preparing the food. You also have the chance of keeping its temperature at a safe level. So, opting for the best thermos for soups should always help to fulfill your needs.

The thermos is ideal for mothers who are packing the lunch for their kids. The elderly also have good use of the product as it gives them a convenient use and preparation of soups that they want to bring during trips with the family. Furthermore, young professionals and working people find it handy due to its flexibility and durability. Hence, they have a comfortable process of packing their lunch at work. 

best thermos for soups

Top 5 Best Thermoses for Soup- Quick Comparison Table:




A high number of users use the product due to the great capacity of storing food and the durable feature it provides.


The sign concept suits the preferences of children due to its weight, double stainless steel feature and easy use because of the rubber grip

Average weight

It is perfect for storing soups and other foods because it has a large capacity feature and gives users comfort and ease in using it.

Average Weight

The thermos is perfect for those buyers who have a hectic and tight schedule. The leak-proof feature suits that kind of buyers.

Normal Weight

The large capacity makes it perfect to bring into the office and suits as a gift for colleagues and office mates.


Thermos also assures you of not only serving you hot or cold meals. It also offers you safety by making your food free from any form of bacteria or germs.

Things to Consider in Before Buying Thermos for Soups

Eating your favorite soup recipe during lunch or camping trips gives you a good appetite. So, it would be excellent if you are going to purchase the best thermos. Buyers should take note of the following points before buying the thermos that they like. In doing so, a satisfying result is present. 

Thermos Quality

Thermoses should have good quality when it comes of keeping soups hot. It proves that the thermos is reliable and suits any occasion you are going to attend. It should make the soup hot for about 6 hours from the start of pouring it into the thermos. 


Choose a thermos that matches the right size you prefer. If you are going to eat lunch with your friends, the size of the thermos should be enough for large content. However, if you intend the smaller one for your kids, you should pick a smaller size to give your child ease in using it at school. 

Wide Opening

People who are in a hurry require a thermos that is easy to pour food. In having the product, there is a sure way of cleaning it in an easy and faster way. A thermos with small mouths offers a hassle job for buyers who are hurrying to go to work or at school.


Buyers love flexible thermos. It helps in the fast and easy food preparation. Here, there is a chance that food preparation is a hassle free job for them and a convenient way for their kids. It also offers easy opening and storing of the food during long trips or vacation outings. 

Top 5 Thermos for Soups Reviews

# 1 Thermos Stainless King 16 Ounce Food Jar with Folding Spoon

Buyers looking for a flexible and durable thermos have this product to be the right choice. Both the interior and exterior are stainless steel that offers a high durability option. The handles remain cold that offers a safe and easy way of handling hot food such as soups. It is perfect for camping trips and out of town travels. 


  • High ounce capacity of storing food 
  • Durable travel food jar container
  • The lid doubles are of the perfect size
  • Wide mouth is easy to fill
  • Includes a stainless steel spoon that is perfect for the transferring of the food to the container
  • It stays cold if you are touching 


  • Durable and easy to carry

  • The stainless steel exterior and interior offer durability for the product
  • The spoon makes the handling of food easy and fast


  • Some customers have the trouble of opening the lid

# 2  Foogo Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel 10 – Ounce

People who want the best thermos to bring to work or during family trips have the best choice when it comes to this product. It offers a vacuum insulation technology that keeps food hot or cold for a longer period. The constant use of the product matches the durability it offers. It is due to the stainless steel feature it has. The mouth opening is great for storing a medium quantity of food. 


  • It has a double stainless steel feature that keeps food cold for about 7 hours and warms it for about 5 hours. 
  • The design comes from the kid's concept wherein the durability of the product could withstand daily use.
  • The double wall exterior and interior steel keep it cold to the touch despite the warm food present inside.
  • It offers a 10-ounce capacity that suits toddlers
  • A rubber grip allows the user for easy use of the product
  • The base is scratch free. 


  • The durability lasts for a long time despite excessive use

  • The base of the Thermos is prone to scratches
  • The wide mouth gives storage to food as an easy task to the user
  • The stainless steel interior and exterior walls provide a cold grip
  • It has a rubber grip that is perfect for flexible usage


  • Some customers dislike the design and others want a different color options of the thermos

# 3 Zell Lunch Food Jar

If you want superb satisfaction in packing your lunch, this product is the right choice for you. Here, you have a reusable and eco-friendly use that is easy to clean and store. The stainless steel feature keeps your food hot for 5 hours or cold for 20 hours. Furthermore, it also has a wide capacity of 13. 5 oz. and comes from the best materials. 


  • It is a big capacity container that is 13.5 oz. It is perfect for soups and other foods.
  • The stainless steel material offers high insulation of the food and assures you of good health by preventing bacteria.
  • It has an easy to open lid and mouth that is the right choice for the buyer who is always in a hectic schedule.
  • The durable metals offer a long use of the product. 


  • Superb insulation of the food due to the excellent materials it has.

  • It is reusable and has eco-friendly materials
  • It is easy to wash or clean because of the stainless steel material.
  • The thermos is durable and flexible for use at any time or occasion.


  • the kids have trouble using it at school.

# 4 LunchBots Thermal 8 oz. All Stainless Steel Interior 

The LunchBots Thermal is one of the best thermoses you want to purchase. The excellent together with the superior insulation gives you the chance of making food storage a success. It also offers durability and flexibility due to the leak-proof design it offers. You also have a good time in putting soup inside due to the largemouth it has. It gives you satisfaction like no other.


  • High Insulation – The food remains cold for about 12 hours and is hot for 6 hours. The superb insulation technology gives you the assurance of securing the temperature of your food that leads to s good health.
  • Stainless Steel Interior - You can enjoy the luxury of eating your soup without the worries for it to taste plastic. It is due to the 18/8 steel that it has. You also have hassle-free of washing it.
  • Right Size -You have the comfort of storing your food inside the thermos due to the right size it has. It is perfect for lunch or packing your food on vacation with your relatives
  • Leak Proof – People have a hectic schedule doesn’t have to worry about accidental leaks inside their bags. The leak-proof design gives the product a boost. 


  • High insulation system that keeps the food hot or cold for a long time

  • Superb leak-proof design
  • It is easy to wash


  • Nothing to report as such!

# 5 Thermos (2 Pack) 16oz Hot & Cold Vacuum Insulated

You need to have the right thermos if you are going to school or at the office. This thermos would be the perfect product for you due to the excellent features it has and the flexibility it offers the user. The large capacity is perfect for soups and other foods you want. You also have an assurance of a good quality option in this kind of thermos. 


  • The temperature retention feature keeps the food hot for 4 hours and cold for 6 hours.
  • The twist-off lid and the wide mouth serves as an easy way of storing food
  • It is durable and a perfect gift for friends and office mates
  • It has a large size that is perfect for holding 16 ounces or 2 cups 


  • It is easy to use, and convenient to carry

  • The product is durable and lasts for a longer time.
  • The largemouth and easy to open lead give a comfortable way of storing food such as soups, oatmeal, curry and more


  • Some kids have trouble bringing the thermos to school.

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