Ultralight Camping Hammock

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If you’re planning on doing the sort of backpacking that involves hiking up mountains and generally getting off of the beaten track, then you might want to consider how you’re going to sleep during all of that.

To this end, there are many great options – whether you decide to strap a roll mat and sleeping bag to the front of your bag or whether you intend on carrying a tent.

But if you’re in warm weather and there aren’t any natural predators around, then one amazing option is to use a light hammock. This is something that will fit particularly easily into your backpack and that can be attached to any two trees. It’s ideal for sleeping on the beach in warm weather and there are few things more enjoyable than this when you really want to immerse yourself in your travels.

Different Colors for Ultralight Camping Hammock

Let’s take a look at one of the best products that will let you do this: the Ultralight Camping Hammock from LAVO.

Design And Overview

Of course the idea behind this is that you have a thin and easy way to sleep comfortably wherever you are. As long as there are two trees nearby, you can hang this up and have a comfortable night’s sleep. And to be honest, it’s also just great for catching some rest. Why not open up your Kindle and have a read while on your journey? Or use it to relax while you tank up on food?

The design is great too. It’s a light and small product but that doesn’t stop it from being very durable. It’s made out of the same 210T nylon fabric that is used to make hot air balloons, so you know it can take your weight! It comes with free ropes and carabiners, so it’s packed with everything you need (although it will slightly increase the weight) and it’s very comfortable and soft to ensure you get a good rest in it.

Woman Laying in Ultralight Camping Hammock

Also impressive is that it comes with a lifetime warranty and it looks very attractive. You can actually get it in a number of colors including grey and orange, red and black or yellow and blue.

Specs And Features

Specifically, this hammock measures in at 8.5ft long and 4.6ft wide. That means it should easily be long enough for most people to sit or lie back in. Weight wise, it comes in at 1.5 ounces, which is surprisingly light considering that this includes the carabiners and ropes. It all folds very nicely into a small stuff sack, roughly the size of a grapefruit.

On top of all this, the hammock is also designed to let air circulate easily (preventing you getting sweaty in hot weather) and it has a great load capacity up to 400lbs.

Ultralight Camping Hammock Package

All in all, this is a highly versatile solution for relaxing and sleeping and it’s an excellent addition to your backpacking gear list!


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