Where are Swiss Military Watches made?

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Swiss Military Watches is a reputed and well recognized luxury watch making brand(Hanowa AG) founded in 1963, in Biel also known as Bienne in Switzerland. Today it has made its presence eminent globally in over 40 countries world wide.

Their time pieces are manually manufactured even in this age and time when modernization is at its peak, yet the brand prefers using the craftsmanship of expert watchmakers that are appointed and trained under them at their head quarters, as the brand believes it gives their time pieces precision, all of their time pieces are assembled to perfection and assessed with scrutiny before being sent out of their head quarters in Switzerland.

The brand being 55 years old, has crafted out a niche for itself and is globally recognized and highly favored for luxury watches that are afordable and yet not been compromised of in their quality. Swiss Military has over 600 merchandise outlets accross the globe.

where are swiss military watches made

Most people in the world have heard about the Swiss Armed KNives that are used by both Boy Scouts and the Swiss Military Forces.But very few people have the knowledge that the same company that makes the knives also makes watches. The company makes very beautiful watches that are of high quality.

The Swiss Army company was started in Switzerland in the year 1884 and have been in business up to date. The person who started the company branded the name of his mother together with a French name that implied Stainless Steel. The Swiss Army chose the company to supply its blades to the Swiss Military. Later the partnership ended.

After more than 100 years of making blades and other military equipment, Victorinox began making watches. The company was successfully able to release the first Swiss Army Watch in the Year 1989, and due to its success, the brand was able to grow over the years. Their Original watch continues to be a top choise for most of the customers in recent times due to its classy looks.For people looking for high-quality watches that have a favorable price then the Swiss Army Watches can be their choice. The Swiss watches are classy and they sparkle making them very attractive.

Should i buy a Swiss Military Quartz or Automatic?

Swiss Military Quartz watches function electronically using an oscillator. In layman’s terms they are battery operated.

Quartz watches usually have an concealed and simpler dial.

The main benefit when using an swiss military quartz watch is that it can keep time very accurately. you should also check our list of top recommendations for the military watches as per your needs.

The downside being that you would have to replace the batteries once every two years. As with any quartz watch.

The Swiss Military Automatic watch is an mechanical watch that functions using an main spring mechanism. In layman’s terms it runs using the pulse on your wrist.

The Swiss Military automatic watch usually comes with an exposed dial revealing its mechanism, thereby giving the dial of the watch a lot more depth and character.

The main upside of buying an Swiss Military automatic watch is you would never have to worry about getting the batteries replaced, as they dont use one.

The downside that comes from using an automatic watch is that you would have to keep regulating the time on the watch, because an automatic watch stops keeping time whenever you take it off your wrist.

What’s Special about these watches?

All watches of the Swiss Military brand are explicitly crafted. and hold great durability.

When it comes to chosing between a swiss Military Quartz or an automatic Swiss Military, the choice you take should be assessed by your requirements from the watch.

If you are looking for an watch to be precise with time keeping you must opt for an Swiss Military Quartz watch.

However if you want a watch with long sustainability without relying upon batteries then you should opt for an Swiss Military Automatic watch.

Any Interesting info?

One of the main reasons that make the Swiss Army Watches to be of high quality is their accuracy.They are designed down to fractions of a second.

As result one is recommended to purchase the automatic Swiss Military watch since its very accurate. The watch is made with the most extreme Swiss inventiveness and design, ensuring that the watch is accurate.The other reason is their durability.

These watches are made to last for an eternity, hence people who are fond of destroying things can be safe when they purchase the Swiss Watches. One unique characterisistic about the Swiss watches is that they are made to last underwater in depths up to 300 feet. The watches are also resistant to shock

The Swiss Army Watches look plain great. They are attractive, high quality and are cost effective. They have a wide range of functions that one can utilize each and every day. One can buy the Swiss Army Watches with confidence that they are purchasing a watch that will serve them for a very long time. So if your Looking for a High-quality watch then the Swiss Army Watch is the ideal watch for you.

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