Is White Bass Good To Eat?

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White Bass are good to eat. They are sold in fish markets, and people generally buy it. They are the most common catches for fishermen. However, there has been an ongoing debate as to if it is perfect for eating.

We are going to do our best to answer this question. First, we are going to investigate why some people do not like White Bass.

White Bass Good To Eat?

The Taste

White Bass has a strong fishy taste. Most people are not fond of the overwhelming flavor that white bass provides.  Some anglers even throw it back in the water when they catch it.

Most fishes have a fishy taste, but none of them compares to the strong taste that white bass has. You can probably say that it is an acquired taste. A lot of people can’t stand it and conclude that white bass is not right to eat. However, some people like the taste of white bass. Everyone has his/her own opinion, but white bass is safe to eat. The taste is what detracts people from enjoying eating it.

The Veins

White bass, despite the word white associated with its name, doesn’t have utterly white fish meat. White bass has streaks of red in its white flesh. It is a bit strange to look at, but that is what makes white bass unique.

This red meat also contributes to the strong fishy taste that the white bass has. It might even be the cause of it.

You can remove the red part manually, but you can’t completely separate it from the white meat. There will always be a bit of it left on the fish.

How To Handle White Bass?

Despite its strong fishy flavor, there are numerous ways to make white bass enjoyable to eat. We’re going to give you a list of some of the best ways to handle and cook white bass to make it more palatable to more people.

Soak White Bass

We mentioned at the start of the article that white bass is a quite common catch of anglers whether they like it or not. Most of the time, anglers are not ready to store the fish in a cooler filled with ice. Don’t fret, and there is another way to get rid of the fishy taste from a newly caught white bass.

Have lemon or lime juice handy and soak the white bass in their juices. They will effectively remove the fishy taste of the white bass and make it enjoyable to eat. Instead of the fishy taste, it will be replaced by a more familiar tangy flavor that most people will enjoy.

If you don’t have lime or lemon juice around, use cold water to soak the white bass in. It’ll also help remove the strong fishy taste but not as effective as ice or lime/lemon juice.

Crushed Ice Bath

As soon as you catch a white bass (whether you intended to or not), store it in cooler with crushed ice. It’ll keep the white bass cool and clean. It will generally taste better when cooked if you store it this way.

Another advantage of storing the white bass in crushed ice is that it won’t die before you even finish your fishing trip. Keeping it fresh until the time you cook it is key to maintaining its taste mild.

Red Meat

The red part of the white bass meat is the source of the strong fishy taste. Removing it properly and carefully is the key to preparing the bass for cooking.

You can remove the red parts using a sharp knife. Carefully separate the red meat from the white meat. Make sure that no red parts are left behind as they can contribute to the strong fishy taste of the white bass.

Cooking the White Bass

You should cook the white bass as soon as possible to prevent it from developing the strong fishy taste. Store it in a lime/lemon juice concoction or cooler with ice to preserve it.

Do not put it in the freezer as the quality of the fish will likely diminish and it will develop that undesirable flavor.

Are White Bass Good To Eat?

The answer is yes. Make sure to store the white bass properly after catching it. Clean it thoroughly and remove the red meat that makes the strong taste. Cook it as soon as possible.

Hopefully, our tips have helped you decide that white bass is safe to eat.


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